I’m patient, but don’t mistake… I am the boss!

This française we have in the house, well she likes to play! Okay, I’m in for some playing, but afterwards? I want my rest!

And if I really want a nice nap, I go in my bed. Well, it was grandpa’s bed… 😉 But now it is MY bed… ❤

This sissie of mine, the française, does not always understand. She wants to be in the bed too. Sometimes, I just leave and let her to, but at other times I need to put things in the right perspective. If I want to stay, I stay! 🙂

When mum hears me growl like that, she always says: “Lizzie, you are getting yourself in trouble, girlie!” hahahahahaha… but girlie does not understand the warning and mum does not pay more attention, you know. 😉
She knows very well, I am the Boss and that this lady can cope easily with the française!

Last time mum had het black speaking thing ready, so I can show you the movie! And pics too… 🙂 🙂 🙂




The Lady and… the Diesel!

Day before yesterday I met this young man: Diesel, eleven months old. 
When I was running to him and he to me, his mum said: careful, that’s an old man!

Go figure! I looked at mum and nodded my head. Mum understood immediatly – sometimes she is quick, you know!! 🙂 She asked wo the mum was talking about: about her dog or about me. 😉

The mum said to my mum: yours, of course, mine is only eleven months. Oh, said mum, my lady (you hear this, other mum?) is seven years old, so I think you can’t call her an old man. She smiled very friendly! That’s my mum! 😉

And then I gave a little show! I run very far away and Diesel followed me the first time, but not the second, third and all the other times. With the wistle language, I ran back as a fool. I really was giving a nice show! ❤

Then I ran to the water and practiced my water-business, splashing around in it (too far for pics) and the other mum and the dad too, were yelling at Diesel who saw that the water-business is fun and he came to help! He could not: his white paws could get black… 😦 So mum explained about the paw plunger! 😉

Somme toute, as the française said when I told her: I got a new friend, was having a lot of fun and gave a great show! That was a nice summary! 🙂

PS Mum had not too many pics, something in the red thing was empty… Maybe the waterbowl????

Spectacular!… 40, 17, 108, 600!!!

Yesterday was the big day! You remember my story of a few weeks ago? About the walk for the good cause, against cancer? So, that was yesterday!!! 🙂

The human pup picked us up at noon and there we went. I am used just to be attached as a real lady on the back seat of the car but now I was in the back!! I behaved as a real airedale-lady, pup said I’m a very good dog! Of course I am! 🙂

When we arrived I met several of my facebookfriends, some I already knew, others for the first time! I had to urge mum to take the red blinking thing… she was too distracted to think of it. Gosh, so many people: 108 walkers! But best of all: 40 airedales! Mum, I think there were a lot more dales than in Rockanje! 😉 And 17 other breeds!! My dogness! ❤

There we went! My dogness, weather was not to be called spring-weather but summer-weather! 24° C in the shadow! And we walked in the sunshine! Go figure! We walked in nature-area so all doggies were on the leash! Yes that went very well! 😉 Too hot to play or fight! hahahah.

Half way was my first human dad (human dad of my mum Fun) waiting for us with drinks! Drinks for the doggies and drinks for the humans!
This Lady does not drink from bowls where other doggies were drinking of! No way!! 😦
Stubborn lady, mum said! But she knows it since long and I had my own bottle and little cup to drink MY water! 😉 ❤

Afterwards the humans got “Limburgse vlaai”, a tractation of the human mum and dad of my mum Funnygirl! Wasn’t that great? Yes, yes, we got treats too! And poop-bags in a little bone-bag! Go figure!

And the best thing: we walked 600 euros together for tthe good cause: the fight against cancer! ❤

Must say I am still a little tired! So after posting this, I go back to bed! 😉

PS Thanks to mum’s human mum for the added pictures! ❤ Will you look for me in the pictures and in the movie? Oh yes, I am there!!!!!!!!
PPSS Most of the dales even are of the same big Van ’t Asbroek-family. Their name is like mine: Kita Van ’t Asbroek








New business! … Massage business!

Oh yes, you are never too old to start a new business! That’s what I always say! 🙂

So, I started a new business. In fact, i do it since long but now I make  a business of it! I earn 2 treats for ten minutes. I think that is not bad! Hahahaha! 😉

Which business you ask? Well, the massage business! I am very good at that, ask my mum! I do massage her feet and she likes it! I massage as long as she wants but she changes from the left to the right food regularly and after ten minutes I have to stop! 🙂

I love it! ❤ Mum too! And now I get a treat when finished. Mum says her feet are less tired afterwards! 🙂

PS Mum took pics and filmed a bit!



21 March?… Gotcha day!!!

Well, I get used to this… Yesterday it was Gotcha day! I came here with mum and dad and grandpa! (no Lizzie yet 🙂 ) seven years ago! I do not remember the day but mum surely does! Dad too! He loves adult dogs more than babydogs but I charmed him all right 😉

Few days ago mum said: we’ll have some me-time the two of us, alonne… for Gotcha day! Hahaha, that means I can make myself as dirty as I want! Welll, that is my interpretation! hahahahaha.

And I also got a big, dried pig ear yesterday! 🙂 ❤ This lady always makes a fool of herself, yes, after all: ladies don’t eat pig, I think… but it is quite tasty anyway! 🙂

PS I asked mum to add some pics of baby Kita and teenager Kita after the movie! 😉 That was before I was a lady, you see! 😉 ❤


Sanitary stops are… annoying

“Stop, Lizzie, stop! You can go on sniffing in a minute.”

– “Pourquoi? What’s wrong, Dad? Je veux continuer, moi!

– “We’re pausing, because Kita is taking a sanitary stop.”

– “Encore! She already interrupted our walk three times!”

– “I know, but that’s just how she does it: in small doses…”

– “She makes us pause every few hundred meters! Ça alors!

– “And what’s wrong with that, I may ask, dear Française?” 🙂

– “Mais quand-même, Kita, you can’t pee every 500 meters!”

– “Why not? How else will our friends know we passed by?”

– “Does all of our neighbourhood really need to know that?”

– “You like to sniff around for their messages too, don’t you?”

– “Bien sûr, but not for the same message every 100 mètres!”

– “You always seem to take forever before you do your need.”

– “Ça va pas, non? I relieve myself only quand il y a besoin.”

– “Every dog has his or her own style. Live with it, Frenchie!” 😉

– “And why do you have to faire pipi over my pee each time?”

– “That’s the privilege of the senior of two dogs, dear Lizzie.”

– “Now stop arguing, and stroll quietly on the leash again.”

(Walking two dogs at a time definitely is somewhat of an adventure time and again, and every once in a while it’s a real pain in the ass too, I can tell you that…)

Sissie Lizzie,
alias La Française

P1560989 - Copy (2)


Nouvelles excitantes!!… Pour les dales Van ’t Asbroek, les autres dales et les autres chiens!

Maman, tu l’as vu aussi ? Les nouvelles excitantes ? De ma famille Van ‘t Asbroek ? Oui, ouui, moi aussi ! Il faut raconter cela à tout le monde, tu ne penses pas ?
L’airedale Van ‘t asbroeck, la plus célèbre ne peut pas y manquer, tu ne trouves pas ? 😉

Pour tius mes amis, je suis célèbre, moi ! Pas parce que je fais de shows ou jje parce que je gagne des prix de concours, ah non, je ne suis pas dans la commerce du showbusiness, moi ! C’est pour les autres membres de ma famille ! Moi je suis plutôt dans la commerce culturelle, vous comprenez ?!! Je suis dans dans la commerce de l’écriture des petites histoires !
Et mes histoires sont lues dans 125 pays ! ❤ Est-ce que je suis célèbre ou est-ce que je ne suis pas célèbre ?
Vous ne me croyez pas ? Eh bien, lisez l’histoire suivante, je vais le prouver !

Donc, la célèbre lady Kita vous invite !!!

Qui ? Tous les airedales Van ‘t Asbroek, tous les autres dales, tous les chiens non-airedales et bien sûr leur maman et papa.
Pour quoi faire ? Une promenade de 2 heures, dans la région des arbres fleuris.
Où ? Près de Sint-Truiden (Hondenschool Zuid-Limburg, Raasbeekstraat, Nieuwerkerken)
Dimanche, 8 avril 2018
Heure? 14.00 heures
Prix? 5 euro par personne, chiens marchent gratuitement

Plus d’nformation sur l’affiche c-dessous !

Maman, tu sais ce qui est spécial aussi ? On va se promener pour la bonne cause ! On se promène contre le cancer ! Beaucoup d’amis viendront, maman ?

Je l’espère, Kita, je l’espère !


Exciting news… for all dales and doggies and their humans too!

Voor de Nederlandse versie: klik hier!
Pour la version française: Cliquez ici!

Mum, did you see it? The exciting Van ’t Asbroek news? Yes? Me too, you know! Let’s tell about it! 🙂
I am very famous so I cannot stay away, don’t you think? 😉

For all my friends: yes I am famous all over the world! Not because I am doing shows or because I am winning prices! Oh no, that is for the rest of the family,  I am not in the show-business… Me, I am more in the cultural business, you know! I am in the writing-stories-business! ❤ And the stories are read in 125 countries!! Am I famous or not? 
What? You do not believe me? Next story I’ll show you, non-believer! 😉

So, this famous lady invites you! Yes, all dales Van ’t Asbroek (my family) and all other dales in Belgium and other near countries and all non-dale-doggies who want to come, are very welcome!!!

What for? A 2 hour-walk, in the maybe blossoming region
(for puppies and those who want: a shorter walk)
Place to be? Near Sint Truiden (Hondenschool Zuid-Limburg, Raasbeekstraat, Nieuwerkerken)
When? Sunday, 8 april 2018
Time: 14.00 h
Price: 5 euro per person, doggies are free!

(more information in the information down here!)

Mum, and what is exciting too? Yes, indeed, we are walking for a very good cause! We walk against cancer, for “Levensloop” Sint Truiden! Will there be many familymembers and other friends, mum?

I hope so too, Kita! I really do!


Opwindend nieuws… voor alle Van ’t asbroek-dales, dales en andere honden!

Vrouwtje, zag je het ook? Het heel erg opwinde nieuws? Van mijn familie Van ’t Asbroek?
Ik ook, ja, daar moeten we echt over vertellen!
De beroemdste Van’t Asbroek kan daar niet ontbreken, hé? 😉

Voor al mijn vrienden: ja, ik ben beroemd! Beroemd over de hele wereld! Nee, niet omdat ik optreed in shows en ook nietomdat ik prijzen win! Dat is voor mijn andere familieleden! Ik ben niet in de showbusiness, ik ben meer in de culturele business, snap je? Ik ben in de verhaaltjes-schrijven-business!! ❤
En mijn verhaaltjes worden gelezen in 125 landen! Ben ik beroemd of ben ik het niet?
Wat, u gelooft het niet? Voor alle ongelovige Thomassen: bewijzen in volgend verhaaltje!

Dus deze beroemde Lady Kita nodigt u uit!

Wie? Alle Van ’t Asbroek airedales, alle andere airedales uit de verre buurt en alle niet-airedales en hun baasjes en vrouwtjes ook, natuurlijk! Ook vrouwtjes en baasjes zonder hond zijn welkom!
Waarvoor? Een 2-uurswandeling in de (misschien al bloesemende regio)
Waar? Bij Sint-Truiden (Hondenschool Zuid-Limburg, Raasbeekstraat, Nieuwerkerken)
Wanneer? Zondag, 8 april 2018
Tijdstip? 14.00 uur
Prijs? 5 euro per persoon, honden zijn gratis!

Meer informatie in de affiche hier verder!

Vrouwtje? Weet je wat ook zo fijn is? Het is voor een goed doel! We stappen tegen kanke, voor Levensloop Sint-Truiden? Zullen er veel vriendjes komen, vrouwtje?

Ik hoop het, Kita, ik hoop het!


Snow?!… and an obsessed française…

Last friday night it was snowing here, not much but enough to make everything white. 🙂

Our française was at the window alll the time! Really for a very long time. Well, her legs are younger than mine: I do not stand at the window like thet for half an hour, believe me! 😉 She looked outside all the time!

Next day we played in the white stuff! I mean: I acted like a lady and she fooled around in the melting snow. 😉 Mum made some pics…
A fototooot with sissie Lizzie is quite an adventure. Even when I told her to sit still and pose nicely to show her mummie Mischka that her daughter was in the snow too… oh my dogness, she moves all the time! See for yourself! 😉