Weekend?… That is what you think!!!

Yesterday there was a parcel for mum in the mail! With someting special in it! Yes!
Airedales in the parcel! 🙂 Two heavy airedales!

Impossible you say? No, no, i tell the truth. 😉

This saturday morning it was raining cats and dogs. Yes, we have a raincoat, but still, we are quite wet: paws, tail, head. Than we have to go in our crate to dry, most of the time with the door open: training, mum is saying! We have to stay. For a saturday, I think this training is quite enough. 🙂

Not today!Mum did put the airedales before our crate and used the “AF”-word! That means: Do NOT touch, by all means, do NOT touch! Okay, mum, no problem for me, but… what about the française? 😦

I really warned her… I did! Stubborn mum never listens, she is even worse than an airedale terrier! Result? A third wet airedale! Proof is in the picture! 😉

Newsflash!…Me and mum…

… we have the same age now! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

Yesyes! Yesterday it was mum’s birthday! She received a lot of best wishes from all of MY friends! Go figure! We thank you for all these wishes, mum says to tell you!

Anyway, she is 62 years old now. That means we have the same age now! 🙂

You do not believe me? Listen carefully to this! Here we say that one doggie-year counts for seven human-years. So mum counts 62 human years and me too!
In january I will be nine years old. That means 63 human-years! But it is not january yet, so now I have 62 human years!
You see, I am as old as mum and mum is as old as me! And I supppose dad will agree, he often says that mum sometimes acts as a teenager… You see, it works in all directions! 😉 😉

And of course we stay the best of friends although we have the same age now!