New guy in town… in our building!

Mum always forgets her red blinking thing… so I get really pissed off sometimes. Listen to this! Since more then two months we have a new neighbour in our building! He was 8 weeks old when he arrived! 😉

In the mean time, he is almost 5 months old but finally, finally mum got the red blinking thing to toot! 🙂
Let me present to you: Pavlov, the golden retriever! He is a darling! ❤

PS What a name! Mum calls me so when I come in hurry when she uses the whistle-language! Mmmm, I do not understand… I am an airedale-lady, not a goldie! 😉



Starting 2019… in toot-style

Hello friends, in the new year! Did you start in style, this 2019-thing? Well, we did! Because of the française who is very afraid of fireworks and little bombs going off (this naughty young boys here!!!), we went to the seaside! 🙂

Really, my poor sissie trembled often these days. I do not mind, you know. When I was very small, me and mum walked outside during thunder and we even went to see these nice coloured things in the air. All before I was 16 weeks old… So, I don’t mind… But I really pity my little sissie, I let her sleep in my bed, you know! At the seaside less fireworks and little bombs, so she quickly became her old self! Yeeeey!!!! 😉 🙂 ❤

Then I told mum we should start the 2019-thing in style, with a fototoot on the beach to show my friends. This time she did not mention the always-the-same-thing, so off we went… ❤

Here are the pics and even a bit of a movie! 😉 Enjoy, as well as the rest of the 2019-thing, as said before! 😉


2019… 2019… 2019!

This lady, the française, dad and mum want to wish you all around the world, where ever you live, what ever colour you have, what ever your religion or no religion is, what ever your job or no job is, what ever your language is, what ever your nationality is, what ever your opinions are, what ever you think about life… to ALL of you and the ones you love:

Happy and healthy and peaceful and loving 2019!!

Big Belgian hugs, Kita

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