Helping out… not really appreciated

p1400996-85x100– “Dad, can we watch?”
– “Sure you can, Lizzie…”
– “Viens, Kita, ça semble rigolo! Dad, can we help too?”
– “Not really, Lizzie, I’m putting this table together, and I’m guessing that’s not your thing, girls… Not really my thing either, to be honest, but Mum wants it in our dining room, so…”
– “What do you think I can do with this toy, Kita? Tu sais toujours tout, non?

Dad doesn’t seem too happy about ma curiosité and my willingness to help out. “Lizzie! Do not touch that! I’ll need that screwdriver in a minute.” – Smartass Kita smiles haughtily. She ‘knows’, vous savez… – Maybe I can taste one of these many little ones then? – “Watch out, Lizzie! If you swallow one , we go straight to the vet’s!” Oh no, not the Green Clothes again! 😦

I’ll play with this jouet instead. “That’s not a dog’s toy, silly!” Well, well, there you have Lady Know-It-All again… “That’s a hammer, Lizzie,” Dad intervenes, “I’ll take that from you now.” If I’m not allowed to touch anything or play with anything, what is the whole point of keeping an eye on this game, anyway? C’est tellement ennuyeux… I think I’m going to take a nap. 😉

“You can’t, Lizzie! We must take care of our inspection business. I did explain the businesses to you, didn’t I?” To show how it is done, Kita has her nosy nose on every move Dad makes. OK, I’ll have a quick glance myself, et après je retourne à ma sieste.:-) Dad seems very pleased with himself. Looks fine to me. Once you’ve seen a table, you’ve seen them all, n’est-ce pas? 😉

Sissie Lizzie

Look! … Battle of the week!

As you know, these days we only are allowed to play with cardboard! That’s harmless and this française at our house does not eat that! 😉

But then, all over sudden the française found something else in the box with the toys. A rope, a knotted rope! Get the picture? 😉

Yep, we had the battle of the week! And this time, I did not give in! Mostly because we found a second rope, in the end! Got mine in my littl house with me. That’s my territory! No Lizzies allowed! Or I do as grandpa did: I growl. Not as hard as he, but I growl! 😉
Of course I can go in hers, but she not in mine! 🙂

I had all the time to tear mine apart! 😉 ❤ Lizzie started tearing at hers, but the fool started eating what she got off! Game over, mum said! 
So, no more rope-ripping in our house! 😦 She really can be a little pest, that française! 😦

PS Mum had the red thing ready: toot and video! 🙂








Trendy fashion… pour cette Dame!

p1400996-85x100“This is really really very very good, Lizzie!!!” Kita is sitting next to me in the backseat of the car, and she looks enthusiastic this time, definitely not worried for a change. Are we heading to a playground or a dog park that I haven’t seen yet? “I know where we are going…” Oh no, she has that boastful tone again… Quelle fanfare! “You’ll see, and… you’ll like it!” Mais enfin! Why is this Lady Know-It-All always telling me things in advance, without telling anything! 😦

De toute façon, Kita is right this time. I jump out of the car – only after I am allowed to, bien sûr – and the first thing I see: a giant picture of un très beau garçon! This can’t go wrong! Oh, and I smell doggie treats, and doggie food, and… lots of other tempting and promising smells! I do not know what this place is, but… c’est le Paradis! “Come on, Kita, let’s go!” [Yank!] Merde, je suis en laisse! “Wait for the humans to go in, silly!” Kita knows, vous savez. [Sigh]

And who do we have here at the door? I know this funny sweet cuddly lady! She came to visit us at home the other day, and she brought loads of doggie food. I don’t know her name – Kita calls her The Human Pup. Peu importe, she really is nice and I liked her from the moment I met her. She can hug me anytime, as much as she wants. Dad is discussing a new harness for me with her. I can’t figure out why, but all the ones we have at home, seem too big for me… 😦

“Can I try it on???” Human Pup adjusts the straps until it fits just fine. Regarde moi! “Mum, do you have your red blinking thing ready? Here I come!” Kita is watching enviously. “Oh, petite française, stop showing off, will you?” – “Ah non! Today I’m the Lady of the House, peut-être pas at our house (yet), but in this Doggie Paradise… Oui, aujourd’hui, c’est moi La Dame AT!” ❤ 🙂

Sissie Lizzie

For this lady? … Real me-time!

Sometimes she is not that stupid at all, my mum… I won’t have any moustache or beard left with the Lizzie-française in the house. I told her, I needed some time off. I really needed some off-biteyface-holiday, I told her! 🙂

Okay, she said, ladies sometimes need me-time. I understand. I like the word: me-time!
It means that me and mum we go al alone to the huge dogpark. No sissie to annoy me and my businesses! Yeeey!!! ❤

Of we went, for the sunday afternoon! Nice weather too! Met some new friends, found a ball to fool around with – without the française taking it from me…
Mum says I should be more like grandpa: a good growl from time to time would do the trick, she says. Well – sigh – I’m not of that kind… I’m a lady, you know! Although she can’t touch my dinner, that goes too far! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 😉

In the end, sissie came to the huge dogpark with dad. But on the leash! hahahaha! There still is the heat-thing and… She does not know the whistle-language yet! Hahahaha! 😉
Lot to learn, sissie, before you are a lady! 😉

Hello … from this side!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Today, two years ago you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I remember you being carried out in your bed, to the green clothes’ place… and never coming back.

Me and mum and dad, we still miss you. You will never be forgotten although we have this française in the house now. ❤

I already told you about the new little one. I’m the oldest little one now: I get my dinner first, I get treats first… and so on! You know all about that!
I never realised you were that patient with me! It seems that I spend my days with waiting now for the new little one to obey! My dogness! 😉

But maybe I’m a little bit different: if I claim MY bed, I get it! You never claimed it! 😉
If I want a toy I get it, although we mostly play with cardboard! That’s the safest thing these days, mum says… although she has to clean up after us!
And you remember my shoppingbag? I still have it, and if I claim it, I get it from this française!
Anyhow, sissie Lizzie is the sweetest thing ever… when she sleeps! 😉 ❤

So grandpa, have a nice rememberance-arrival-party tonight, up there at the Bridge! We’ll think of you! ❤

Big wet kisses
Kita Van ’t Asbroek

PS Some pics to prove that I claim and get it! 😉 As you well know from experience! hahaha! 😉



Finally… she got it, my mum!

I told her again, and again and again. And do you think she listens? No!… Stubborn mum… she surely was an airedale in a previous live! 🙂

Every time, at breakfast and at dinner time, the française wanted my food! She seemed not to like hers! Than, when I finished mine, she started to eat hers with “long teeth”, we say in Dutch. That means: without appetite and very slowly. She never finished hers! 😦
And I would not finish hers neither… 😉

So I started to explain to my mum: give her the same as I get. Well, it took some time, but since a few days sissie Lizzie gets the same food as I get. One problem solved! Maybe she will grow a bit! 🙂 ❤ And get a lady-figure! 😉

But now there is a new problem… 😦
We have to sit quietly and wait while mum or dad prepare dinner… Oh, my dogness. Ooooohooohoooh, my dogness! Explain that to this française!
So it takes very long, and then I mean: VERY LONG before we finally get it. Every time this Lizzie-baby starts running and jumping, mum or dad wait and don’t go on preparing… Get the picture? 😦

But then: moment suprême! I get my dinner first! I’m the oldest! And only then the ‘new little one’ gets hers. hahaha! 🙂



My physique is… as it should be!

p1400996-85x100– “Dad, Kita is constantly teasing me avec ma figure…”
– “What’s wrong with it, Lizzie? What’s the problem?”
– “She claims I’m way too short and she says she outweighs me by half my weight.”
– “Well, Lizzie, I’m afraid she does have a point there. You see, an Airedale Lady should be about 22-23 inches tall (55-58 cm), and you’re barely 52 cm (20,5 inches) at the shoulder. Moreover, a “Queen of Terriers” should weigh approximately 20-25 kg (44-55 pounds) – as does Kita by the way – and you… What is your weight anyway?”
– “Mon Dieu! Quelle question! How should I know?”

This somewhat awkward conversation took place shortly before our visit to the vet’s, of which I told you the details earlier. What I didn’t mention then, is this: right after entering the vet’s reception hall, Dad lead me to a little platform, where he repeatedly ordered me to “Sit!” and “Stay!” – in Dutch: “Zit!” and “Blijf!” – two commandes I already master quite well. I must have impressed him by doing exactly that, because he seemed pleased with mon attitude. 😉 Less so, however, with what he saw on the display behind me… 😦

[Unfortunately, Mum didn’t have her blinking thing ready – at least, that’s what Kita says it’s called, but I have my doubts about that… – pour prendre la photo of me performing well on the weighing scale, so we re-post a picture here of Lady Kita doing the same some time ago.]

Anyway, “17,8-18” Dad said to Mum. I didn’t think much of it then, but I understand now that he was referring to my weight, and that his slightly concerned gaze had to do with me! Surely he meant kilograms and not pounds, but still… This whole weight thing puzzles me, though. Kita is at least five times my age, and I’m not a full grown AireLady yet! So, four years from now I’ll be weighing five times more than I do now, n’est-ce pas, which is an awful lot more than bragging and teasing Lady Kita!  On verra bien! 🙂

Sissie Lizzie


Teaching about… the inspection business!

These days are quite busy! I have a lot on my mind you know! There is this française at our house now: sissie Lizzie! I can assure you she is a paw-full for me! 😉
Because she is only one year old, she has a lot to learn! And not only because this little sissie is only one year old! She never heard about all kind of businesses! 😦

My mum was a teacher before she became a library-mum. And here they say: once a teacher, always a teacher! If there is someone who can affirm that, well that’s me! So, I know how teachers act, hahahaha! 😉

My human grandparents died more than 30 years ago. We sometimes go to visit them in a bizar place: lots of stones and little paths. 
This time I had to present sissie Lizzie ❤ to them, but I also had some inspection to do! There was this very big plant behind the stone. It had to be removed, people of the town hall told so.
And another man did the job, so I had to inspect! 🙂

Gave a great lesson to the française! She never saw a cimetery, so first lesson: act subdued! Do not bark! Don’t pull on the leash! Be silent. That part was very okay: my sissie is not stupid, that’s for sure! 🙂
Then I showed her how to inspect everything. Well that took some more energy! In stead of doing a thorough job… wel you can see in the pics… she preferred to lay down with this incredible face: is this how I do this? 😦
Still lot of teaching-work to do… I can assure you! 😉

PS Before pics are of last year and the year before!


My introduction to… the Green Clothes

p1400996-85x100“This is not good, Lizzie, not good at all.” Kita is sitting next to me in the backseat of the car, and she looks really worried. What is wrong with her? Is she seeing ghosts or something? In my opinion everything is parfait. For all I know we may be heading to a playground or a dog park. “I know where we are going,” she hisses, “and I don’t like what I’m seeing.”

The longer the drive, the more nervous she gets. She rattles on about her Grandpa Lennox. She claims he went to some ‘Rainbow Bridge’ long before I arrived, a week ago. “He warned me about how troublesome the Green Clothes are,” she gasps. I don’t understand… What is she talking about? This just seems another fun ride to me. Il n’y a pas de souci!

Every day is une aventure, you know, in this new home and with these awfully nice people who care for me now. Why worry? I’m only starting to get settled in my promising situation! Kita continuously wants to warn me about things, though, which is annoying because – well, vous savez – “she ‘knows’…” Frankly, I think it spoils it a bit for me, n’est-ce pas?

Anyway, we seem to be arriving at our destination. Dad drives into a sinister underground parking area. It is somewhat spooky, I must admit, but is this really giving Kita the creeps? “No, no!” she whispers. “This is the easy part. Wait and see.” Mum and Dad take us both into a well illuminated hallway full of doggie accessories. You see? On va s’amuser!

Kita doesn’t even seem to notice the bags of dogfood and the doggie toys. Mum talks to a few people behind a counter, while Dad sits on a bench and starts cuddling me. So far, so good, I’d say! Moreover, all the people behind the counter are wearing… blue clothes! Kita must really be suffering from hallucinations. I myself am beginning to enjoy this trip!

Enters a Tall Man… in Green Clothes!

Dad immediately jumps up, Mum takes whining Kita with her, and all together we follow the man to… to… I know what this is! It is very similar to a place where I went in my homeland –je suis française, vous savez – and… it’s a vet’s cabinet! Je comprends: Kita needs some treatment for her hallucinations! Or maybe something else is wrong with her?

The Tall Man points at me, however, and he is talking to… me! I don’t understand a word he says. He sounds nice, but then again: in Dutch they all do! Dad picks me up and puts me on a high table. Je deviens folle! I freeze and keep perfectly still, while the Tall Man performs a thorough medical examination. Oh, oh, I don’t like this anymore, I want to get out of here!

[A few hours later]

Eh bien, after all it was just a piece of cake, vous savez. Kita underwent an examination too, and as I gather the situation, nothing is wrong with either of us. I’m “in heat”, if I heard that properly. I don’t know what that means but I don’t seem to be suffering from anything, so… I didn’t quite get the “sterilization” part, but that won’t be a problem either, n’est-ce pas?

Sissie Lizzie


New … morning habits!

Mum, listen to me! There is no heat! It is autumn, you put on a coat! Don’t talk about heat!
That’s what mum and dad are talking about… ‘heat’ or something like that. It has to do with the française! 😉
Mum says that is why we don’t go to the huge dogpark but to the little one. When my friends are there, we even don’t go in! Go figure! All because of this heat-thing. I really don’t know what happened to mum and dad: putting on coats and bonnets in the morning and then talking about heat! My dogness, these humans are so unpredictable! 😉

Anyhow, when there are no friends, we go into the little dogpark. I mind less these days when there are no friends because of the française. She keeps me busy! My dogness, she does! 🙂

We play all kind of games. This morning we got a ball! Because I’m a lady I gave it to Lizzie, of course! We ran and played! About the running business, Lizzie has a lot to learn to become a lady! She runs like a kangoroo! Hahahaha. 🙂 Proof is in the movie! 😉
We had fun, anyway!!