Before, after… and family-pictures.

Okay, there we go! I get out of the car, I see it! This is the place where my mummie Funnygirl lives… There’s her dad! He’ll give me a new look! See you later, mum! And I go to my doggie-family with wagging tail!

When mum comes back I’m playing with a few of my nieces: Mizzy and Manyroses. And one of my uncles gets a new look: Chico! He’s the familymember that likes climbing in trees… See, that I’m not that ‘not normal’! It’s all in the family! 🙂

When we come home mum makes the ‘after’-fototoot but I’m not in the mood, I move too much: pics are not very nice… 😦 And my new collar? A tiny bit too big, but mum says it’s allright. Mum says I seem so small without all my curls! Well, mum, don’t worry too much: within a few weeks… I’ll be “curly” again.

🙂 And I can see those big eyes again, so I see what you are up to!

That’s less good news! 😦 But the other news was okay: the vampire in the green clothes called dad and said the blood of my grandpa Lennox was a little better… 🙂 To be continued…

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