As promised!… Meeting old friends in the digging business!

Promised you that I would tell about meeting my old friends! Last Sunday morning, dad, mum and me (see it, grandpa???) went to the huge dogpark! At a certain moment, I saw it and I ran to them… I heard mum and dad say: maybe it is Lucien and Sammy?!

They were right! As always, my retriever friends both were very far away from their mums! Ohlala! I ran to them, but then Sammy disappeared completely, even when her mum came and she whistled, Sammy did not come! Naughty girl! Another mum reported a lost white dog at the other end of the huge park, in the bushes. Lucien’s mum said: Lucien: get Sammy! Lucien is a very brave boy and he run and run to ‘fetch’ Sammy! I safely stayed with my mum and dad, talking to the other mums. But there they came! 🙂 Everybody reassured!

Naughty Sammy was rolling in the sand! That was funny! Lucien and me… we were exploring the digging business!
It was fun to see my friends from the tree-dogpark again! I am very happy to have so many friends every where! 🙂 ❤



Holiday… autumn… exhausted!

These days are quite busy… Mum has a few holidays. We go a lot to the huge dogpark where I met some old friends! That’s the story for tomorrow. Mum has no time to make the video! How come?

Yesterday mum and dad went to Amsterdam to meet the mum and dad of Mano. They are French people from the Corrèze. They spend a few days in Amsterdam, so mum and dad went to see them. 
No, I could not go there. 😦 But!!! But I went to holiday mum’s place! From early in the morning till late in the evening! I played with Dixie, Flo and Colette. So, I played from early in the morning till late in the evening, I did not rest a minute! 

Dixie is 14 years old, she is a grandma and a good friend of my grandpa. Her dad (my sir at the green clothes-clinic) told her about grandpa’s journey to the Bridge!
When holiday mum was not looking, Dixie managed to open the very big barrel with the food kibbles to comfort me a bit. So we had an extra meal before holiday mum appeared. That was fun! 😉 Sweet Dixie! ❤

About 23.00 hours we went home with the metro! You remember all the stairs we have to go up to leave the station? I was so very, very tired and mum too! She sighed she could not take the escalator…

What happened? Dad looked at us and said to me: Come here! I did, as a lady should! You know what he did??? He carried me! He took me in his arms and together we took the escalator! I kept very, very still, as a little baby! All the way up there! That’s my dad, folks! He carries tired ladies! 🙂 ❤

And today? Mum tries to wake me up but I go on sleeping… fototoot or not… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Hurrah! Hoera! Hourra!… You did it!

Mum had to help me! Really, she has a lot of explaining to do since grandpa can’t do it anymore! Today we had a lesson in maths! She explained how to count the clicks! My dogness! Difficult, difficult!!

We started the clicks-business on the 25th of october at 23.00 hours. In one hour time we got 979 clicks (above on the 421 clicks we already had that day on another post). October 26 we counted 1987 clicks till 23.00 hours that day! That makes 2966 clicks! Mum says that’s almost 1000 more than 2000. And today a lot of friends (897) were clicking too so I told mum to count these too, of course!
That makes a total of 3863 clicks on this one post, a real time travel, one friend called it! Thanks a lot, you all! My maths did approve a lot with this clicking business! 😉 And it was fun to see the reactions… ❤

After the maths-lesson, I saw dad with grandpa’s bed. He did it put high up. I asked him if it was really grandpa’s bed. Yesyes! We keep his bed without him in it? I suppose he has a very large comfy bed at the Bridge.
Anyway, his bed is wel occupied now! That was mum’s idea! Sometimes she has great ideas! Remark the word sometimes!! 😉

So she did put many of her little fluffy friends in grandpa’s bed, high up there! It is so cute and funny! I like it. I even could enter the bedroom for the fototoot! My dogness… I’m a bit spoiled these days! Sssssttttt. … 


500!… Start of a kind of new life, so back in time… and fun-clicks asked, aireforce!

It has been a special week, but this also is a special moment! Today I am telling you story number 500!

I told mum I wanted to do something special: this being number 500 and grandpa Lennox going to the Bridge this week and me making a different and new life… kind of.
Mum was sighing… She said I should look for an idea!

Mum, mum… remember! Remember when I and you, oh sorry, I should say ‘you and I’ grandpa always said… so when we had 400 stories? We asked every one to click on the picks to have 1000 clicks. Can’t we do that again to have 2000 clicks, from all over the world??? Please? You look for old pics on your tv-typing-machine: with me and grandpa and you… Sorry, with grandpa and you and me…
Friends will like that! Grandpa at the Bridge too: he can ask his new friends to click too??

Kita, they will be bored by so many pics!

No, no… don’t say that! We start with pics of today of me and my very big friend Marcel in the huge dogpark. Then we go back in time untill me being born! Yes, mum, yes! Islay and Hexe and Mr Bean and Endora, Dusty and Mauricee and Monty, Molly, Taffy and Winnie and Sam and Ike and Ina and Apollo and Gitte and Féline and…will like that too!

Okay, okay! Here we go!

Life always goes on… Rainy-friday-fun!

Mum always says: “Weer of geen weer: een hond moet bewegen”. For all those far away friends, I’ll explain it. Translated it sounds as: “Weather or no weather, a dog needs to move”. I always think it is a bit stupid: there always is “weather”. Good weather or bad weather, but anyway there is weather.

Must say she always says this stupid thing when it is raining… Mayby it means: it rains. Why does she not say that? Grandpa could have known it, maybe… 😦

Anyway, there is no weather 😉 , it rains and we go out! We go for a good run in the huge dogpark, mum says, weather or no weather! Mum, please, talk a bit as a normal human! 😉

I was busy in the running business, and in the water business too! Good day today! 🙂 I even winked at mum! And I even tried to imitate Hunting Henry! 😉

… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… for the rest of the day… 🙂


So beautiful!… Thank you!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, it’s the little one again! And yes, I know I should not disturb you when you are busy. And you are busy, that’s what mum tells me. You’re nursing little ones, mum says! 🙂 You have experience… hahahaha!

But this is important enough to listen for a moment to this little one too!

Yesterday the doorbell rang! As you taught me I barked several times. That was okay but too many times… 😉
Anyway someone was bringing some beautiful flowers from another airelady very far away, and her mum and dad! For you! At the Rainbow Bridge! Isn’t that so supersupersweet! And because you can see them from there we can enjoy them too over here … We’ll think about you every time we see them!

Yesyes, I know, I bark “Thank you very much” as I should! I remember you told me!

Woof, waf, waf, woof! You see! 😉

Well now you know, you can go on nursing the little ones over there.

Big hugs and kisses from the little one over here

Run free, grandpa Lennox!… Run free!

Dear grandpa Lennox

This is all very strange. This morning you left, IN your bed! And now, even stranger: you are not here!
Mum says you went to see Grobber and Moohs. You went to the Rainbow Bridge, after 15,5 years in this world. She says you will be in the Bridge-world for ever!

She also says I should be very grateful for what you learned me. As mum and dad are very grateful for your long and beautiful life. But we’ll miss you. Tears will dry, she says, but we’ll still think about you!

So, give big hugs to my friends at the Rainbow Bridge! You yourself told me about this Rainbow Bridge… Enjoy your life there as much as you loved life here!

Adieu, grandpa, adieu!

With love and big lady-hugs,


Summer in the middle of autumn… and about youthful hubris!

Because I was so exhausted on wednesday, mum said I have to show you how I do that! Getting myself in such a “state”. Grandpa, who laughed so much at me, he agreed with mum! He said, still laughing, that the little one should not be pityed that much by all her friends! He said I do it all by myself, just having fun. Friends do not have to show pity for having too much fun! 🙂 That’s what grandpa says…

So this morning we went to the huge dogpark again and mum was filming a lot! Grandpa came too a little later and even did some running. He stopped in time, he said, not to be that exhausted.
And we played with the other doggies too! Today Seppe tried to play with grandpa who was not in the playing-mood, so I distracted him… Grandpa thought that for once I did the right thing… 😉

We were in the dogpark for a very long time! Gues what? Other mums and dads were telling my dad that sometimes there comes another airedale, a sir named ‘Bear’. We are all very curious and we want to meet him, of course.
Grandpa was only sighing and groaning: Two of these specimen getting too exhausted??? My dogness!


Wednesday… exhausted!

Wednesday afternoon me and mum went to the huge dogpark! That’s a great idea and it was fun! I ran a lot and I met friends! I met one of my very first friends I made here on the left bank of river Scheldt: Chérie! That’s French for ‘darling’!

But there were things which were less fun! 😦 
First of all, I had to listen to mum’s complaints about the weather. Well, not really about the weather (weather was beautiful for an autumn day!!) but about her bad choice of clothes! Too hot, she said. She finally put out her coat, after all this complaining! I told her: I can’t get rid of my coat, for me it is as warm as for you, but she did not mind!

Anyway, I was running in the little wood in the middle of the huge dogpark… Mum filmed a bit. And afterwards I was playing with other doggies and with Chérie.
We also enjoyed the colours of the trees, leafs are colourful, mum says! I don’t see colours, so I believe her! I smell the good autumn smells!

Finally we went home and I was tired, very tired. But we still had to walk more than half a mile. Too much for me. I wanted to rest… maybe mum would carry me, just as she did when I was a baby?
No way, she said. I had to go on! Stubborn me wanted to rest! Okay, said mum, I make a video of you and your stubbornness! As you wish, mum!
Anyway, she took me by the harness, the red one and I had to go on with her! She always wins! ALWAYS! And now I am a bit ashamed that she will put the video in this story… 😦 Not lady like. In Dutch there is a saying: Eigen schuld, dikke bult. Which means: own fault, you pay for it…

And grandpa? He laughed and laughed and laughed… 😦 Said he could remember this of his youth! He calls it youthful hubris! Don’t know that word, me… he is wise, my grandpa! He knows a lot! 😉


Did my mum a favour… played with her!

This morning – it was still a bit dark – me and mum were in the little dogpark. No other doggies, but I was amusing myself sniffing around and keeping an eye on all the passing people.

But mum was a bit bored! She wanted to play. What does she like? She likes throwing! She likes throwing this little toy. Of course she does not like fetching it. And the thing will not come all by itself back to her so that she can throw again! Figure that out mum, before you throw! No… she did not understand that! 😦

So I did her a favour: I stopped my own activities and played a bit with her. She throwed and I got the toy for her, brought it to her so that she could throw again. Mum was a bit surprised I understood the game… Of course I understand! But I don’t like it at all! Normally I refuse to play this stupid game… but mum was so bored I did her this pleasure… today!

And she really was pleased! I was surprised she was so very pleased. I even got treats and she called me her darling girl!!! That is interesting to remember! But after 8 or 9 times, I got bored of this game I really don’t like. Mum had her pleasure: that’s that!  And I went back to mine: sniffig around… 😉