Birthdayparty… like nobody has ever had before!

Today is my birthday!!! Yes, me, lady Kita, I am 9 years old today! 9! That is nice, isn’t it?

A few days ago I was sniffing in one of my mum’s boxes. She puts little papers in it, for a year. Papers which were around yarn! She said i could have an inspection business and “swimming” party for my birthday!

Today i asked for the party! First she counted the papers! 541!!!! And then… well, see the pics and video!  🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤ 😉
We shredded a lot!!!

Ooooh!!!!!!… Will this one stay?

Mum, this one will stay, no?
No???? Why not? He is not small! But small enough to fit with me in my crate when he can’t be naughty!
Why do you laugh so hard? He never will be naughty? Are you sure? 😉

Oh, he goes to England? At the other side of the sea we go to? That is far… yes. And he will leave soon? Okay: I wish him safe travels!

Are we going for a walk now? 😉

PS Mum is a bit proud on this one! No, no, not as proud as she is on me, her lady-girl! ❤ ❤ ❤