Tête de coquine… à la Maman!

Aujourd’hui la petite histoire du blog de Kita est en français!

(No panic: for an English translation, you can clic here.)

Pourquoi, vous dites? Eh bien, puisque c’est moi qui l’écris, tiens! En effet, Kita vient de tirer mon attention sur une photo qui se trouve sur l’ordinateur de notre Maman Humaine. “Viens voir!”, elle m’a dit, “C’est ta Maman dans la neige!” Je ne crois pas mes yeux: elle est dans la neige? Mais, mais… on est originaire du Sud de la France! Il neige en cette saison, même là-bas? Ici, on se trouve plus au Nord et il neige pas… Es-tu sûr que c’est vraiment ma Maman Canine sur la photo? Mais oui, c’est bien elle, la belle Michka! ❤ Bonjour, Maman! Eh bien, ça alors!

En fait, je suis une Dame Airedale très européenne, vous savez, un peu ‘globetrotteur’ même… Je suis née au Sud de la France, ensuite j’ai voyagé beaucoup dans les environs et aussi plus loin, et finalement je me suis retrouvée en Belgique, où j’habite maintenant. Pour compliquer les choses, ce n’est pas dans la partie du pays ou on parle le français que je suis arrivée – ce serait trop facile, n’est-ce pas? – mais dans la partie flamande, qui est néerlandophone… Je peux vous dire, des mots en néerlandais, j’en apprends tous les jours! Eh bien, ça alors!

Il paraît que je ressemble beaucoup à ma Maman Canine. “Tu as la même tête de coquine,” me dit Kita. Bon sang ne peut mentir, n’est-ce pas? 🙂 Notre Maman Humaine est souriante. Cela veut dire quoi? Ma Maman Canine, elle est quand-même belle, non? Qu’est-ce que tu en penses, Papa? Elle est originaire de l’Ukraine, vous savez. Je ne sais pas où c’est, mais Kita, qui sait tout, me dit que c’est loin d’ici et loin du Sud de la douce France. Cela veut donc dire que moi, j’ai un tout petit bout de sang Ukrainien dans mes veines, non? Eh bien, ça alors!

Tu vas bien, Maman? Moi, je m’amuse bien ici, avec ma soi-disant sœur et avec ma Maman Humaine et mon Papa Humain. Je leur donne les mains pleins, mais c’est absolument normal dans notre tradition familiale, n’est-ce pas? 😉 Au début, je me sentais un peu comme un chien dans un jeu de quilles, mais après ça s’est bien arrangé, et maintenant je suis une membre à part entière de la famille. Allez, je vous laisse. Je t’embrasse fortement, Maman, au revoir!

Sissie Lizzie,
alias La Française

PS Une photo est ma maman, encore petite. L’autre, c’est maintenant…


Mischievous appearance… like my Mom!

Today the little story on Kita’s blog is in French!

(Pour la version originale en français cliquez ici.)

Why, you say? Well, since it is me who is teling it, go figure! 🙂 Indeed, Kita just drew my attention to a photo on our Human Mom’s computer. “Come and see for yourself!”, she said, “it’s your mom in the snow!” I cannot believe my eyes: she is in the snow? But, but… we are from the South of France! Is it snowing over there? Here, we are further north and it’s not snowing… Are you sure it’s really my Canine Mom in the picture? Well yes, it definitely is her, the beautiful Michka! ❤ Hello, Mom! Wauw!

In fact, I am a pan-European Airedale lady, you know, somewhat of a ‘globetrotter’, if you like. I was born in the South of France, afterwards I travelled a lot in the area and beyond, and finally I arrived in Belgium, where I live now. To complicate things, I’m not in the southern part of the country, where they speak French – that would be far too easy, wouldn’t it? – but in the Dutch-speaking Flemish part… Although it is a difficult language, I have been learning lots of Dutch words every day, I can tell you that! Wauw!

Apparently, I look a lot like my Canine Mom. “You have the same mischievous appearance,” Kita told me. Oh well, a chip of the old block, hey? 🙂 Our Human Mom is smiling. What does that mean? Isn’t my Canine Mom very pretty? Don’t you think so too, Dad? She’s from Ukraine, you know. I have no idea where that is, but Ms Know-It-All Kita tells me that it is a far-away country, far away from the south of France too, for that matter. That means that I have a tiny little bit of Ukrainian blood in my veins as well, right? Wauw!

Are you okay, Mom? I’m really having fun here in Belgium, with my so-called sister and with my Human Mom and Human Dad. I’m quite the handful – not sure if they can handle me… 😉 — but, then again, that’s quite normal in our line of family tradition, isn’t it? At first, I felt somewhat out of place, I must admit, but in the end it worked out very well after all, and now I am a full member of the family. Well, I’ll have to leave you at that. Big hugs, Mom! Bye!

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie

PS See the pictures in the original version!

This française?… A real rascal!!

Listen to this…

A few days ago in the dogpark, I got a treat from my mum. The française was near and gave me a bump. Treat fell down… 😦

Guess what? She was attacking me all the time while I was looking and sniffing for my treat… I went on my back so I hoped she would stop… No way! 😦

Mum saw it and made a video and she says I can show him now to all my friends! 😉

End of the story? I found my treat all right and I even got another one from mum! ❤

I have a new name for this sissie of mine: Lizzie Rascal! 🙂 🙂 What do you think of that?? 😉

PS And this is part 1 of the rascal-affaire!  To be continued! 🙂

Inspection.. by a lady and a clown!

A mister brought a very big box. Mum ordered it. Of course we had to inspect everything thoroughly.

Really, this française we have in the house, she is impossible! She inspects too, you know, I thaught her that. But I did not teach her to act like a fool. Don’t talk me about that, I asked mum to film and to fototoot. She had to laugh too! ❤

What do you say, mum? She acts like an airedale? Listen to me: I am an airedale and I don’t hide in boxes! What? Oooh, because I am an airelady and Lizzie is not? She is a clown, an aireclown, that’s right! 🙂

I’m very happy grandpa learned me to act as a lady, him being a real macho-sir… Mum, but the française is hopeless, how do we turn her into a lady? We need grandpa, that’s for sure! But he is at the Bridge… 😦

Maybe, just maybe… one day… just maybe… she’ll be a bit of a lady??? 😉

Mum out and about with… a real Lady!!!

Part II

After mum was at the river Scheldt with Lizzie and I was so mad… she whispered in my ear that we would go too and make a real fototoot, so that my friends all over the world would see who is the real lady in this household… Yes, I grinned! That would be a nice and peaceful revenge! ❤

So, we did and I did my very best! Of course!
Proof that I am the lady at the river Scheldt is in the nice pictures. Compare them to those of the française who moves around, never looks at mum when asked, well… well: see for yourself! 🙂 😉 🙂


Mum out and about with… the française?!!!!!!!!

Since this tirered-situation of mum, the world is really upside down. How come? I’ll explain it to you! 

First of all, the 2 of us, me and the française together!,  are making a big morningwalk with dad. Mum is preparing our breakfast during that time. Yes, yes, their breakfast too! 🙂

Mum is a lot at home – no library-issues anymore! But dad is not yet in the tirered-thing, so he has to work… Often, at noon, we go for a walk with mum! No, not together. Mum says that she will fall and be dragged on if we both start pulling, running after a cat. 😉 Hahahahaha! First she goes out with the française…

Imagine what this française came to tell me? She was with her feet in the river Scheldt with mum. I did not want to believe that: it is my privilege, being the lady and being the oldest! So I ran to mum to have a nice chat!

Is that true, mum? The française was in the Scheldt with you? Yes? My dogness, that is not fair, what on earth made you…

And then, mum whispered something in my ear, so the française could not hear it! ❤
And I? I grinned, I really did!! 🙂 

To be continued! 😉