Today?… Little bit frustrating… :-(

We are in the dogpark this morning! A lot of friends are there too! One friend found a ball and one of the dads is throwing it so we can fetch it! Yes, I’m there first! But I loose the ball! Sammy gets it and she never gives it to someone else! Not to a mum or dad, not to a friend! Grrrr…. Frustration 1!

And now we play in the tree! Only Sammy wants to get in. Young black Eva tries to come up at the wrong side! My goodness! And I wanted to teach her how to climb! Mum, you see it? No friend dares to go as high as me! Eva does not want to climb! Frustration 2.

Oh, but Juju is arriving! I like playing with her! Her dad has a red ball with a kind of an end… That’s nice! I want to play too! But Juju does not want me to! Frustration 3.

Mum, this is really enough for today! On top of all that my mum made pictures and a film with the blinking box! Well… that’s even more frustrating, now everybody can see all of my frustrations!… 😉

One day a lady… next day a baby!

One day my mum is very pleased with me, the  other day she isn’t that pleased at all… I say: that’s airedale-life! 😉

Why? Kato was in the dogpark and her mum is really very friendly! I like her! Sometimes she gives me a treat! 🙂 This morning she sat on the seat near the table in the dogpark. I got on the bench, and I even got on her lap! She allowed me to! 😉
My mum does not like me to do that with other people! Lots of mums and dads don’t like big dogs on their lap, she says! I think it’s one of her silly ideas! 😉

So I did it anyway! 😉 I had to get off very quickly! Mum was calling me when she saw it, that was a pity! Lot of jealous friends were coming to see me… 😉

Lots of airedales… part 2!

Mum got pictures from an airedalefan. I already told that yesterday or so. Mum said she was going to do something with them, put them in something. Well, I did not understand!

But now I’ve seen the result!  Awesome job of that sir, mum says! This mister was very kind to me too! He saw immediately it were all Kita’s in the picture! 🙂
He said I’m a beautiful lady, even more beautiful then the dales in the pictures! 😉 I was very pleased, I must tell you that. So I behaved very well in his shop, as a lady should! 😉
Other people came to see me too and did praise me! Even a little human girl of two years old came very close and touched me. I didn’t move! I just smiled as a lady should! Her human mum said she was really impressed by me!
Don’t have to tell you my mum was very, very pleased with me, do I??!!! 😉

Mum made pictures again. And I show you my favorite one! 🙂

Who wants to know where to buy them (not framed), my mum found this:

Lots and lots of airedales!… In the pictures! :-)

A few weeks ago, my mum got a present! A present of an airedalelover! And when I say an airedalelover, I really mean it! You know: this airedalefan is the human mum of my doggie-mum Funnygirl! The human mum and dad of my doggie-mum have airedales for more than 30 years! Lots of airedale-babies are born there! I am one of them, so is my sister Féline. And we are very proud about that!

Once, in the street, a man said to my mum that this girl (me!!!) is a very beautiful airedale! 🙂 🙂 He also said: I’m almost sure her “second name” is ‘Van ’t Asbroek’. My mum was so surprised and said that indeed, my name is Kita Van ’t Asbroek! The man was in a hurry to get on the tram and he disappeared… no further explanation! 😦

So my mum got these pictures with so many airedales I even can not count them (yet). – Maybe later I can… 🙂 Will ask my grandpa Lennox if he can…
Mum is going to do something with them, put them in something… Anyway, she’s going to put them at the wall on the first floor, she says. Aha, I maybe can play with all these friends??? I can jump against the wall too!

Don’t you dare, Kita! No jumping at all, against the wall!!!

Anyway, more pictures when it’s ready, mum says.

Ik ben er niet bij… wat jammer!

Vanmorgen in de hondenwei! Wel 16 honden! Dat is veel, heel veel, zeker met zo’n weer. Het was al 22°C, maar toch nog fijn. Straks wordt het weer 32°C. ’s Ochtends is er heel veel schaduw in de wei, dat vinden wij leuk.

Waarom waren er zoveel honden? Wel, de lieve logeermevrouw was er ook! En het is vakantie. Er logeren nu wel 6 honden, voor meer dan een week! Dat is leuk! Maar wat heel jammer is: opa Lennox en ik logeren er niet nu! ’t Vrouwtje en het baasje zijn thuis, dus wij ook. Niet logeren dus! Ik mis dus alle dolle pret bij de logeermevrouw! 😦 En het zwembadje! 😦

Er logeren dus zes vriendinnetjes (4) en vriendjes (2) en nog wel mijn leukste vriendjes ook! Dixie, Eva, Catou, Sammy en Oscar en Jack. Nu ja, in de wei kunnen we wel spelen! 🙂
En natuurlijk willen Gitte en Loulou en ik wel mee als de logeermevrouw vertrekt… Loulou en ik lopen flink naar ’t vrouwtje, alleen Gitte wil echt wel mee… Hihi, het lukte toch niet…

Getting cooler… where???

In Antwerp the temperature is high… 32°C and more! Too high for grandpa Lennox and my mum! And for me too! So dad takes us all somewhere to cool down… We go there in the car! 🙂

My grandpa Lennox and I, we like that place, oh yes! 🙂 My mum and dad too! 🙂 Can you see on the pictures where we were?

Maybe I should give you a tip! Somewhere in my blog you can find it! 🙂 And the statue you see far away? Well, he’s an ancestor of the people they are talking about today, especially today: the 21st of july 2013! And maybe I can tell you that place is in Belgium… 🙂

Now we are home and I can show the pictures my mum made!

Hey you, little cute one… Welcome Seppe!

Mum, mum… come and have a look! There’s a new pup in town! You know I’m crazy about pups, I like to play with them. This one is a real cutie! All black, with big ears! A shepherd boy!

Hello! I am Kita. What’s your name, little one? Seppe? That’s nice! You hear what my mum says? A very good name for you, she thinks!

Come on Seppe, let’s play a bit. You have a stick to play with? That’s okay! All dogs come to say hello! 🙂
You want to ride on my back? 😉

Mum, you have the blinking box to make pics? I want some pics of us playing! 🙂

Mum?… She did it again!

I’m smart! Really, I am. That’s what mum says to other humans. Mostly when she thinks I can’t hear it. But I do hear such things, I’m an airedale-lady! 🙂

Smart airedales know how to fool humans, even smart humans! 😉
In the dogpark, there were two little baskets, green ones. The humans put the empty bottles in it and one woman fills them with water for us. That’s nice, no?

My friends and I like playing with the empty bottles but one day we got one of the two baskets and run around with it… so the basket wasn’t useful anymore. I told you about that fun, long ago!

This morning, I managed to bite a big part out of the other basket in stead of stealing an empty bottle to play with. My friends always ask me to pick a bottle, I’m the only one who can stand up high enough! 🙂 Told my mum several times, I’m not the one with the odd ideas, but she does not believe me! 😦
Don’t need to tell you my mum was not pleased at all this morning! Not at all pleased with my action, and then I’m putting it mildly! 😉

This evening we went to the dogpark and mum had lots of things with her! And she did it again!!! She really did it again! She once again is smarter than this airedale-lady! The pictures show why!
And me? I feel very small now! How am I going to explain this to my friends tomorrow morning? No bottle-stealing anymore…  😦

Maybe I should ask some advice at some overseas friends… Tarquin and Tyee, maybe?

Poppies?… Poppie?… Poem…

Life can be a little difficult! Really! My name is Kita, but very often my mum calls me Poppie. In Dutch that means: little doll!!! Don’t you think that’s confusing? My dad, he calls me Bobbie! More confusing names… Anyway, I know it now: Kita = Poppie = Bobbie!

Few days ago, we walk to the dog park. Suddenly my mum says: look, Kita, there are poppies! Me? I look around to see other Kitas. No dogs, no Kitas!! I bark to get my mums attention who says again: poppies, look, Poppie, poppies!
My goodness! Something is wrong with my mum, really wrong. 😦 I bark again: wafwaf! Look here! Only one Kita, mum! Only one Poppie!

No Poppie, look here: the flowers! Those are poppies! poppies 1

Jesus! She’s getting crazy! I see no litlle dolls! What was she saying? Should listen better! Flowers??? Flowers? She means this red flowers have my name? They are all Kitas? That’s nice! Think I should greet them! 🙂

Mum says there’s a very sad, old and well known poem about poppies… written in World War I… Mum, will you put the poem with the story?

poppies 2








In Flanders fields (luitenant-kolonel John McCrae, 1872-1918)

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Wat is dat?… Orthopedisch bed?

Het baasje en ’t vrouwtje zeulen heel grote dozen naar binnen… Daar moet ik het fijne van weten! Even snuffelen…

Wat komt er uit de grote doos? Wat is dat nu? Het lijkt wel een salonzetel. Maar dat is toch te klein voor het vrouwtje, en te laag, hihihi. Ik snap het niet. En nu roept ze niet mij maar mijn opa Lennox! Wel, wel! Opa Lennox moet in het bed gaan liggen en hij lijkt het nog leuk te vinden ook. Hij blijft mooi liggen voor de plikplokplaatjes met het blinkend doosje.

Wat zegt ze allemaal, het vrouwtje? Een otopobed?

Neen, Kita, een orthopedisch bed!

Oké, een hondenbed dus! Wat zegt ze nog allemaal? Speciaal voor senioren, honden met heupdysplasie en gewrichtsproblemen? Ik snap er geen lap van. Even blaffen: ik wil in dat bed! Ik mag eens proberen van opa Lennox en ik blijf mooi liggen! Voilà: het bed is ook voor pubers zonder dysdingen en zonder problemen.

Wat doet ze nu, het vrouwtje? Oooh, oooh, uit de andere doos komt nog zo’n otopobed! Moet ik ook proberen: hop en erin. Ik wil in allebei liggen! Grote bed in en weer uit, dan in het kleine bed en weer terug. Het vrouwtje moet heel erg lachen en ze zegt altijd maar: ik wist het wel, ik wist het wel! Wat weet ze? Ze vergeet te plikplokken. Nu moeten we elk in ons bed en daar is het blinkend doosje! 😉

Wat zegt ze nog??? Ik riskeer mijn vel als ik daar begin aan te bijten??? 😦