Intense birthday present… from the Frenchie!


– “Regarde, Kita, look! I’m back! I can run and play just like before!”p1400996-85x100
– “Oh dear! There we go… You’ll leave my ankles alone, won’t you?”
– “Ah, mais non! I love biting your ankles. And your neck, bien sûr!
– “Well, okay then, since you were ill and all, but be gentle, I’m old…”
– “Tu parles! Six is not old! I’ll give you a special birthday traitement!” 😉
[Happy helter-skelter and snappy nipping]

– “Qu’est-ce que t’en penses, Kita? You do like it, don’t you? Je le sais!
– “Indeed, petite française, a benign baiting event has its good sides…”
– “And I spared your old bones like an Aire Lady should, n’est-ce pas?
– “I don’t know about that, really, but I don’t mind. I’m glad you’re back.”
– “Très bien! We’ll be getting along better than ever, j’en suis convaincue.”
[Aire high-five]

– “Aren’t they cute, playing happily together like best female friends?”
– “Yeah, sure. It seems as if Lizzie is running on new batteries now…”
[Human laughter]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie




Today?… I am the birthday-girl!

Mum, you do remember in time, this year, do you! It is my birthday today! I’m six years old! 🙂

What do you say? A middle aged lady? Is that good, mum? Oh, is that when you enjoy life most? After the teenage probs – don’t talk to me about that with the française in the house – and not-enough-wisdom-time of the youngsters? 🙂

Okay, if so, then I’m glad to be 6! I’m going to enjoy life with my morning nap! Could you please arrange for me that sissie Lizzie stays calm today and does not disturb me? 😉

Happy birthday, Kita! ❤ ❤ ❤

Time out?… euh… This kind? Yes!

The française is still wearing her fancy coat, all day long. Although I think she is not ill anymore! So we try to play… 😉
Which is forbidden until tomorrow when stitches go out. I don’t know exactly what stitches are. It is under the funny coat. I had a t-shirt too, so I could not see mine neither.

So we try to play. Ohoh! Not a good idea! If we do not stop quickly enough, my mum says: time out. And off we go to our crate. 😦

But this time, I really liked the time out! Why? Because we got a bully stick to chew on and use some energy! 😉 ❤


Fancy clothes… for recovering doggies

– “Dad! Ce n’est pas vrai! Do I have to wear this grandma’s undergarment? S’il te plaît!p1400996-85x100
– “I’m truly sorry, Lizzie, but you messed up and we have to clean your protective shirt.”
– “Ah, je n’aime pas ça du tout! I love my stylish lady’s shirt much better than this one!”
– “It’s only for a short while, Lizzie. Your blue shirt will soon be dry and ready for use.”
– “Je l’espère! I don’t fancy this one, surely not outside, during my walks. L’idée même!

[A few hours later]

– “Qu’est-ce que t’en penses, Kita? Do you like my protective shirt? What do you think?”
– “Phew! Do you really find yourself fashionable, petite française? I like my fur better.”
– “Tu parles! You desperately need grooming! More of a teddy bear than an Aire Lady!”
– “Who’s talking? We’re both scheduled for grooming in the coming month, you know.”
– “Très bien! I’ll look even prettier after that, with or without my new shirt, n’est-ce pas?”

[Lizzie admires herself]

– “You won’t be keeping it on, silly! It is only meant to anticipate you licking the stitches.”
– “Et alors? It looks good on me and I like it. Dad loves it too. He says he also wants one.”
– “Right! I can see him unbuttoning eight poppers every single time he goes to the toilet…”
– “Eh bien, Miss-Know-It-All, do you know what I think? I believe you are just… jalouse!”
– “Well, now, you little French ‘pain in the ass’! Come here, I’ll teach you a lesson or two!”

[Fierce Bitey-Face]

“Stop it! Both of you! Immediately! Rough play won’t be allowed for at least a few more days, so be patient. Here you are, each take a buffalo skin shoe to chew on, and keep quiet.”

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie






More magic and… wood business!

Mum, listen, why is the française not coming to see my pure magic business? Yes, I kow she has a zipper. She should stay calm. By the way why does she not have two zippers as I had? What do you mean: she is too small? Oh, I should ask the Green Clothes for explanations… no, prefer not to go there! 😦

Okay, let’s go to the magician’s place! 🙂

Business is going very well today: safe pure magic (mum did not panick, she laughed a lot), lots of friends and even… wood-business! Yeey! ❤

Enjoy the pics and video of my funny afternoon! 😉



New business!… magician business!

Me and my mum we decided we should go for some me-time. With this recovering française and all, you know, she has to stay calm! 😦

So off we went, only the two of us, to the huge dogpark.Very nice weather to walk, bright sunshine, but a bit cold. We don’t bother about that tough! I like this time with mum! ❤

Well, at the huge dogpark I started a new business! Yep, the magician-business! You do not believe me? Ha, mum got her black box and made a video to proof it!

What I did in my magician business? You know there is this big water at the end of the huge dogpark? Well, this time I did not go IN the water!
I WALKED ON the water! Yes, I did. Only, as usual, my mum panicked a bit: she thaught the magician-business would end abruptly so she called me back. 😦
And, I was not stubborn: I ran to her! Got a treat, even two! 😉




Visiting… the Green Clothes!


– “Where have you been, petite française? Wait, you smell like… the Green Clothes!”p1400996-85x100

– “Laisse-moi, Kita. I’m all dizzy and shaky, I really don’t know what they did to me.”

– “I overheard Mum and Dad at noon. It has to do with your ‘heat’-thing, remember?”

– “Having to stay away from les garçons? That was it, n’est-ce pas? No babies for me?”

– “Right! I was cut open at the Green Clothes’ place too, when I was only 6 months old.”

– “ Tu parles! Did they cut you open? Did they do the same to me, you think? Ca alors!

– “You have this nice shirt on, because you have stitches underneath, that you can’t touch.””

– “Tu sais vraiment tout, Miss-Know-It-All! Eh bien, I do hope I’ll feel better tomorrow.”

– “You will, I’m sure. I remember I did. But you won’t be allowed to jump or play yet.”

– “Ce n’est pas grave, I don’t feel very much like it anyway. Laisse-moi, I’ll take a nap.”

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



Obedience class… for dummies!

– “What was wrong with you, Kita? In restaurants we’re supposed to lie quietly under thep1400996-85x100 chairs and not move or make any sounds while Mum and Dad are eating, n’est-ce pas?

– “Oh, you are going to give me lessons in ladylike behavior now, are you, petite française? Do I have to remind you that it was you who didn’t come straight away after Dad used the whistle language yesterday? We were running free on the beach and you saw another doggie far away and you ran over there without paying any further attention.”

– “Ca alors! It was very, very windy and the sea was loud, and I couldn’t hear a thing, and moreover it was a very handsome petit garcon, and… and…” 😉

– “I myself ran to Dad every single time, and got all the treats he had in store for you. But you didn’t behave like a decent Aire Lady should, did you?” 🙂

– “ Toi, tu parles! Only this morning I was close to Mum and Dad all the time, while you were far away, out of reach, sniffing some dead fish or je ne sais pas quoi. You didn’t answer the insisting whistle language of Mum yourself, and I was the one who got all the treats.”

– “You’d better attend to our inspection business instead of worrying so much about the treats! An Aire Lady is supposed to be somewhat stubborn at times, there is no way about that.” 😉

– “Oh, you Miss-Know-It-All, tu sais vraiment tout, toi! You have an answer to everything! Eh bien, I prefer to be a well behaving Daddy’s girl than a stubborn Aire Lady…”

– “Although yesterday’s ‘deafness’ was rather impressive, I must say, and Dad didn’t seem to like your aire stubbornness very much either.”

– “D’accord! I see what you mean. We’re both of the same breed, c’est sûr.”

– “We sure are one of a kind, aren’t we? Well… friends again?”

– “OK! Friends again! Paws Up!” [aire high five] “Let’s go do some Bitey Face!” ❤

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie




Bearded ladies… need fine grooming!

– “Ca alors! I have to tell you this, Kita! Mum just took me in her arms, then wrestled a bitp1400996-85x100 with me (en fait, it was me resisting her manoeuvre, because I had no idea about what was happening, mais soit) and finally she managed to get me on this funny table…”

– “Oh, that… That’s not a problem at all, you silly petite française.” 😉

– “Voilà, there you go again, Miss Know-It-All! How was I supposed to know, n’est-ce pas?”

– “You need to stand very, very still on that table, because taking care of our fur is a delicate, eh… well, business.” [aire laughter] “She wouldn’t want to hurt us, would she?”

– “Je sais, je sais, but couldn’t she have given me a hint in advance? I do know this procedure quite well! My first Human Mum, who looked after me in my first weeks and again later on, often groomed me avec ces mains très professionnelles.”

– “You know, the Mum of Cousin Islay does the grooming and trimming of her bearded lady teddy bear herself too. I know, because she told me so herself!” 🙂

– “Tu sais vraiment tout, toi! Eh bien, do you think I’m pretty now?”

– “Well, you’re short, of course, but furthermore you’re the perfect bearded lady!”;-)

– “D’accord! Now I’m going to take a nap, because being extremely focused all the time in that very upright position has exhausted me: je suis épuisée!

– “This grooming can indeed be quite challenging. You know what? I’ll take a nap with you. You never know what’s next with these humans. We’d better be prepared.” [aire laughter]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie