What a week!… But I did it!

Well, dear friends, I had a very busy week! I can tell you that! But this lady grandma did it all!

First we went to the seaside! The first day was marvellous! I had a good run on the beach. But the second day did not start that well. I got no breakfast! 😦 Go figure!

We left without breakfast and walked to the green clothes man. I like him. 🙂
What happened there? I fell asleep for some time, says mum. And the green clothes man, who was wearing a white coat this time, cleaned my teeth. He also pulled one out!!! The one which was aching all the time… 😉 Nice man! ❤

Some time later mum came back and we walked home. Very, very, very slowly. I slept all day. Got no dinner! 😦 Go figure! Slept next day too, quite a lot.

Now we are back home!

This saturday, we went to the huge dogpark and I showed my best self! Grandma? Mum says I still think I am only 5. She put me on the leash in the end, so that I would behave my age in stead of forcing myself. Well mum, my teeth are not hurting any more, what do you want?!!!

Pictures and video proove that I was one busy grandma Lady!