Boasting… with Shasta!

I think I’m going to like it when the black box speaks! Often it is the voice of the human pup…

Last sunday the news was great! Human pup came with the car, this time, and… lady Shasta came with her!
What did we do? We went to the huge dogpark and I was showing off my doggie friend Shasta! 🙂 Most doggies go around: she is big and she impresses! And… she can swim!

Mum had the red blinking thing and made pics and video! Loved this sunday! 🙂 ❤



Mum, please, will she ever…grow up?

This is incredible! Even after months she still is acting like a complete fool. I told her and told her again, but that does not work! 😦 So I stopped telling her and I ignore her completely! That’s for sure! 😉

When mum is going around with the noisy thing that is supposed to clean everything, the française goes nuts! She really does! She makes a complete fool of herself and most of the time she ends up in her crate… 😉 And me too, for that matter! That is not fair! I’m a lady and I don’t make a fool of myself! 😉 Mum always says that is because after the noisy thing comes the wet thing. Okay, we get a treat… so I do not protest! 😉

Mum, listen! Will she ever grow up, this française? You have your doubts? Me too! But this really is hilarious! My mum Funnygirl and her human mum taught us well, I know about the noisy thing. Does Lizzie come from somewhere without noisy things? YYou don’t know? 😦 Grandpa Lennox would have known, he was a rescue too! ❤
We have to have patience wih rescues? Oh, okay. Of course I love her! 🙂 ❤


Yeeey… an arriving bike with…

Sunday afternoon, mum’s black box made noises. And then, she starts talking to the black box! Go figure!
Oh yes, I know what it is now: it is a machine to talk to people you can’t see! 😉

Mum said something about okay, courage and a pot of tea! Since when she needs courage to make a pot of tea??? 😉

Afterwards, I understood! We were at the window of course when it happened! Mum too! A bike was coming! On the bike was the human pup. My dogness, all the way from the shop to our place! My dogness, we go there by car! 😉

When she came in, we said hello! 🙂 Afterwards I went to give her some kisses – I like her very much, you know – , but the jealous française could not stand that and was annoying me! 😦
Pics will prove she really can be a jealous bandit! 😉

Big step for dogkind:… the française learns fototooting!

Okay, yesterday CopyLizzie left… she is travelling to her new home. Oh yes, you know mum: this was not able without a fototoot of course! 😉

Mum, listen, I did the toot with CopyKita, don’t ask me to toot with CopyLizzie. That’s Lizzie’s job! 🙂 What? She can’t? She has not enough patience? We’ll try, anyway! Come on, I’ll help you! 🙂 I’m your best lady friend, remember! What are friends for? ❤

First advice: don’t get the treats out before or she goes nuts and you won’t have a toot! Believe me! For once, mum followed my advice!

I explained to the française she could sniff first, to know what it is all about. Then she has to put her nose near it and keep still! Really still! That was a bit difficult, but she got it in the end! 😉

We made more pics and I was supervising! New buwiness: supervising fototoots! Mum, me too now, in the pic! To show I did a good job! 🙂

You really did, Kita! Treats for everyone!

And then the française went nuts, as I predicted… 😉


Professionalizing… my fishing business!

When we got on the beach I told my mum she should come straight with me to my fishing business! I wanted to show her I was professionalizing things. And I had to inspect if I did have a catch! 😉

Normally my mum is a bit stubborn, but this time she did what I asked. She even had the black speaking box. I ordered her to get it ready. 🙂

Yes! Yes! A fish in my fishing net!… But then there was a minor problem: I had to get it out. Mum was busy making pics and did not want to help me. She made a comic of pictures, she says! 😉 I should resolve it myself… Started studying the problem from all sides! 😉

Did I solve my problem? Just have a look! 🙂 








Macho Lady now… and a small française!

Well, I have to admit this: grandpa Lennox thaught me wel! He did teach me that the eldest has the most rights. In this case it is about taking place in the car! 😉

Three years ago we made a fototoot about grandpa and me in the car. Ha! I almost fell of the couch, he always took all the place! 😦

In this household things have thoroughly changed! When we are in the car, well… ys, you get it! I take all the place and the française takes a little corner… Oh yes! And just like before, mum and dad don’t interfere! 🙂 I manage this on my own, just as grandpa did! Ha!
Think I really do a good job. Hope macho grandpa sees this macho lady! ❤
See for yourself! 😉

/macho grandpa and me

My catch is… as good as hers!


Eh bien, let’s show Miss Know-It-All that I take my inspection business very seriously, here at the beach. Voyons, c’est quoi ça?

– “Viens voir, Kita, I found something! I think it’s a fish! Viens voir, I caught a fish too!”

She’s not paying any attention. She’s too busy with her own catch. Why won’t this stupid fish give in? Il m’embête, ce poisson méchant!

– ” Kita, you gotta help me! Viens m’aider! This fish is très rebelle! It keeps defying me!”
– “Lizzie, you silly française! That’s not a fish! It’s a stupid plastic bottle washed ashore.”
– “Ca alors! This bottle definitely is on the hook, je t’assure! I keep pulling and jerking…”
– “Don’t you see it’s attached to a rope? Just leave it. Come and play along with my fish.”

Ah, c’est bien dommage… This inspection business isn’t really my thing, je crains. Kita will have to teach me more. Flacon débile!

– No worry, little sissie. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it. Just keep watching me closely.”

[Aire high-five]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



Big day in… the fishing-business!

Oh, my dogness! Raining again? That’s no drama, we go out anyway! Mum, look, the française and me are having the beach all for ourselves. What? Dad and you too? Okay, all the beach for the four of us. That’s why rain is no drama, it is fun! 🙂 ❤

Lizzie, Lizzie, come then, I’ll learn you something new! I will teach you the fishing-business! Oh, sissie, this one is a fresh one! We have to rescue it from drowning, this one is still alive! Yes, I have it! Owow! This is mine, sissie! I taaught you how to do it, catch one yourself! 😉

Mum, mum… look: I caught a fish! I rescued it from drowning! What, is it bleeding now? What? No rescueing, but brutal catching? Will we take it home then to take care of it? What? Can I? Yes, I come to get on the leash if I can keep my fish to show it to the whole world! 😉

World upside down?… No way!

I really admit this cold of mum is bad. We always go to the little dogpark these days! No, that is not bad at all! The cold is bad: mum forgets important things: the red thing or the black speaking box! That is bad! You see: me and the française were playing like idiots (not me the idiot, Lizzie was) with a fox terrier lady of sissie’s age. Her dad had many toys! My dad said he run as much as we! 😉 😉

But no pics available because of this stupid mum with a cold. And then at home! Really, this française thinks she can do whatever pleases her! 😦

I was nicely sleeping in my bed, after all the playing. This Frenche-idiot thaught she could sleep in my crate! Go figure!
The world upside down! No way!!! 😉

As soon as I saw that, I did put “de puntjes op de i” = “the little dots on the i” = I was correcting and putting the Française in her place! And that is not in MY crate! That’s my place all right! ❤

This time, mum was there, crocheting, and she had the black speaking box near her to show you. Maybe this cold is not so bad anymore?