Sad day… today… very sad day… :-(

One day life is nice, as I said yesterday… Another day life is sad, that’s what I say today.
How does that come?

As you know my mum is a librarymum in a very big school. She has a lot of colleagues. Four years ago she had to learn how to make a storypage like mine for the library. But learning means exercising… hahaha… And I had to help her of course. I was the one telling the stories, she learned how to make them ready so friends could read them.
Well, one of mum’s colleagues thought my stories were so nice, she always wanted another story, and again, and again… she asked for them… She was one of my first and biggest fans ever! Really!!! She read all the stories! 🙂 ❤

But then this nice lady got very ill: cancer of the lungs. 😦 Ill or not, very ill or not: she read the stories whenever she was able to do so. Last wednesday mum went to see her. I got a big hug when mum came home. ❤ The very nice lady said I should go on telling my stories because I make people smile in all circomstances, a smile that lightens a day.  Even much more than this lady could ever think of!
She even asked about my new collars and all my businesses of the last weeks… 🙂 She said she would go to “my” Blue Bridge as she preferred to call the Rainbow Bridge…

This morning the nice lady passed away… she went to “Kita’s blue bridge” as she announced… Much sooner then expected!
So today is a very sad day! I’ll miss my fan very much, mum and the colleagues will miss the nice lady… so will her family, even more… But we all have these wonderfull memories to cherish… ❤

Travel safe… Rest in peace, dear fan-lady! ❤