Birthday celebration with… a piggiesnoutparty!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, I know, i do not write much. I’m a bit of a lazy Lady, you know. You don’t believe me? Well, it is becoming the truth…

You know, 2 days ago it was my birthday. I am 8 years old now. Mum says you calmed down at that moment. So do I, as long as the Française does not annoy me, of course.
I remember you were often talking about your old bones. Well, I think I start to understand. 😉 We went to see a new green cloth-sir. Grandpa, he is such a sweet guy, you would have loved him. He takes half an hour for you when you go there and you get examined very well but he is not brutal. You even do not feel the needles of the vaccinations. What? You don’t believe it? You should!! 😉

Your old bones? Mine get old too. Get treats as you did, mum calls them pills. Anyhow, they taste good. I like them.

For my birthday, me and the Française had a fototoot, to send to you to show you! Maybe you get a bit jealous… we had a piggiesnoutparty! Mmmmm… jummie! ❤ Do you have them at the Bridge too? 😉
I send you the bloopers of the toot too, so you can have a good laugh with us down here! 😉

Now I need a nap, writing letters is tiring and me and mum had very big walks today!

Have a great time at the Bridge!
Big hugs from the little one ❤ (although I was bigger than you anyway),

Kita van ’t Asbroek



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