New business!! :-) … This lady goes in the actor-business!

We’re back from the seaside! And mum does not want to post the pics yet, she says I have to wait not to bore people! Me? Bore people! Go figure! 😉

She said she had something new in mind for me! Well, what? New business? Oh, I’m in for the business-situations! Always!

What? It will make me even more famous as before? What business will that be? The actor-business? Fototoot with me as an actor? Go! 🙂

Will the monkey come too? Do we need him? All right! Okay, first some pics with my new little friend? And now I have to stand up and stand still? Oh I see, I’m acting as a horse and the monkey is the jockey! This is fun! Yes, mum, this lady is a good actor. 🙂

I have to walk to film it? Mum, you are a bad director, I have no horse harness on to make him sit steady! You see, he will fall off! I hope he did not hurt himself! 😦