Four dales… in our house?

Yes, mum, I come to have a look! What? Another dale in the house! I know that one: that’s CopyKita, she is my friend although she is always sad looking with eyes too small and her dark colour! 😉

And the new happy one? Who is she? Ooooh, that is CopyNieke and she is going to her big sister soon? Hope her big sister will be happy with her! 😉 

Speaking about sisters… here is RealLizzie! Don’t touch!!!! You do not dare touching these two dales and don’t get all worked up. Just sit or lay down, you hear me!

Mum, look! She listens to me, get the red thing!!!! ❤ We’ll have a fototoot with the four dales in the house! Quite crowdy! 😉

No dog park?… Playtime anyway!

p1400996-85x100– “Qu’est-ce qui se passe, Kita? What is going on? Why is our playground gone? How are we supposed to go about our daily fighting and Bitey-Face business with our doggie friends?” 😦

– “This happens every year, little française. All my national and international friends know about it already, I told them last year. The humans go in the running business for one day.”
(see also: and

– “Je ne comprends rien! Can’t they run and play in our dog park too, comme nous, if it really need be? Why do they take down our dog park and build all kinds of constructions there?” 😦

– “Nothing we can do about it, sissie… For the time being, we’ll just have to settle for a few daily walks on the leash, until this bizarre Marathon & Ten Miles running thing is over.”

– “Eh bien, ça alors! I get quite upset et assez contrarié when I meet our doggie friends on the leash! I want to play with them and they obviously want to play with me too, bien sûr.”

– “You don’t say! I just saw you with our big neighborhood friend Filou. You went into some kind of frenzy, all pulling and barking… Don’t think Dad appreciated it much, though…”

– “Je m’en fiche! Filou was also excited to see me and we always play a little rough when we meet. Rien à faire, c’est comme ça. Do you think I like this tangling of leashes? Mais non!

[Fierce Bitey-Face in the living room]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



Ohohoh… not seen before!!!

You know my sissie Lizzie, the française!!! She is not afraid of anyone, and not afraid of any kind of dog! She always runs to every dog with the speed of a rocket, without thinking. 🙂
Told her a thousand times: think twice! Act as a lady and look first to who you are runing. Me, for example, I do not like German Sheperds: so, I have a good look if the doggie that is approching is not a Sheperd.
Not the française! 😉

And then I had this very good laugh!!! I really did! You remember my friend Jazzy, of the beach strolls? My very BIG friend Jazzy? Well, this time I run off with the speed of a rocket, so did Jazzy! ( My friend Jazzy )

And then, we had a laugh!!! The fearless française didn’t dare to approach Jazzy! What a fun we had! She run after Jazzy but always kept a big distance! Told mum to get some evidence! hahahaha! Still laughing at her! lol
Never seen before!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 




Into… the eco-flying business!

All right! With this française in the house, there are new business possibilities! Listen to this! 🙂

We spent many, many days at the seaside. I’m ot in the counting business, that was grandpa Lennox’s business! ❤

Anyway, we often went to the beach! I thaught Lizzie to fly! I only had to show her once. My dogness, she is quite good in it, better than me! Super!!! 🙂 ❤
At least she is excellent in one business! Pppfff, quite a relief for me as business-airelady! 🙂

And mum, she gets better and better! She found a new feet-thing on…

Feature, Kita, feature!!!!

So with this new feet-thing  on the red blinking thing, she can make pictures of the flying! ❤


Peace in… black and white!!

Sometimes we can be very calm and very sweet! Yes indeed, sometimes… Most of the time we are playing, runnning, sleeping somewhere far from each other, but sometimes, yes, sometimes, we can be very dinky. 🙂

The française in the house calls this “mignon”… But I repeat… only sometimes, most of the time, sleeping in our beds, it’s with our butts to each other! 😉

Mum saw this moment and captured it! In black and white, she says! 🙂 A show in black and white! 🙂 ❤


P1480688 (900x675)


For once: … smart mum! hahaha

This is rather old news, but about ten days ago my mum showed she really can be smart if she is not too stubborn. ❤

What do you say? Should I explain? Of course I will!

Well, our drinking bowl is on a quite big kind of carpet. Mum says we are messy drinkers, surely the française is. Me not that bad. And that is the truth, my mum says that too! 😉

Back to the kind of carpet: we love to sleep on it too. Sissie Lizzie and me sometimes are arguying about it. Mum got this super idea!!! We sleep in the kitchen at night (yes, our kitchen is dale-proof, even for the française). 😉

And you know what? We got a very big same carpet in the kitchen… We are so happy mum understood it. But mum has a little problem now… we are often on the new carpet, even when she is cooking! 😉 Hahahahaha… Get the picture? 🙂 🙂 🙂


Macho looking for… a home for a sweet grandma!

This time, the message on the tv-typing-machine was for me! Yes, for me: lady Kita van ’t Asbroek! And the message came from my mum!! 🙂
What do you say: she does not have to write me?? Silly you, not my human mum, my doggie mum! She is not here, so she writes me! 🙂

My mum Funnygirl van ’t Asbroek is back from the Netherlands: she lived their for about 5 years. But she is back home because her dad died and her mum is a bit ill… That is what she writes!

At home (my birthplace), there are several nice young girls. They are very friendly with her: she is a grandma now (11) and deserves respect. But there also is the big macho Sunny. He thinks only HE deserves the respect from the young girls… My mum Fun (always called angel by her human mum – you see where my genes come from? 😉 ) accepts that but she still wants a quiet home at her age. 
I understand: that’s what my grandpa often said: young girls are too busy!
So she wrote me the message to ask me to look around with my friends if we can help and find her a quiet home.

If the française was not here, I would order mum and dad to get in the car and go for Mummy Funny! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ And they really would do… but that is not the reality… 😉

Human mum took a few pics of doggie mum and the girls and Sir Sunny! 🙂

PS Do not mistake! I am not in the pics, although my lookalike is! 🙂


Showing off… my new haircut!

p1400996-85x100– “Comment tu me trouves, Kita? What do you think of my new coiffure? You won’t have to pluck my fur anymore when we go about our fighting and Bitey-Face business!” 😉

– “It’s alright, I guess. All I know is how my original Human Dad Van ’t Asbroek does it. I very much like to go there, to meet my family members every once in a while.”

– “Je comprends, I wouldn’t mind either, but he was ill, tu te souviens, and after that he went à l’étranger, somewhere even beyond the sea where we go and play now and then.”

– “I know, little française. You went where we spend our holidays, when Mum and Dad can’t take us with them, didn’t you? Where all the big Berner Sennen-doggies are.” 🙂

– “Eh bien, oui! I didn’t meet the doggies, though. I had to stand and sit very still for quite some time. Heureusement, this grooming lady has des mains professionnelles as well, just like my original Human Mum, who taught me how to take this treatment with style.” 🙂

– “Let’s go! Mum is calling. She wants to make a fototoot to show your new haircut to all my friends around the world, and to Dad Van ’t Asbroek, and your original Human Mum.”

– “Bien sûr! I’m très curieuse to find out what they think of me now!”

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie


Hihihi… the française on her back too!

This was fun, this was really fun! We have a new girlfriend,  a very young one! But my goodness, she is strong. 😉

You know that sissie Lizzie always bites in my hind legs. To stop it, I go on my back! Mum calls that an ippon! I never do fatigue myself to get the française on her back, I only do it when I am angry with her: when she goes in MY crate etc. 🙂

Hahaha, our new girlfriend Leah, what did she do? She got an ippon with me, but lots of ippons with sissie Lizzie! I had fun! I looked at it as the judge! Several ippons. Bravo for Leah but for mum too: video and pics! ❤