Update newsflash from down here… part 2

Hi Kita

Yesyes, i should update more often but you know i do not like your tv-typing thing. Tu sais, it is called a laptop!

But a few days ago, mum told me a story. It does not happen often, but it happens, parfois seulement! ❤

It was about you as a puppy, how you collected empty bottles because you liked the cracking sound. And how mum taught you to bring the bottle to the next garbage bin in the park. For a treat, bien sûr!
So you learned a lot of things when you were a puppy, that is how you became a lady. Peut-être i get a little jealous… as a rescue i never learned such things although i learne a lot of things of our human parents, you know that! 😉

Well, mum decided to follow your example… She goes out now to pick bottles and other things that should not be on the ground, but in the bins. C’est dommage, but she hs a lot of work!!! 😦

Next time i will tell you all about my non-lady activities! 😉


Lizzie, aka the Française, aka the raskall, aka the clown in the house

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