Update newsflash from down here… part 2

Hi Kita

Yesyes, i should update more often but you know i do not like your tv-typing thing. Tu sais, it is called a laptop!

But a few days ago, mum told me a story. It does not happen often, but it happens, parfois seulement! ❤

It was about you as a puppy, how you collected empty bottles because you liked the cracking sound. And how mum taught you to bring the bottle to the next garbage bin in the park. For a treat, bien sûr!
So you learned a lot of things when you were a puppy, that is how you became a lady. Peut-être i get a little jealous… as a rescue i never learned such things although i learne a lot of things of our human parents, you know that! 😉

Well, mum decided to follow your example… She goes out now to pick bottles and other things that should not be on the ground, but in the bins. C’est dommage, but she hs a lot of work!!! 😦

Next time i will tell you all about my non-lady activities! 😉


Lizzie, aka the Française, aka the raskall, aka the clown in the house

Update… from real life! (part 1)

Dear Kita

Yes, high time to update you!
And make you jealous!! Now i am an only child. In the beginning i spend some time with your collar, not long though! I enjoy things i am allowed too now!

Hihi, i can lay under the table now, which we could not being two!
I am looking out, putting my head between the curtains, which we could not when we were two!
I have all the place at the window to look outside!
I always can lay in the big bed, no big sister doing gggrrr to get me out of it!
I get al the treats!
I took your place near mum on the couch at the seaside!
I was at the trimming hotel, all by myself!

And so on and on…

Ooh yes, mum made this blanket she called ‘Kita’s beach’, it goes to Canada!

Well, that’s it… see the pics for more! 😉
Till next time!

A little biteyface from

Sissie Lizzie aka the française aka the raskall aka the clown of the house (these days)

PS Mum misses you more than me! 😉
PPSS I had this wound between my toes! Mum was more worried than me, as you can imagine!

Trouble, trouble… and trouble

Dear Kita

I knew it, I knew it… oooh yes, I knew it: one day you would get me in big trouble! And there we are! Since you are “gone” to that special Bridge mum says I have to keep you updated about the not-Bridge-life. Ggggrrr, you know how I hate the tv-typing machine and posing like a model. Ggggrrrr…

Today though, no modelling of me, ppppffff… You remember the four year old little guy, calling mum ‘buurvrouw Patricia’. Well, he did a spectacular thing! With his new camera,he made the very last picture of you and mum, about 24 hours before you left. Well, I want to show you this pic of silly mum (watch her silly face 🙂 🙂 ) and you.

That’s done, back to other businesses!

Sissie Lizzie aka the Française aka the raskall

This morning?… Big surprise!

These days, the parents sleep till I or the française wake them up. Mostly this lady, because i want to go outside to pee, you see! An old Lady has her little “besognes” as says the française in the house. 😉

When mum hears me calling her, she comes immediatly. I got her well trained! 😉 She puts her feet in her boots, still with pyjamas on, and puts on her wintercoat. And out we go!

This morning we had to wait for the elevator and off we went, outside to the grass park before the building! 😉 I did my pee etc and when we headed back in, a car stopped and a mister came out. He said good morning, so did we! Of course, we are polite… 🙂

But then, the sir opened his car and what a surprise: another airedale came out! ❤ Go figure!

It got even better: my grandfather Desmond is her father!!! So Bo is my aunt. She is 13,5 years old and still going very strong! The mister made a pic and a small video! Thanks mister!

Mum, now me, lady Kita knows all the airedales of the left bank, don’t I? 🙂 There is Rolf, Bo, my sissie Lizzie and me!

After all these emotions, this grandma needed a good nap! 🙂

Gotcha day… number 11!

Yesterday, 21 March, was my gotcha day! Number 11!

Yes, you read it well! Grandpa Lennox always said, when you are past 10 years old, every day is to be seen as a gift! It can be your last one. Well, that does count for everybody, I think! 😉

Anyway, the weather was beautiful yesterday and today, and warm too! So we went out to make some pictures, mum said. Pictures of Gotcha day

We show you everything! Bloopers too… You know I can pose, and pose very well! Like a real model! But if there is a lot to see, I am not in the mood for posing. And then, as grandpa thaught me: humans and others should respect your personal space 😉 … mums too! But she did not… see the bloopers. Look at her face too!

This time very gentle people were helping her, no selfies this time! 😉

Have a good laugh!

I am back and… in the woodbusiness!

Dear grandpa Lennox

The weeks since my birthday were a kind of special and a bit of a hell!

Day before yesterday there was this very big storm, called Eunice… a lot of damage was done. Me and mum went to see a bit of it yesterday! 🙂 See pictures!

Yes, only a bit because i am still training my muscles! Why? Because I was ill, my belly is ill… I got pills that worked very well for my belly but they had side effects. After 2 weeks, i couldn’t get up anymore on my own… and not walk far! Mum was in a bit of panic, you know her! And me? I was thinking of you! I silently hoped i could get some of this doping you got several times! ;-) Remember, i was jealous of them! 😉 ;-)

Well, i got different pills, human pills! Go figure! And… i got this injection with your doping, they call it starsiden, or something.
Correct that, silly Kita, steroïdes!
As i said, grandpa, Starsiden!

The new pills are very effectif! Why humans always get the better things???? And now I am walking around again. Still tired quite soon and I sleep a lot, but mum says I am my sympathetic and stubborn self again! And very important: my poo is okay and my belly most of the time too!You can keep your paws crossed that my blood will be okay too in a few weeks!

Big hugs from the little one, the biggest one here now!

Kita van ’t Asbroek

Birthday girl!!!… 11 years old!

Dear Grandpa Lennox,

Yes, yes, I know you know it… Today is my birthday and I am 11 years old. A real grandma, says my mum

A few weeks ago we were at the seaside and me and mum tried to make some selfies for my birthday picture! That was real fun! Of course i acted like a fool, but so did mum. She will never learn to make a decent selfie. People passing by had even more fun than we! I show them all to you! Bloopers too!

How I am doing? Well, to tell the truth, not too good. Seems I have a special disease… They found out filming my bowel (IBD, for humans it is called Crohn) at a very nice place in Borsbeek, near Antwerp, with many green cloths. The filming green cloth was a very kind specialist lady. She prescribed me some very strong pils. Me and mum and dad and the française, we all hope i will get better soon. ❤
Really what will the parents do with that rascall when i am gone! I still have to teach her so much and keep her under control! Will be continued! Will write you soon, again!

Big, big hugs from your little one who is the biggest here now.
Lady Kita van ’t Asbroek

This old lady… caught in the act! Twice!

First of all: Happy New Year to you all! I was too busy to write earlier…

With this française in the house, a real rascall, I got the idea to try a few things myself. The parents never stay angry, i remarked, so…

First i was thinking to help a bit with the prewashing… although very forbidden. I told sissie Lizzie several times… Tried it… Bad idea!!!!!! Caught in the act! :-(

Then there was this very nice fleece blanket, to cover the boxes on which there was the christmas tree… Well, I tought i might chew a bit on a corner. I took the corner that was well hidden behind the box… you would not remark! Bad idea again! Caught in the act again! 😦 All this was in december…

So I decided to start the year 2022 better. No try outs again, i promised! 😉