Dogs not allowed :-( … in the vegetable garden…

Finally, this terrible week with lots and lots of work for my mum is over! Yihaaaa! So my mum is at home for some time! 🙂 It’s a whole day or something!

Holiday, Kita! Holidays!!!

Mum, what’s on the program for today? What do you say??? You want to get some rest now? I really had enough rest last week, really, mum! Yes, I know we already went to the dogpark for more than an hour! 😉

Lunch on a terrace at the left bank of river Scheldt? That’s allright… I get a treat, yes? A nice bone? Okay, that’s a deal!

And afterwards we visit mum’s human pup, who isn’t a pup anymore! 😉 She started a new vegetable garden this year and my mum and dad want to see that, and not only the pictures! But I am a little angry and disappointed! Dogs are not allowed in that garden! Shasta and Goofy (my friends!) can’t go to see the vegetables, neither can I! I get a strawberry? Okay, I’m not disappointed anymore! 😉 Mum, when do you start growing strawberries? I’ll help you, that’s for sure!

Kita, we have no garden!!!

(If you want to see more pics, have a look over here: 🙂

Lots of puppies!… My help not appreciated!

Was taking a sunday afternoon nap when mum got me companians on my blanket.

Mum, what are we going to do? Tell me, will you? Seems we go on the terrace with the plants. That’s not new…
My goodness, look at that! Do you hear it too, mum? No, she doesn’t, until I jump on her plants! She screams! No harm done, luckily!

Where do they come from, all those puppy-plants. I’m going to inspect that. This very little one is cute, I like to play with this one! 🙂

Kita, stop it! Now!

Okay, will go elsewhere! Ha, two pots I can shredder for the dustbin. Nice exercice for my teeth! 🙂

Kita, stop it! Now!

My help is not appreciated, I will continue my nap, outside!
Oh, what? What does she say my mum? Shower? Oh no, I’m gone! 😉
Seems not to be for me but for the mums and te puppies! 😉

Big surprise! :-) … But not for me! :-(

A man brought a very big box today! Grandpa Lennox and me, we are very curious. We want to know what’s in it. My dad doesn’t want to open it! Why not? It’s for my mum! We have no luck: mum is not at home! She is in her library! So, we have to wait! 😦

Finally, dad says we are going to the park and we’ll wait for the tram that brings mum home! There she is! We’ll know what’s in the box soon!!

Mum is very surprised! She doesn’t expect a package now, she often does, but not now! 😉 She says she can’t open it with a knife, she says that she finds that ‘bizarre’! Who is that? Bizarre? Is there a dog in it? With the name Bizarre?

She pulls the plastic of the box  and opens it and… ohohoh… me is running away! What’s that? So big, it comes out of the box by itself! Help! Wafwafgrrgrrr. Mum, get out of the way! Maybe the thing will hurt you! Quick! Wafwaf!

Mum laughs and reeds the paper! It’s coming from the Netherlands, from Aura! You know, I already told you about… (

Told you already that my mum works in a library. Well she started that first library 5 years ago, and the second, one year ago. Next week, the other librarylady and my librarymum celebrate those birthdays! That’s why the big thing arrives from the Aura-people!

Kita, look! They are so nice, the Aura-people! Cheers!

Hey, Aura-people: I say hello to you too with lots of paws and kisses! And my mum says: thanks! I think she likes your Cheers: she makes pics with the blinking box! 🙂

Someday soon, my time may come too

Blog Lennox 2You keep musing about your distant Airedale friend that is now at the Rainbow Bridge, Kita, but you don’t really know what you’re talking about, do you, young lady? Want to learn more? As I see it, it’s some sort of gigantic dog-park without enclosures, where us pets can play and run free, never get old, tired or bored, and with lots and lots of treats and toys. I think we might call it The Eternal Hunting Grounds or something. 

Wow, sounds really exciting! I would like to go there too!

Ah, don’t get too carried away, young lady! That would mean giving up all you have here and now: your playmates in the dog-park, your Mum and all her fellow-humans… It’s better not to go there, before you’ve had everything in life there is to live. You see, I’m an old dog who has seen most of it by now. My hair is grey, my muscles get weak, and my bones are rigid. Maybe someday soon my time will come to go there too… 

Don’t say that, Grandpa Lennox, you’re still going strong!

Well, all my beloved dog-park friends of days gone by have already left: Grobber, Mohs, Boogey, Yoni… We used to be inseparable playmates and now I’m the only one left of the Ol’ Wild Bunch. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll hang on in there, you know, but… Some days, I’d still like to take on these young dog-park brads, like Lucien. Oh, I know, they respect me alright. I’ll just take it one day at a time and see where that gets me… (Lennox)

The old wild gang...

The ol’Wild Bunch, all of the same age: Grobber (+ jan 2012), Mohs (+dec 2012), Grandpa Lennox: still alive but less kicking than before… 😉

Oh no, very sad news… for Gracie and her family!

I have a special far away friend in Michigan: Gracie. From her I learned that you better not get on a list… 😉

But now, my far away friend Gracie must be very, very sad! Her big sister went to Grobber. Grobber was my big friend at the dogpark! He went away for never returning, more than a year ago. My mum says he is at the RainbowBridge now.
I don’t know where that is but my mum says it is  a very nice place for dogs. There is Grobber and now Sadie is there too! Mum, tell Gracie and her humans that tears are not necessary: Sadie is fine at the RainbowBridge. Will you send some kisses from me to Gracie, please, mum?

Run free Sadie and will you give some hugs to Grobber too?

A picture of beautiful Sadie:



Busy and little bit strange… this saturday!

It started this morning after the playtime in the dogpark. I was tired and wanted to sleep! No way! In the car! ohlalalala… We were going to the place with the people in the green jackets! Oh no! My weight? 23,2 kilograms (55 lbs, 51,1 pounds if my mum’s calculations on internet are correct…). Very well, said the doctor!
The second part was not my cup of tea! The vaccinations! 😦 I made a lot of noise with the second prick!)
Third part: the best one! I get the treats! (And mum pays the bill! 😉 )

In the afternoon we went to mum’s hairdresser. She lives in Ranst. That’s a small village at about 12 kilometers from home. My mum lived there as a child and young lady. We were too early and my mum said she wanted me to meet some nice people.

Okay, I come: I always want to meet nice people. We stopped at a large stone. Where are the nice people, mum? Mum explained that she had a mum and dad too. And her mum and dad are at the RainbowBridge for many, many, many years. Little bit sad, I think. I closed my eyes a moment: an airedale lady knows when she has to show some respect!

After that we passed by the church. Mum also showed me the house where she lived long ago with the nice mum and dad of the RainbowBridge. And then we went to the hairdresser, a very long walk! I like it there: my little friend Suske is so nice!

And now I have to rest! I’m really tired! Zzzzzzzzzzz


Nieuw speeltje… oud spelletje!

Ha! Het vrouwtje bracht het nieuwe speeltje mee! Het oude, blauwe is weg, echt weg! Niet meer te vinden in het groene mandje van de flessen! 😦 Het vrouwtje kocht een nieuw, in een winkel waar ik nog nooit geweest ben, maar het vrouwtje zegt dat de meneer vindt dat een mooie airedale-dame (ik dus!) eens moet meekomen! 🙂

Dus: een nieuw speeltje. Daar oefenen mijn vrouwtje en ik ‘gooien-en-halen-en-lopen-en-dan-pas-brengen’ mee. Gewoonlijk. Vandaag is niet-gewoonlijk! Gitte en ik mogen met het nieuwe speeltje spelen! Ons oude spelletje! Wie trekt het hardst? Het vrouwtje van Gitte denkt dat het mooie ding niet lang zal leven! Maar de meneer van de winkel die ik niet ken, had gezegd dat het héééél sterk is. Die meneer van de winkel die ik niet ken, is slim want het speeltje is sterk! 😉

Misschien morgen weer? 😉




Voor en na… maal twee!

In onze speelwei, daar staat mijn boom! Dat weet iedereen, het is mijn boom! 😉

Het vrouwtje zegt dat die boom een kraakwilg is. Dat snapte ik niet, maar nu wel! Mijn boom is gekraakt! De hoge stammen zijn een beetje naar  beneden gekraakt. En nu durf ik nog verder in mijn boom! Het is en blijft boven het hoofd van het vrouwtje, maar nu is ze toch een klein beetje minder bang, denk ik. 🙂 En nu kan ik alle hoge, kleine takken snoeien! Joepie!

Het vrouwtje heeft geplikplokt. Plaatjes van voor en plaatjes van na de kraak! En op die plaatjes ben ik te zien met jas en zonder jas! Hihihi. Ook voor en na! 😉

Hihihihihi… hahahaha… snel, sneller, snelst!

Zo gaat dat! Loulou heeft een groene bal. Een gekke bal! Een gekke, groene bal met grote, gekke, witte tanden!
Ik ben snel, ik ben sneller, ik ben het snelst!
Hihihihi! Dus ik heb de bal! 🙂 [I’m fast, I’m faster, I’m the fastest! I get the ball anyway!]


En dan gaat het zo: het baasje van Jazzy wil ook de bal! Het grote, beetje gekke baasje van Jazzy wil dus ook de bal. Het baasje van Jazzy komt eraan! Hij wil de bal!
Ik ben snel, ik ben sneller, ik ben het snelst!
Hahahahaha! Ik hou de bal! 🙂 [I’m fast, I’m faster, I’m the fastest! I keep the ball anyway!]

En dan? Dan is het zo: mijn vrouwtje wil de bal. Mijn vrouwtje loopt van me weg! Oei, wat nu? Gauw gaan kijken…
Ze is snel… 😦 
Ze is sneller… 😦 
Ze roept! Ik ga! Bal in de hand? Snoepje? Snoepje pakken! 🙂 Bal los en in de hand.
Vrouwtje is het snelst… euh… het slimst??? 😉 [I’m the fastest, but my mum is the smartest! I have no ball anymore!]

Woofwoof Ina… reading days with Olle!

For my far away German airedale friend Ina and her mum:
Hey, mum, Loulou is coming in the dogpark too! You see it? Her mum wants you to come! Loulou’s mum takes something out of her bag and gives it to my mum! What’s that?
Oh, it’s only a book! 😦 It’s not a treat!

But now I see it! 🙂 That’s the book Woofwoof Ina’s mum was talking about on the computer! It’s about an airedale sir, Olle! And Olle doesn’t only speak UDL (Universal Dog Language, as Bogie Sherman and Ozzie Airedale call it). No, he can speak in human language too! It’s a book for children, but my mum says that a lot of adults could learn from it!
Mum, will you read the book for me and learn me the Olle-language? Maybe, finally, you will understand me! 😉

Okay, Kita! We’ll see what the results are… 😉

Voor mijn speelwei-vriendinnetjes en andere fans:
Hé vrouwtje, kijk daar is Loulou ook! Zie je het?
En haar vrouwtje haalt iets uit haar tas en geeft dat aan mijn vrouwtje. Oh, het zijn geen snoepjes. 😦 Het is een bundeltje papier!

Een boek, Kita, een boek!

Jaja, ik zie het wel! Een bundeltje papier! 😉  Oh, maar dat is het boek van het tokkelding! Het boek van het vrouwtje van Ina!  Het verhaal van Olle, een airedale-meneer! Olle praat niet alleen hondentaal, maar ook mensentaal en zegt altijd wat hij denkt. Hij is een wijze hond! Eigenlijk is het een kinderboek, maar mijn vrouwtje zegt dat heel wat volwassenen er ook kunnen van leren…
Zeg, vrouwtje, lees je me voor uit het boek? Ik wil ook wijs worden, zoals Olle! En mensentaal leren! 😉