Trouble, trouble… and trouble

Dear Kita

I knew it, I knew it… oooh yes, I knew it: one day you would get me in big trouble! And there we are! Since you are “gone” to that special Bridge mum says I have to keep you updated about the not-Bridge-life. Ggggrrr, you know how I hate the tv-typing machine and posing like a model. Ggggrrrr…

Today though, no modelling of me, ppppffff… You remember the four year old little guy, calling mum ‘buurvrouw Patricia’. Well, he did a spectacular thing! With his new camera,he made the very last picture of you and mum, about 24 hours before you left. Well, I want to show you this pic of silly mum (watch her silly face 🙂 🙂 ) and you.

That’s done, back to other businesses!

Sissie Lizzie aka the Française aka the raskall

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