Four dales… in our house?

Yes, mum, I come to have a look! What? Another dale in the house! I know that one: that’s CopyKita, she is my friend although she is always sad looking with eyes too small and her dark colour! 😉

And the new happy one? Who is she? Ooooh, that is CopyNieke and she is going to her big sister soon? Hope her big sister will be happy with her! 😉 

Speaking about sisters… here is RealLizzie! Don’t touch!!!! You do not dare touching these two dales and don’t get all worked up. Just sit or lay down, you hear me!

Mum, look! She listens to me, get the red thing!!!! ❤ We’ll have a fototoot with the four dales in the house! Quite crowdy! 😉

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