Grandpa Lennox at… the vampire’s place!

Strange! Very strange! After a little after-dinner-walk I have to stay home and grandpa Lennox leaves the house with mum and dad. That is strange! Grandpa prefers resting and napping after his walk!

There they are back! Grandpa lennox says they were at the vampire’s place! What’s that? Grandpa says I’m too young to understand but he explains: he has been with the people with the green clothes! GGrrrr. First the scale, of course! He gained some weight, after that kidney-thing, that was great news, he thinks.
Less good news… They took some blood with a needle in his paw! Ggggrrrrr, grrr. That’s what vampires do, he says, they drink your blood! I think vampires eat hair also: grandpa has a paw with a spot without hair…
Anyway, the green-clothes-people are going to check grandpa’s blood… whatever that means… maybe they will be sniffing a lot and tasting it?

Mum says she makes a little fototoot of his paw! Can I in the pic too? With my paw?

Kita!!! Photoshoot!!!

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