Someday soon, my time may come too

Blog Lennox 2You keep musing about your distant Airedale friend that is now at the Rainbow Bridge, Kita, but you don’t really know what you’re talking about, do you, young lady? Want to learn more? As I see it, it’s some sort of gigantic dog-park without enclosures, where us pets can play and run free, never get old, tired or bored, and with lots and lots of treats and toys. I think we might call it The Eternal Hunting Grounds or something. 

Wow, sounds really exciting! I would like to go there too!

Ah, don’t get too carried away, young lady! That would mean giving up all you have here and now: your playmates in the dog-park, your Mum and all her fellow-humans… It’s better not to go there, before you’ve had everything in life there is to live. You see, I’m an old dog who has seen most of it by now. My hair is grey, my muscles get weak, and my bones are rigid. Maybe someday soon my time will come to go there too… 

Don’t say that, Grandpa Lennox, you’re still going strong!

Well, all my beloved dog-park friends of days gone by have already left: Grobber, Mohs, Boogey, Yoni… We used to be inseparable playmates and now I’m the only one left of the Ol’ Wild Bunch. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll hang on in there, you know, but… Some days, I’d still like to take on these young dog-park brads, like Lucien. Oh, I know, they respect me alright. I’ll just take it one day at a time and see where that gets me… (Lennox)

The old wild gang...

The ol’Wild Bunch, all of the same age: Grobber (+ jan 2012), Mohs (+dec 2012), Grandpa Lennox: still alive but less kicking than before… 😉

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