Green clothes and … numbers!

Today is about good news, bad news and good news! Lot of news! hahaha!

First the numbers… That was the first good news: More than 100.000 views on my story-telling-pages! Well, that is special… when me and mum started this, her friend from the library who learned us this, well he made a joke… He said try to get 100.000 views and laughed with it! Mum’s friend follows too and is impressed by the more than 70 countries from which friends are following… Well, let’s go on fototooting and telling and go to 200.000! 🙂

Than the bad news! Me, I was going to the green clothes! I explained it to mum:I’m all healthy again! No poo-pee anymore! Nothing helped! Off we went to the green clothes. Dad came too… Ohoh, that means injections…   😦  They hold me both then because I don’t like that! First I had to sit on the scale: 23,500 kg (= 51,8 lbs). Green clothe said: Perfect. 🙂 I know, I’m the perfect imperfection, that’s what mum always says. 😉

Then to the consulting room. No, I do not jump on the table. Ggggrrrr, dad is more stubborn than I and in one second I’m up there. Mum giggles. Green clothe is nice. He says I’m wearing a very nice collar (Molly, Monty, Winnie and Taffy: you read this???). He’s petting me while examinating me! He’s nice: he gives treats! All green clothes are nice at this hospital: they all give treats (if you are not ill) (
So I got three vaccinations, a little later than normally because I was ill… remember. Mum has no pics but I asked her to show my passport, especially for Islay’s mum, to show how it is in Belgium. Our green clothes say that this is important!

With every shot I did a very small bark to tell I felt it. Green clothe giggled and said I’m a vocal type! What does he mean??? 5 treats?  🙂  Yes, I’ll jump off the table all by myself, thank you! What does he explain? Come back in four weeks? For 5 treats? Of course! Treats were very small, but 5 treats are 5 treats! 😉

And then? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    • Hey Islay and mum anddad, that is what mum sid, that you probably should have one like this because the breeder is obliged to give it to you with the number of the chip off Islay too.
      What’s a wallpaper? I cannot answer this… mum does not know either… 😦
      Lots of kisses for little Islay and for you of course!!

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