Mum?… She did it again!

I’m smart! Really, I am. That’s what mum says to other humans. Mostly when she thinks I can’t hear it. But I do hear such things, I’m an airedale-lady! 🙂

Smart airedales know how to fool humans, even smart humans! 😉
In the dogpark, there were two little baskets, green ones. The humans put the empty bottles in it and one woman fills them with water for us. That’s nice, no?

My friends and I like playing with the empty bottles but one day we got one of the two baskets and run around with it… so the basket wasn’t useful anymore. I told you about that fun, long ago!

This morning, I managed to bite a big part out of the other basket in stead of stealing an empty bottle to play with. My friends always ask me to pick a bottle, I’m the only one who can stand up high enough! 🙂 Told my mum several times, I’m not the one with the odd ideas, but she does not believe me! 😦
Don’t need to tell you my mum was not pleased at all this morning! Not at all pleased with my action, and then I’m putting it mildly! 😉

This evening we went to the dogpark and mum had lots of things with her! And she did it again!!! She really did it again! She once again is smarter than this airedale-lady! The pictures show why!
And me? I feel very small now! How am I going to explain this to my friends tomorrow morning? No bottle-stealing anymore…  😦

Maybe I should ask some advice at some overseas friends… Tarquin and Tyee, maybe?

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