Birthday celebration with… a piggiesnoutparty!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, I know, i do not write much. I’m a bit of a lazy Lady, you know. You don’t believe me? Well, it is becoming the truth…

You know, 2 days ago it was my birthday. I am 8 years old now. Mum says you calmed down at that moment. So do I, as long as the Française does not annoy me, of course.
I remember you were often talking about your old bones. Well, I think I start to understand. 😉 We went to see a new green cloth-sir. Grandpa, he is such a sweet guy, you would have loved him. He takes half an hour for you when you go there and you get examined very well but he is not brutal. You even do not feel the needles of the vaccinations. What? You don’t believe it? You should!! 😉

Your old bones? Mine get old too. Get treats as you did, mum calls them pills. Anyhow, they taste good. I like them.

For my birthday, me and the Française had a fototoot, to send to you to show you! Maybe you get a bit jealous… we had a piggiesnoutparty! Mmmmm… jummie! ❤ Do you have them at the Bridge too? 😉
I send you the bloopers of the toot too, so you can have a good laugh with us down here! 😉

Now I need a nap, writing letters is tiring and me and mum had very big walks today!

Have a great time at the Bridge!
Big hugs from the little one ❤ (although I was bigger than you anyway),

Kita van ’t Asbroek



Winter!… And the white stuff!

It does not happen very often… really not! Not every year, in fact! But this time, we got some of it a few days ago! What? Well, the white stuff! Mum calls it snow. 😉

The française seems to like it, mum said when dad was not home and she went out with her. Me? No, not that much, although I need to do my inspection business, also when there is the white stuff everywhere… 😉

So, when the white stuff stopped falling down, me and mum went out. When it is still falling, we go out too, but the red blinking does not! 😦 Mum says it will break down when white! 😦

Kind of fun, this time, although we did not go too far, only 1,5 km. Something is wrong with mum’s paw, that’s to say: her foot. She can’t go too far! 😉

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… ❤

PS it was very high tide too, the water used the whole extra space!



Ugli?… Who is Ugli?

Few days ago, mum came home from the supermarket… No, I cannot go there, silly, i’m not allowed! So me and the française were inspecting her bag. She said she brought Ugli with her!

Mum, who on earth is Ugli, I do not see him! What? Not who but what?? Mum, listen, could you please talk some sense… this is not to understand. 😦

In the afternoon, she called me and said: this is an ugli. That’s a new fruit, mum? Are we going to eat this new ugli-thing? Ooh, good, we’ll see. Mum said she could taste it in the supermarket, lady there gave her a piece and it is yummie? We’ll see! 😉

Mum, this is a bit like an orange? Or a grapefruit? I can smell! Both? I think so too. Can I have a part? I first smell and when i think it is okay, than I eat! So I did! MMMm… yes, yummie! Then came the française, she was not to keen on it… I stayed!!!! And i winked: we eat this, the two of us! 😉 ❤



New guy in town… in our building!

Mum always forgets her red blinking thing… so I get really pissed off sometimes. Listen to this! Since more then two months we have a new neighbour in our building! He was 8 weeks old when he arrived! 😉

In the mean time, he is almost 5 months old but finally, finally mum got the red blinking thing to toot! 🙂
Let me present to you: Pavlov, the golden retriever! He is a darling! ❤

PS What a name! Mum calls me so when I come in hurry when she uses the whistle-language! Mmmm, I do not understand… I am an airedale-lady, not a goldie! 😉



Starting 2019… in toot-style

Hello friends, in the new year! Did you start in style, this 2019-thing? Well, we did! Because of the française who is very afraid of fireworks and little bombs going off (this naughty young boys here!!!), we went to the seaside! 🙂

Really, my poor sissie trembled often these days. I do not mind, you know. When I was very small, me and mum walked outside during thunder and we even went to see these nice coloured things in the air. All before I was 16 weeks old… So, I don’t mind… But I really pity my little sissie, I let her sleep in my bed, you know! At the seaside less fireworks and little bombs, so she quickly became her old self! Yeeeey!!!! 😉 🙂 ❤

Then I told mum we should start the 2019-thing in style, with a fototoot on the beach to show my friends. This time she did not mention the always-the-same-thing, so off we went… ❤

Here are the pics and even a bit of a movie! 😉 Enjoy, as well as the rest of the 2019-thing, as said before! 😉


2019… 2019… 2019!

This lady, the française, dad and mum want to wish you all around the world, where ever you live, what ever colour you have, what ever your religion or no religion is, what ever your job or no job is, what ever your language is, what ever your nationality is, what ever your opinions are, what ever you think about life… to ALL of you and the ones you love:

Happy and healthy and peaceful and loving 2019!!

Big Belgian hugs, Kita

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