Rock climbing à la Dusty… and spring cleaning in summer…

Mum says it is too hot to go to the dogpark this afternoon: 30° C, in the shadow. In the sun it is a lot more, she says… So we go to the park for a lazy walk. That’s what she says…

Lazy?… We met a rock! Mum said something about Dusty to be very pleased in this situation? Why? He climbs on it? Not in trees but on rocks? I have to try that too! Ohohoh, it’s not easy, this rock climbing… Sit down? No way!! He is quit a hero, Dusty! I prefer my tree! 😉

Then we had a rest in the daisies-grass. At least, mum had, I was sniffing around. Mum said she did not see my most beautiful side, while resting! 😉 lol!

Afterwards we went home and mum was going on with this kind of spring cleaning! In the middle of summer! 🙂 And? … She found me! I mean: she found the drawings of me when I was about 7 or 8 months old. It was a birthday present of one of mum’s friends. For a long time the drawings were on the wall, but now mum is going to get them in some wood before putting them back, she says… What does she mean???

Anyway, I take a nap… zzzzzz….


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