Bad news and good news… circle of life!

Sometimes I tell you about my family! You know that! And as it is often in life, I have to tell bad news sometimes. About 10 months ago I had to tell you about my uncle Pol going to the Bridge.desmond12-240x324
Well today I have to tell you that my grandfather Desmond Van ’t Asbroek went to the Rainbow Bridge! 😦 He probably is making funny jokes now with my grandpa Lennox… They were really that kind of guys! 🙂

And surely he is looking with lots of love and proud to his great-grand-children and bluffing about them to my grandpa!

Just born babies! They are the babies of my cousin Many Roses, she is a granddaughter of my grandpa Desmond  too, you see! I know we have a big, complicated family! And my uncle Klassico (Chico for the friends) is the grandpa of the babies! 🙂
To difficult for you? I know, I am a genius in these family-things! 😉

But just have a look at these babies! Soooo cute! And so many!!! 11!!! Much more then expected! A few of the little guys still look for a later-on-home and mum and dad!

Look at the pics! Mum, listen carefully to me: I want a scarf like these little ones! What? Only for babies? I had one as a baby? And ladies don’t wear baby-scarfs, that’s true! 😉

What a day: my grandpa Des to the Bridge and then he has this 11 great-grand-children… My mum calls this THE CIRCLE OF LIFE…


Even more… family-business!!!

Last sunday, on the beach, I met my niece/aunt Jara. She’s a daughter of my grandpa Desmond. i suppose that makes her my doggie-aunt, no? 😉

She is a very kind and lovely lady! One problem: she prefers running after her ball in stead of playing and romping around. I do not like that silly game when mums and dads exercise their ball-throwing skills and we have to get the balls back… 😦

But you can see in the many pictures I really tried to be friendly and I run a bit with her, just to do her a favour! 🙂

Lady Kita… on family-visit!

When I go for my New Look, I go visit my family too! Well this time, I saw a lot of family members! ❤

First of all, there was Mizzy! Mum, I’m a lady, is Mizzy a Miss?  Don’t you know? 
She came to play with me while I was waiting for mum and dad who were talking and talking and talking. But I did not mind of course: playing is fun! 🙂

And there: well, well, that is my uncle Klassico, Chico for the friends! He is the one with the tree-climbing-genes. Got that from him, I suppose! 😉

The two real ladies Van ’t Asbroek were home too! It and Many Roses. They did not pay attention to me… they were running to their very huge park, to go playing! 😉

Last but not least, I want you to meet my granny! Yes, yes, yes: Cita is my real grandma. That means she’s the doggie mum of my doggie mum Funnygirl (Fun for those who know her well). My granny is 13 years old and still quite a lady! ❤ I think she looks like a queen. ❤ My mum hopes I will be like my granny when I’m that old! We have many, many pics of her and I want to show them all! 🙂 That’s because I’m so proud of my beautiful granny!

And all these dales have my name: Van ’t Asbroek! Isn’t that nice? Oh no, little mistake: the gentleman you see with me and Mizzy, that’s Sunset of the Aire Victory: Sunny for the friends! But he is part of the family, you know! 🙂

PS My family has a lot of airedale stuff too! Very beautiful! And the nice painting of my grand,grand, grand, grand… grandmother! 😉

Newsflash!!!… Another family-member on board at Hexe’s place


Who is who?

11846235_963847770323201_1708577924_n (1)

Who is who?

Dear James

Well, I often tell my friends my family is big and very famous! You prove it again! I saw it immediatly when mum showed the pics on her tv-typing-machine! That’s one with Van ’t Asbroek-blood in his veins! You too have that typical Van ’t Asbroek-grin when you smile and you are happy. Your pedigree is the paper-work-prove! Your grandpa Sundance (Sunny for the friends) is my grand-grand-grandfather! No kidding! 🙂 ❤

I’m told you are a rescue like my grandpa Lennox and you are three years old too, just like my grandpa when he arrived with mum and dad. Grandpa used to say: that are the best buddies: the rescues of three years old! I suppose you are way smarter than my grandpa, being an airedale! hahahaha. No, grandpa, I don’t want to offend you! 😉

And believe me: you fell with your butt in the butter, guy! That’s a Dutch expression, cousin James, and it means that you are one of the luckiest guys ever! You came in the family of my good friend Hexe! She is a wonderful girl, ❤  I met her in Cologne a few months ago! 🙂

Dear cousin, please be a worthy member of our Van ’t Asbroek-family, now that you are on my stories-telling-page and on The Book of the human Faces where are as many doggies as humans! 😉 But surely because you live now with your new family! 😉 By the way: this Van ’t Asbroek-lady is very cat-friendly! Take me as an example over there, will you??!!!
And my dear cousin, enjoy your new life and your new family! Could you please write me some times to tell me the latest news?

Big hugs and love from your cousin! Wet kisses to all members of your family too and an extra hug for Hexe.

Kita Van ’t Asbroek

PS My mum got some pics of you, I show them here to make you a famous family-member! 😉 🙂



Celebrity?… It stays in the family! ;-)

Nothing new, but I want to repeat it and tell you about it! I already mentioned my family is very famous. Lots of my aunties and uncles and my grandpa and my mummy are very famous airedale ladies and sirs. And about some of them, I already told you in particularly! Nobody, Desmond, Apollo (Pol for the friends) and my mummie Funnygirl…

Today I want to tell about another sir! He is my uncle! My grandfather Desmond is his father! Well: Harry van ’t Asbroek is quite a guy! One of his dads is a very famous person in Antwerp! Not only in Antwerp: he is known in the whole world, at least the fashion world. Because his dad is a very well known and succesful fashion designer. He works here and in Paris. Of course he is often interviewed. Now there is a very big exposition about his work here in Antwerp, so lots of interviews and articles about the famous man! 

AND this time there was an article and a very big picture in a magazine! Not only of the famous dad but also of Harry van ’t Asbroek, my uncle! Tell you!!! And guess what? Picture has been taken near our home! Mum made a pic of me at the same spot! So you can compare! I’m as proud as possible!

Is our family famous or not??? 🙂

Congratulations… to another grandpa!

Yes, I know, I’m talking a lot about my own grandpa Lennox! And I should because he is quit a fellow! 😉

But there are other grandpa’s in my family! There is my grand-uncle Apollo! My grandpa is  quit a fellow! But my grand-uncle Apollo is even more a special fellow!

First of all he is special because tomorrow it’s his birthday! He will be 13 years old. Some days he acts like a grandpa but most of the time, he rather acts as a very young dog! He looks young too! Nobody can guess his age when they try!

Then he also is special because of all the prices he won. I can’t remember all, that’s too difficult for me… but he did something very special: won all prices possible, in the same year! Mum says I come of a very famous family!!!

And he is special too because of his crazy actions. Half a year ago he was in the thriller-business, remember? He ate a ball and then the vet got him a zipper to get the ball out! 

We wonder what will be next… I’m curious!! 🙂 I’m a silent fan! 🙂

Congratulations to my grand-uncle! Grandpa says gggggggrrrrrrr too, Apollo! He says you’re welcome in the grandpa’s club! 😉

PS Pics are taken today! If you had to guess his age, you’d never say 13, I bet!! Hope my looks will be as good when I’m 13 years old… I am his lady-cousin!

Thriller-serie!… Part 4: the end! (for the moment…)

Okay, here we go again! About my thriller-loving family…

Since short I have a cousin over there too! A little gentleman of about 5 months old now, I think… difficult counting the months with all these puppies around… and time goes fast! His name is Sunny.

Before he gets at the age of my uncle Apollo he will have a lot of zippers, I think. A month ago, this big-little bandit (he really is!!!) was quicker than a lightning! He really was! At a BBQ, before anyone could have seen it at that fast speed,  he could lay paws on something with a bone in it and swallow it at the same time. His mum and dad even didn’t have the time to yell the “Leave-it”-command. 😦

At the – even faster –  same speed this bandit-guy was taken to the green clothes for SURGERY! He got a zipper, bone came out and put far away so he could not find it when he woke up, hahahaha! He could go home a few hours later… And did heal very quickly! 😉 What he does is in speed-tempo!

Cousin Sunny did not learn his lesson! He is always watched with all Hawk Eyes around: he is still the guzzler of the family. But he is such a sweet and loving boy, his dad always says! ❤

Well, my mum is very pleased I don’t have a big zipper yet from swallowing something… 😉 Mum and dad of uncle Apollo, auntie Pim and cousin Sunny are very, very happy to have some super-efficient and caring green clothes: they are the ones writing the happy ends at this thrillers! Mum and dad Van ’t Asbroek  joke about it: we should take a subscription at the green clothes for ten surgeries with the eleventh for free!

My mum says she hopes everything will be fine for a long time, without zippers! 😉

Sunny, the speed-guzzler

Sunny, the speed-guzzler


Thriller-series!… Surgery in ‘double’: part 2 and part 3!

Told you yesterday about my uncle Pol! That was already very scary! Wait till you hear this!

There also is my aunt: Pimpernell van ’t Asbroek. Auntie Pim (for friends and family) is a special lady, my dogness, she is! She went to see her big lover ❤ , she wanted babies, you know! 😉 🙂 That was in the month may!
But one week later she got very, very ill: she vomited, she did not eat anymore… If you know my auntie Pim, you get in a big panic: she lives for her meals and taking naps! So the whole family panicked and not a bit! Her mum and dad rushed off to the green clothes with a very ill dog. Green clothes took photo’s, nothing to see… Green clothes decided, together with her mum and dad to take the risk and  to have a very close look…  Grrr: SURGERY! Special surgery with special medication because auntie could be pregnant…. So auntie Pim got a zipper in her belly! Taking the risk was a very good idea: she ate something that came out allright but it made holes in her intestines. Reparation required! 😦 Auntie stayed with the green clothes for a week! 😦 But she did get better and got healthy and was eating (lots!) and napping again! 🙂

Big wonder 🙂 , auntie was pregnant and echo showed pups were allright! In this case, new risk to take…  another SURGERY! Few days before she should give birth, pups are born with a caesarean operation. Green clothes were afraid the other zipper could unzip, that was not necessary. So now my auntie Pim has 8 beautiful and healthy pups ❤  and… 2 zippers in her belly…   🙂  Pups are born on the 11th of july, that’s the flamish ‘national’ holiday.

Isn’t she a very brave lady??? Told you I’m from a very special family!!!

New thriller-series!… Surgery, part 1!

As a lady should, she stays in touch with her family. 🙂  So I hear news of my relatives regularly. If we hear only the usual dale-things, it is not to write about, I think. But last three months, there is a thriller going on over there! My dogness! Today is part 1 of this series…

There is my uncle Apollo van ’t Asbroek. Pol for the friends, of course. My uncle Pol, he is a grandpa, like my grandpa Lennox! No, you silly, he is not a labrador! He is a dale, how could he be my uncle, being a lab. Good, my uncle Apollo is 12 years old (age of my grandpa when I was born, he always says). My uncle is a very beautiful dog and you know what??? He climbs in trees, just as I do! Mum says it must be in the genes. We look alike too…

What do you say? This is not a thriller? Just be a little patient! 😉
One day in april he got very sick: vomiting, did not want to eat anymore. Panic: my uncle not eating? Off to the green clothes of course! X-ray’s. A stain in the photo…
Horror! He must be very ill, at this age, a stain in the pic? Can’t be good…

So: SURGERY! Panic: will this go alright, at his age?!!! Lots of paws were crossed, all the family helped! Green clothes found what caused the stain! The old bandit fooled everyone! No cancer! A part of an old ball, swallowed weeks and weeks before cause partly digested… but those rests caused the problem now.
Dear uncle stayed with the green clothes for a few days and now? He is alive and kicking as ever… 

Jees, forgot to ask if he climbs in trees again! 😉

To be continued!

By the way: who is who??? You see the resemblance? 🙂


Before, after… and family-pictures.

Okay, there we go! I get out of the car, I see it! This is the place where my mummie Funnygirl lives… There’s her dad! He’ll give me a new look! See you later, mum! And I go to my doggie-family with wagging tail!

When mum comes back I’m playing with a few of my nieces: Mizzy and Manyroses. And one of my uncles gets a new look: Chico! He’s the familymember that likes climbing in trees… See, that I’m not that ‘not normal’! It’s all in the family! 🙂

When we come home mum makes the ‘after’-fototoot but I’m not in the mood, I move too much: pics are not very nice… 😦 And my new collar? A tiny bit too big, but mum says it’s allright. Mum says I seem so small without all my curls! Well, mum, don’t worry too much: within a few weeks… I’ll be “curly” again.

🙂 And I can see those big eyes again, so I see what you are up to!

That’s less good news! 😦 But the other news was okay: the vampire in the green clothes called dad and said the blood of my grandpa Lennox was a little better… 🙂 To be continued…