Yes, we helped for… warm sweater day!

A few days ago, there was this anual special day! They call it warm sweater day. That means you turn the heating system in the house very low or off. Why, mum?

It is to sensitize people to be very careful with energy! Use less energy! And why is that, mum?
Well, for our environment, Kita!

Our what? Our onvermint? Environment, silly! Remember, you are wise, now! The world we live in, nature!

I get it, to prevent that we get more heatweaves in summer and less plastic in river Scheldt and…
Yes, you got it!
So, are you ready for the toot with your old sweater… i made when you were a very young yougster! You were not yet 1 year old!

( )

There we go! Well it still fits, mum! I kept my girlie figure! Wil you toot with the française too? Yeeey, that will be fun, hahahahahaha! 😉 🙂

PS Who is who in the pictures? 😉

For once and always:… know your place, youngster!

When we started our evening walk, in the snow (third time this winter 😉 ), and we turned around the corner… I told mum to go to the dogpark. I saw it all right: Rex was there!

In the snow, I will not hurt me mum, playing with him. I did not tell her i was going to make it clear for once and always that he should know his place! You cannot treat a grandma as you handle other youngsters! 😉 And surely not an airedale lady grandma! ❤

But that was what i did! He barked a lot, he was a bit afraid. He did not know that a grandma in good shape is not that easy to deal with and surely you should not fleering!!! Surely not…

Mums were looking and my mum was filming a little bit but when it came to the point where it became clear who will be the boss, she was not filming. Ggggrr, the mums were just telling each other what was happening.

When we were leaving i showed him that you have to go to your mum when she calls you and he did too. And going back home, he was very calmly walking with his mum, only still puling a bit on the leash… well, nobody learns everything in one day!

PS Pity that the française was not there to learn how to handle him! 😉