Rockanje… here we come!!!

Mum, where are we going? Why are you talking about Hexe and James? I know Hexe from Cologne, I saw her there! But I never saw my cousin James. Are we going to Cologne? No? Oh, to Rockanje!!!!

Where is this française that I go tell her! She just settled in here when we went there last year. What? You don’t remember Rockanje? At the sea? With about 30 dales? You forget easily, sissie! 😉

Yeeey, we are the first on the beach! Where is everybody? Why don’t they come? Inside with coffee? Too much wind? They are not used to run on the beach! Poor humans and doggies! There they are! 🙂

Let the party start! ❤

PS Human mum and human pup of the human mum of Hexe and James were there too!!!! Great to see them again! Hahahaha, cousin James never saw the sea and he does not like the water! What do you say, mum? I was afraid of the sea the first time I went there?! SSSSttttt, nobody has to hear this! 😉


Mum, listen!!!… Do something!!!

Mum, listen to me! You really have to do something about this! About what? About what? Can’t you see it?
It is all the fault of this biteyface-française! Just do something! 

What is the problem? Have a good look!!! This lady happened to have a very nice beard, you always said so yourself! And look at me now! You see it? Almost no beard left! That’s the française: she eats my beard while we play biteyface! Just do something about it! 😉

No, I am not all excited! I just want my beard back! Impossible? Should grow again? Slowly? Well, you tell the française: no more biteyface! 😉
What? I have to tell her myself? How can I? When she starts I have to pley along, I have to defend myself: no way I can stop her! 
Besides: I like a bit of biteyface… 😉

I ordered mum to make a little fototoot of my no-beard-situation! 😦

Yeeeey!… More good news these days!

Finally, summer is far gone and fall is there since a few weeks! I think that is the best news of every year! Mum thinks so too! We like autumn, winter and spring. Not summer!

How come? We can off leash on the beach now, we can’t in summer! We love running there, inspecting and looking for fish… remember? I’m the one with the best nose, for the inspection business, the française is the one who hears best – if she wants to hear things! 😉

So… fall is very well installed: off to the beach and the sky is nice, mum says! Who cares about the sky… go figure! Down here it is more interesting! 🙂


Big parcels and… a tired mum

There is this big news! Mum told me she will be more home from now on. She won’t be going to “her” library anymore! Go figure!
Who could ever imagine that? The news is that she is tired now…

Retired, Kita, retired!

Okay, too tired to go to work, that’s what I said! 🙂

No, Kita REtired!

Yes, yes, all right, I got it: ‘tirered’! What does that mean? Well, first of all a lot of inspection to do! Dad had to take the car and go fetch mum with a lot of stuff, that thursday of the ‘tirered’. So Lizzie and me we were inspecting everything! 
My dogness, mum’s colleagus even thought of us! We got poop-bags! Now, I like these colleagues: treats too, but not for us! And coffeee and yarn and a nice bag to put the crochetworks in! Quite some inspection. 😉

As always, the Française was not that interested, but I was! Also for the parcel coming with the postman! Mum liked that too! 🙂

Good news: more mum at home, more walks and get-outs, more crocheting… think I will like that! Although the Française is not interested… 😉  ,  I am!!!!!!!! I’m mum’s girl, you know! ❤



Remembering Grandpa… à La Française!

Dad is sad.

I wonder why… I’ve done my very best – tout mon petit possible – to do whatever he wants or expects from me. I even haven’t been naughty! I’ve been very dynamic – although, je le sais bien, that isn’t always fully appreciated… – and I’ve given him lots of cuddles and kisses – câlins et bisous – but nothing seems to cheer him up.

Je ne comprends pas! So I turned to Kita for some wise advice. Comme vous savez, Kita is Mrs Knows It All, but of course she’s also my one and only best friend. “He probably is in a melancholic mood,” Kita explained. “You see, some years ago around this time, Grandpa Lennox passed away to go to the Rainbow Bridge.” 😦

“Please, Kita, tell me again about Grandpa Lennox… Comment était-il? What kind of a guy was he?” – “He definitely wasn’t an Airedale! He was a black Labrador – although I’ve always known him all grey – and he walked somewhat stiffly.” – “Je voudrais bien le rencontrer, I’d love to chase him around and bite in his legs!” 😉

“Oh no, dear Sissie! You wouldn’t do that twice! One growl and a snap, and every dog, me included – or you, for that matter – would leave him alone, if something didn’t please him.” – “Bon, je comprends… But you all loved him so dearly!” – “Ah, that grumpy, old teddy bear! Maybe deep down he was an Airedale after all…” ❤

Don’t be sad anymore, Dad. I’ll do all that I can – tout mon petit possible – to follow in his footsteps! In my own cheeky manner, of course. Cela va sans dire! ❤

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie

For ever… best of friends

Dear Grandpa Lennox

Today, three years ago you left for the Rainbowbridge! 😦 We all hope you have a very good time there and we hope it is there as you told me when you were still here! But I’m quite sure about that: you knew everything. You were so wise! ❤

By the way, did you see from there that the Française got me a nickname? She calls me: “Lady knows it all”! 🙂 I can hear you burst out in laaughter now, as you did when I asked silly things. lol. You see, I did not forget you, not at all! You were my first very best friend and that you will always be. You know what mum told me? I will see you again, one day! She hopes that is still far away in time…

But I have to tell you: I have a new best friend now, a second best friend for ever! My sissie Lizzie. She can be a pain in the… …! But she is very sweet most of the time, this Française. Last week we were playing biteyface while mum and dad were working and we made too much noice. So the little one (no, not me!) got a time out … I was really solidary so I went in her crate with her! 🙂 We did get a good laugh… so will you, seeing the pics! 😉

Have a nice anniversary of your Bridge-arrival-day and hugs to all my friends there! Oh yes, did you meet Canadian Duke?

Big wet kisses from me to my first best friend! ❤

Kita Van ’t Asbroek

PS I also send you the pics you asked me for! 🙂

La Française… discovers a New World!

Every now and then, comme vous savez, we go to the seaside. A la plage, comme on dit. Every once in a while, when we are in a somewhat philosophical mood, Kita ponders about many of her online friends far away, across the huge sea – l’Océan, comme on dit. One of them, she says, speaks both French and English, comme moi! Kita says he used to live in Canada, which is all the way to my breeder’s place en France, and again… et encore beaucoup plus loin!

He doesn’t live there anymore now, because he went to the Rainbow Bridge, apparemment. J’aime when Kita speaks about that Bridge, because of the stories about Grandpa Lennox and many other friends. Je ne comprends pas why we never go over there to visit them. Kita says it is impossible. Je veux bien, but according to the stories, Grandpa Lennox and this Canadian guy, Duke, would be much fun to hang around with, sans doute. So it goes. Très dommage!

Anyway, in the Canadian house of this Duke guy, there are a Mum and a Dad, like in our own house. All four of them speak French and English, comme moi! I would really have loved to meet them, but Kita and me, we had to go to the hotel – comme d’habitude, when Mum and Dad go away for a few days. This time, they went all the way to a big Dutch city, Amsterdam – wherever that is – to meet the Canadian Mum and Dad of Duke who went to the Bridge.

Afterwards, si j’ai bien compris, these people did meet James, Kita’s German AT cousin, with his Mum. Pourquoi pas moi? Moreover, Kita told me that very soon the Canadian Mum and Dad will be welcoming a tiny Aire Lady in their home! Ca alors! J’en suis persuadée: she’ll become my international friend, ma petite copine Canadienne! Every time we are à la plage, I’ll bark en français across l’Océan, to send her ma pensée from over here, en Belgique.

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



Fototoot … ordered by Lady Kita

These days my mum talks a lot about numbers! My dogness, yes! Numbers of days, numbers of items, numbers of books, numbers of ddds, numb…

dvd’s, Kita, dvd’s!

Okay, numbers of ddd’s, numbers of rom-d’s, …

cd-roms, Kita, cd-roms! (sigh)

Okay, I got it: lot’s of c’s, d’s and roms! So I charged her to make a fototoot at noon of me and the sweet, cute, little brown leaves in the street. Love them! When there is a slight bit of wind, they wirl around! 🙂
Mum loves their colour, she says. She is in the colour-business, you know! With all the crocheting and yarn and all that. I’m not in that business, grandpa told me that we see lot less colours than humans. He was so wise, my grandpa! ❤

Anyway: enjoy the toot I ordered and the colours if you are human. Fur-friends: enjoy just this lady! 😉

PS I wink at you, you see it! Mum asked me to!

Tonight is about… silence and peace…

Yesterday and today there was this happening in the heart of the old city, near the cathedral. Kind of demonstration for silence and peace, during 24 hours.
( 🙂

The whole afternoon today, there was that very noisy beat music at about 50 meters from the demonstration, then the cathedral churchbells were adding more noise for a very long time. On top of that, a cruise ship was leaving with… yes, with 2 very long “tooooooooooooot’s”. Dad and mum didn’t like all the noise coming our way, all to the left bank. 😦

So after dinner mum said to me: let’s go for silence and peace… also in town, but on the left bank… Pictures will show you silence and peace! ❤

Alternative facts about… turning two!

Just sneaking in on Kita’s blog page here, to tell you about some recent event dans ma petite vie. Kita probably won’t have bothered, so… The thing is: yesterday was my second birthday! Yes, you heard it right: j’ai deux ans maintenant! Becoming a real Aire-Lady, n’est-ce pas? We got a special chewing bone, to celebrate the event. 🙂

I had already started the party earlier by chewing on a little thingy Mum had dropped on the floor for me. A dry, flavourless slice of je ne sais pas quoi… I just crumbled it to pieces, c’est tout. No big deal… Mum didn’t seem very amused, however. Well, I got a tasty bull stick anyway. I don’t really understand why Kita got one too… 😉

I was fooling around with it: Tellement amusant! Mum and Dad didn’t appreciate that much, After that, Kita was scared I’d try to snatch her bone from her, so she immediately ran off to her crate with it! Ca alors! Well, she always knows best how to behave Aire-Lady-like, so I ran after her and settled in my crate with my bone as well. 🙂

Apparently, settling in the crate was a way smarter move than throwing the bone around and all: Mum and Dad were delighted! Maybe Kita does know a thing or two about les manières d’une Dame Airedale… Although I overheard Mum and Dad sharing memories of Kita being two: not so Lady-Like then, that smart one, il me semble! 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie

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