Lady Kita?… Lady silly faces!

Mum is still busy with this cleaning spring, euh, clean springing…

You silly little one: spring cleaning!

So mum is still springing and cleaning and some times she does not want my help! I’m of good service though. 😉 But if I get a buffalo-skin-chewing-bone, I forget helping immediately! Grandpa understands, he says. But he says I still have to learn to chew as a lady! He can not stop laughing with all my silly faces he says! he says I start civilised but it gets worser and worser…  He said he would get a laughing-illness one day, looking at me chewing!

Mum saw it too and got the blinking thing of course. She says this is a real fototoot, as they make for fashion magazines. Grandpa grouched I can call myself happy there is no magazine for silly faces! Gggrrr. He always has comments!
Mum made a dia-show. I don’t know what that is, but she laughs a lot with it! 😦

Grandpa said he does not understand where mum thaught to gain some time, giving me a chewing bone… Really, my grandpa gets old, mum did not gain anything, I was the one gaining!! A chew bone! 🙂

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Thriller-serie!… Part 4: the end! (for the moment…)

Okay, here we go again! About my thriller-loving family…

Since short I have a cousin over there too! A little gentleman of about 5 months old now, I think… difficult counting the months with all these puppies around… and time goes fast! His name is Sunny.

Before he gets at the age of my uncle Apollo he will have a lot of zippers, I think. A month ago, this big-little bandit (he really is!!!) was quicker than a lightning! He really was! At a BBQ, before anyone could have seen it at that fast speed,  he could lay paws on something with a bone in it and swallow it at the same time. His mum and dad even didn’t have the time to yell the “Leave-it”-command. 😦

At the – even faster –  same speed this bandit-guy was taken to the green clothes for SURGERY! He got a zipper, bone came out and put far away so he could not find it when he woke up, hahahaha! He could go home a few hours later… And did heal very quickly! 😉 What he does is in speed-tempo!

Cousin Sunny did not learn his lesson! He is always watched with all Hawk Eyes around: he is still the guzzler of the family. But he is such a sweet and loving boy, his dad always says! ❤

Well, my mum is very pleased I don’t have a big zipper yet from swallowing something… 😉 Mum and dad of uncle Apollo, auntie Pim and cousin Sunny are very, very happy to have some super-efficient and caring green clothes: they are the ones writing the happy ends at this thrillers! Mum and dad Van ’t Asbroek  joke about it: we should take a subscription at the green clothes for ten surgeries with the eleventh for free!

My mum says she hopes everything will be fine for a long time, without zippers! 😉

Sunny, the speed-guzzler

Sunny, the speed-guzzler


Thriller-series!… Surgery in ‘double’: part 2 and part 3!

Told you yesterday about my uncle Pol! That was already very scary! Wait till you hear this!

There also is my aunt: Pimpernell van ’t Asbroek. Auntie Pim (for friends and family) is a special lady, my dogness, she is! She went to see her big lover ❤ , she wanted babies, you know! 😉 🙂 That was in the month may!
But one week later she got very, very ill: she vomited, she did not eat anymore… If you know my auntie Pim, you get in a big panic: she lives for her meals and taking naps! So the whole family panicked and not a bit! Her mum and dad rushed off to the green clothes with a very ill dog. Green clothes took photo’s, nothing to see… Green clothes decided, together with her mum and dad to take the risk and  to have a very close look…  Grrr: SURGERY! Special surgery with special medication because auntie could be pregnant…. So auntie Pim got a zipper in her belly! Taking the risk was a very good idea: she ate something that came out allright but it made holes in her intestines. Reparation required! 😦 Auntie stayed with the green clothes for a week! 😦 But she did get better and got healthy and was eating (lots!) and napping again! 🙂

Big wonder 🙂 , auntie was pregnant and echo showed pups were allright! In this case, new risk to take…  another SURGERY! Few days before she should give birth, pups are born with a caesarean operation. Green clothes were afraid the other zipper could unzip, that was not necessary. So now my auntie Pim has 8 beautiful and healthy pups ❤  and… 2 zippers in her belly…   🙂  Pups are born on the 11th of july, that’s the flamish ‘national’ holiday.

Isn’t she a very brave lady??? Told you I’m from a very special family!!!

New thriller-series!… Surgery, part 1!

As a lady should, she stays in touch with her family. 🙂  So I hear news of my relatives regularly. If we hear only the usual dale-things, it is not to write about, I think. But last three months, there is a thriller going on over there! My dogness! Today is part 1 of this series…

There is my uncle Apollo van ’t Asbroek. Pol for the friends, of course. My uncle Pol, he is a grandpa, like my grandpa Lennox! No, you silly, he is not a labrador! He is a dale, how could he be my uncle, being a lab. Good, my uncle Apollo is 12 years old (age of my grandpa when I was born, he always says). My uncle is a very beautiful dog and you know what??? He climbs in trees, just as I do! Mum says it must be in the genes. We look alike too…

What do you say? This is not a thriller? Just be a little patient! 😉
One day in april he got very sick: vomiting, did not want to eat anymore. Panic: my uncle not eating? Off to the green clothes of course! X-ray’s. A stain in the photo…
Horror! He must be very ill, at this age, a stain in the pic? Can’t be good…

So: SURGERY! Panic: will this go alright, at his age?!!! Lots of paws were crossed, all the family helped! Green clothes found what caused the stain! The old bandit fooled everyone! No cancer! A part of an old ball, swallowed weeks and weeks before cause partly digested… but those rests caused the problem now.
Dear uncle stayed with the green clothes for a few days and now? He is alive and kicking as ever… 

Jees, forgot to ask if he climbs in trees again! 😉

To be continued!

By the way: who is who??? You see the resemblance? 🙂


As the French say:… “L’histoire se répète!”

These warm summerdays? One good thing about it! We go to the dogpark in the morning, when it is still rather fresh and we stay there for a long time! So, we meet lots of friends, our “summerfriends”.
One of these friends is Juju! I only see her in summertime. 🙂 And she is the one with the ball with a tail! I would like to get that ball too! Every year again, we play the same game… Last year, I was frustrated, could not get the ball… but this year, in the end, she gave it to me!   🙂

And then there was Truco (with the two different eyes) and his dad. Truco’s dad was sitting in my tree, reading something on his black speaking box… would like to read that too, of course, so I tried to distract him… hahaha! Truco was cheering although he said I would not be able too read it. But I did.  😉

Proove of all this is in the blinking box! 🙂

This morning…

One year earlier…

Flowers… near my bed!

Mum has this friend, a very good friend for a very long time! They met at boarding school wwhen they were 12 years old… So they know each other for more than 40 years. Grandpa says she was already there when he came and her grandpa-dog became 16 years old before going to the bridge!

Anyway, mum’s friend is at the Belgian coast for a month every year. She likesthe beach and spending time there! At the beach, there is this custom, excisting since ever! Children make paper flowers, collect shells and start their shop! They buy and ssell flowers. Money? The shells!

Mum’s friend makes of these flower, very nice flowers. She started making them for her kids and she still does (her human pups have pups of their own now!) for children at the beach, to make them happy. As you understand she is an expert after all these years. So mum sked her to make some for her, finally! 😉

Well, she did! And now I have these beautiful beach-made-flowers near my bed! Mum is in love with the colours, they make her smile… 🙂 Fototoot of course! One special flower for a very far away-friend… 😉


Welcome Islay!… Present and past, paw in paw…

I’m all excited! I really am! 🙂
I have these very nice and enthousiastic American fans in Berlin. Yes, yes, they are from Michigan but now they live in Europe, in Berlin in Germany! And you know what? Since a few days they have Islay, a little airedale girl. She is ten weeks old now and just arrived with her new mum and dad. I looked at the pics, together with my mum: not once, but several times! Islay willbe a city-girl just like me! She’ll be a real city-lady, in a city bigger than mine! Oh waaauw!!

And then I got a little curious. Mum, tell me… Was I as little as little Islay? Mum thinks I was smaller at that age… Mum, show me pics, will you, of me at ten weeks? Mum said she would search on her computer. I arrived at seven weeks, so mum did some counting to ten weeks and found some pics. What do you say, mum? Was I a naughty little one at ten weeks? What was it about that wallpaper-story? Oh, I see it on the pics. My dogness, that was not me, mum, impossible! Mum laughs!
And I was not playing that much with toys but I was annoying grandpa? Hahaha, grandpa, you hear this?

Ggggrrrr, don’t talk me about you being a baby! ggggrrrrr! Has the Islay-baby a grandpa? Tell her not to disturb him too much, will you?!! 😉 I know what I talk about! 🙂

Well, little Islay, live your life as it is meant to be: healthy and happy, warm and active, curious and lazy, naughty and brave, stubborn and gentle… live it in the real airedale-city-lady-spirit!


Green clothes and … numbers!

Today is about good news, bad news and good news! Lot of news! hahaha!

First the numbers… That was the first good news: More than 100.000 views on my story-telling-pages! Well, that is special… when me and mum started this, her friend from the library who learned us this, well he made a joke… He said try to get 100.000 views and laughed with it! Mum’s friend follows too and is impressed by the more than 70 countries from which friends are following… Well, let’s go on fototooting and telling and go to 200.000! 🙂

Than the bad news! Me, I was going to the green clothes! I explained it to mum:I’m all healthy again! No poo-pee anymore! Nothing helped! Off we went to the green clothes. Dad came too… Ohoh, that means injections…   😦  They hold me both then because I don’t like that! First I had to sit on the scale: 23,500 kg (= 51,8 lbs). Green clothe said: Perfect. 🙂 I know, I’m the perfect imperfection, that’s what mum always says. 😉

Then to the consulting room. No, I do not jump on the table. Ggggrrrr, dad is more stubborn than I and in one second I’m up there. Mum giggles. Green clothe is nice. He says I’m wearing a very nice collar (Molly, Monty, Winnie and Taffy: you read this???). He’s petting me while examinating me! He’s nice: he gives treats! All green clothes are nice at this hospital: they all give treats (if you are not ill) (
So I got three vaccinations, a little later than normally because I was ill… remember. Mum has no pics but I asked her to show my passport, especially for Islay’s mum, to show how it is in Belgium. Our green clothes say that this is important!

With every shot I did a very small bark to tell I felt it. Green clothe giggled and said I’m a vocal type! What does he mean??? 5 treats?  🙂  Yes, I’ll jump off the table all by myself, thank you! What does he explain? Come back in four weeks? For 5 treats? Of course! Treats were very small, but 5 treats are 5 treats! 😉

And then? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Rock climbing à la Dusty… and spring cleaning in summer…

Mum says it is too hot to go to the dogpark this afternoon: 30° C, in the shadow. In the sun it is a lot more, she says… So we go to the park for a lazy walk. That’s what she says…

Lazy?… We met a rock! Mum said something about Dusty to be very pleased in this situation? Why? He climbs on it? Not in trees but on rocks? I have to try that too! Ohohoh, it’s not easy, this rock climbing… Sit down? No way!! He is quit a hero, Dusty! I prefer my tree! 😉

Then we had a rest in the daisies-grass. At least, mum had, I was sniffing around. Mum said she did not see my most beautiful side, while resting! 😉 lol!

Afterwards we went home and mum was going on with this kind of spring cleaning! In the middle of summer! 🙂 And? … She found me! I mean: she found the drawings of me when I was about 7 or 8 months old. It was a birthday present of one of mum’s friends. For a long time the drawings were on the wall, but now mum is going to get them in some wood before putting them back, she says… What does she mean???

Anyway, I take a nap… zzzzzz….


Mum says… big news!

Mum, why are there no friends in the dogpark? We have holidays, why don’t they come? What does she say? Maybe they have no holidays?

Mum, really, I don’t know what you are talking about! What does it mean “apporteren”? Oh, you throw the toy and I fetch it and I bring it to you?? Do you think that I think that is a good idea? Bring it to you? If the toy is for me, why should I bring it to you? Explain me that! Oh, you will throw it again? What for? To fetch it again and bring it to you?
My dogness, that is a bit silly, no? But if I can do you a pleasure to play this silly game with you, well, let’s try! 🙂

Okay, she throws. I’ll run after it! Now she calls me, I go to her, without the toy! Seems not be how it should be, I go back to fetch the toy. Now I run to mum.

Sit, Kita! Sit! In the hand!

Ohohoh, she has a treat? I sit. And then I give the toy in her left hand, I get the treat from her right hand! Mum is very pleased! Very pleased!

Well done, Kita!

She throws again? Think this must be the same procedure! Okay: run, fetch, run, sit, give it, treat. Think I like it a bit. ❤ Again and again, even without treats! And again… 6 times! Mum, this is enough! Enough is enough, this toy is mine! I stay here. 
What do I see? A little friend entering the dogpark? YES!

Toy is forgotten!

When we go home mum says this is quit some news… me bringing the toy to her, several times! Mum, listen, I’m a lady and I (sometimes) can behave like a lady, just to please you! 😉

By the way, mum was so impressed that she forgot to check the blinking thing. She tought she was filming, but she only has pics… You’ll have to dream the running! lol! 😉