New friend in… France! :-)

Since a few days we are back home from France and the heat…  But I still have one story to tell! I made one new friend over there! I have lots of friends there, but now I have one more! 🙂

He is the guy helping Mano’s dad at the farm! He is a great guy. I like him! Oh yes, after dinner, I can jump on his knees while he is still at the table, and he is kuddling me! Go figure!! 🙂 ❤

He loves cows so I asked mum to make him a key chain holder while we were there! She did! And we gave it to him! He was very pleased with it! 😉

Dangerous leap!… Saut dangereux!

Before the arrival of the heat, me, mum and dad were having a sightseeing walk. To La Roche! ❤

It is beautiful there! Mum, listen, why the other dogs can off the leash and not me? What? Because I’m not used to this kind of landscape and I do not know the dangers? Mum, listen, I can climb trees, I can manage a few rocks too! Can’t I? 😉

Oh, I see, it is a bit high! Fototoot! 😉

And then dad put me on the high orientation table so I could really see everything from the highest point! After a while and a lot of toot, dad said he was going to put me down!
Hey, I can do that myself! 😉 And I jumped!!!

Both mum and dad yelled “waaaaaa” or something like that. hahaha! I came down as a cat, on my four paws! You see, I can manage hights? 😉
Mum said I should stop behaving as a wild cat and doing dangerous things… 😦 The proof of my dangerous behavior is in the red box, she said! hahaha 🙂

Listen mum, I came down with an elegant jump, like a lady! 😉 ❤

Lady Kita in … the French running business!

French running business is a very tiring one!! My huge dogpark is all flat! The meadows in France, at Mano’s at the Bridge place, are not! 😉

I do a lot of running here! First time we went in a huge meadow, but grass was very high! That was cool and funny! But mum did not want to go there again, she is afraid of ticks in my very long curls. 😦
So now, I’m running in an other one… 😉

Sometimes when I run to mum, I can’t stop in time, that’s when I go ‘down’… See it for yourself in the movie!

PS Can you find me in all the pics?? I’m there! Oh yes, I am! … and mum too! 🙂


All my “on the road”-businesses… travelling is fun!

This lady is a real business-lady even when I’m travelling! I give you some impression… Here’s the list of all my businesses during last journey! 😉

1. hunting-business (see yesteray’s story!)
2. running-business
3. inspecting-business
4. hotel-business 
5. visiting-business
6. want-to-see-everything-business
7. napping-business
8. wood-business
9. stubborn-business


On the road again… to farm-life!

We are back home and I’m tired, but I have lots to tell! Yes, we were on the road again. We went to see the mum and dad of my French friend Mano. But Mano is at the Rainbow Bridge now, galloping around with my grandpa. Life at the farm is a bit different but not dull at all! 😉

I was practicing my hunting-business! Oh yes! My dogness, there was work to do! In the meadows there is a kind of plague of voles at the moment at Mano’s place. I thought I could offer some help! That’s me: I try to be kind if I like what’s on the program, you know! 🙂 Mum was not as pleased as I was! 😉 Pics will show you why… Made a bit a mess of this lady… 😦

I like the farm but I don’t like the cows! They are to big for this city-lady. So I bark at them!!! They even do not batting an eyelid… they are not afraid of me!!! 

I’m going to have a nap! Rest of the stories are for tomorrow! So: to be continued!







Surprises???… The end! :-(

Dear Islay, Ina, Hexe

Yes ladies, we had a marvellous weekend and a marvellous hang out! Mum says that in Dutch we say: “Mooie liedjes duren niet lang…” I don’t know what songs have to do with this weekend. The other part about “don’t last long enough”, well, that is a bit true, no?

Thank you, ladies for all the fun we had together! With this little letter I send you the pictures of the fototoot on sunday when we were saying goodbye! We did our best for good pics with the four of us ladies, didn’t we? (Only one blooper!) As we did all weekend: we showed Cologne we are the best and sweetest gang aireladies ever!

Big hugs and kisses, for the mums and dads too, of course! Some extra love for you though, girls!! 😉 ❤




Surprises? … Part 3!

So, we were in the very big house on saturday morning! Slept very well, me! 😉

Mum’s black box was whistling and she looked! Then she said I should get ready for the next surprise! Down we went: nice elevator in this big house!

Yes, mum, I see it! That’s no surprise, I know cousin Islay is here! Oh, but, oh look! Oh me, oh my, look! That is Ina and there, I see Hexe! My dogness! What is happening now?
Mum, am I dreaming? Wake me up then! This is real! Hello ladies!!! Yes, Islay, I see it, we are four ladies now, from different countries and continents, my dogness! What a meeting!
Mum, this is a bit special, isn’t it? A big bit special! Oh, my dogness! We’re going to play in a dogpark! YES!!

In the afternoon we were picknicking… but it was raining cats and dogs, so we had to go inside! Can tell you, we had fun! 😉 Four dales in one room! Mums and dads were happy we were tired… 😉 Go figure what fun we still had…

In the evening we went to the restaurant: 7 people and 4 dales! yes! This lady can tell we really behaved. In the end Ina was looking to the chicken rests, but only looking! (for a long time though!)

On the way home we met another airedale, from Austria: a gentleman meeting 4 ladies: he went a bit nuts!

Great day! To remember for ever! 🙂 ❤



Bitey face for… city ladies!

Mum, listen to me… cousin Islay is impatiently waiting for these pics and movies… We show this before we tell the other surprises, please, please, please???? What do you say: you have other work to do? Okay, make it short, I’m exhausted of this trip and surprises… I want to sleep! Let’s do it first, pleapleapleaplease?

You see, when I’m very cuddling she does! ❤ I said I’d be a nice lady for a long time… (I’m too tired to be otherwise!) 😉

So, me, Kita, proudly presents cousin Islay and me in “Queens of bitey face”. (and pics too!)
We are stars, aren’t we? 😉 😉 😉





Surprises?????!!!!!… You will be surprised too!

Well, friday was  a day full of surprises! You wil be surprised!

First mum was making suitcases, mine too! I thought I was going to holiday mum’s place and got all playful! But then, mum was folding my little house too! My house never follows me to holiday mum’s place! Quite bizar! Maybe we go to France?

No, Kita, to Germany! To Cologne (Köln).

Who is called Germany? I do not know a dog friend called Germany! Well, that maybe will be the surprise?
Off we went, with the car! Lots of other cars on the road, but I’m comfortable on mum’s knees! 🙂

We arrived at a very big house and my little house went in with me and mum and dad. Then we went back down and I had to wait. Waiting is not my cup of bones!  Why aren’t we leaving and making a walk? We wait for another surprise? My dogness!
We go outside and who do I see? I know that mum, I think! 😉

YES! There is my cousin Islay! Talking about a surprise!
I first showed her the French kisses-meeting and then we started playing immediately! But we had to calm down! All those mums and dads are the same! Go figure! We meet and we have to stop playing! 😦 The mums and dads want to eat!

Off to the restaurant! All my lessons for cousin Islay worked well! She really did great: she defenitely is a well behaved city-girl! 🙂 My dogness, yes! ❤


Traveling to France… part 2!

As I told you, I went to France! No, not alone, of course, mum and dad came too! 😉 I went to see my friend Mano. Remember: the “bisous”-guy! The bisous-guy is almost 15 years old, but he really is a play-boy!

We were playing inside and outside. Inside we nearly did collapse the huge Christmas tree.;-) Outside we were runing in all kinds of weather. That ws fun! 🙂
No, silly, there are no dogparks over there. Mano lives at a farm! There  are real meadows to run in… Cows are inside in wintertimes, Mano explained, so we could run in all meadows.

One time my mum was very afraid. 😦 We were high op on a hill and suddenly there was fog everywhere around us. Could not orientate anymore! Mano could, he brought us out of the fog! Great guy, the bisous-grandpa!

After a few days we had to say goodbye and we traveled again in the car… to the big house and then back home.

Loooooooots of pictures and a long video to give you an idea of my bisous-guy-days! ❤