It’s a strange, strange world we live in… Covid-19!

Mum, listen, I am old enough to understand: just explain me what is going on!

Why don’t you say anything! Listen, this is all ridiculous! When we go out for a walk and your friend (my best ladyfriend in the building) comes with us, you walk almost 2 meter from each other. In stead of talking about your crochet work you are almost yelling about it. And then you are yelling a lot of time about this Carano-thing!

Corona-virus, Kita, Corona-virus!

Who is that, mum? Not who but what? Well what is it? A virus? Making people very ill? Making people die? My dogness! And that is why you walk that far apart? Not to be ill? Good! 🙂

Ooooh, and that is why the human pup did not come in to get the doggiefood?
OOOOOH, and that is why we cannot go to the groomer’s? And shops are closed and… 😦

I get it now, mum, why you were clipping our nails yourself and you were busy to “coiffer” the Française! Ppppffff…

Will this take long, this Carano-kwaran-thing?

Corona lockdown, Kita, Corona lockdown.

You think several months? Ppppfff, the Française will not like that… her long curls when spring arrives…. 😉


Stay safe! Stay healthy!

For those who know it… 😉