History… repeats itself…

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, I know, it is a bit of a little scandal, i did not write you for a very long time… Mum says you know everything, up there at the Rainbow Bridge…
I know, I know, not nice not to get in touch, sorry!

You already heard of the new one in our building? Rex? Okay. Well, these days I often think of you… You were always looking at me thinking: she is young, that wild little one… One day… well…

I think this one day did arrive, dear grandpa, I think I understand how you felt in that time: looking at the youngsters, doing all kind of wild playing and running and you smiling about it, walking around and reading the newspaper, sniffing… These days, it is me, walking around, sniffing and laughing with these two clowns: the Française and Rex. 😉

And another thing… a few months agoo the green clothes man, when I was there for my vaccinations, called me an old dog. Mum almost got a heart attack! Yes, I know I am almost 10! But then again: nobody believes it. I also still am very playful when meeting a doggie and running a lot at the huge dogpark! Did you see me few weeks ago? I add the little film to this letter! And the pictures of the two clowns of course!! 🙂

Stay healthy up there, but I suppose there is no Covid-19 there? Or are you wearing masks too?

Big hugs, dear grandpa, from

Lady Kita van ’t Asbroek