This morning?… Big surprise!

These days, the parents sleep till I or the française wake them up. Mostly this lady, because i want to go outside to pee, you see! An old Lady has her little “besognes” as says the française in the house. 😉

When mum hears me calling her, she comes immediatly. I got her well trained! 😉 She puts her feet in her boots, still with pyjamas on, and puts on her wintercoat. And out we go!

This morning we had to wait for the elevator and off we went, outside to the grass park before the building! 😉 I did my pee etc and when we headed back in, a car stopped and a mister came out. He said good morning, so did we! Of course, we are polite… 🙂

But then, the sir opened his car and what a surprise: another airedale came out! ❤ Go figure!

It got even better: my grandfather Desmond is her father!!! So Bo is my aunt. She is 13,5 years old and still going very strong! The mister made a pic and a small video! Thanks mister!

Mum, now me, lady Kita knows all the airedales of the left bank, don’t I? 🙂 There is Rolf, Bo, my sissie Lizzie and me!

After all these emotions, this grandma needed a good nap! 🙂