Welcome Islay!… Present and past, paw in paw…

I’m all excited! I really am! 🙂
I have these very nice and enthousiastic American fans in Berlin. Yes, yes, they are from Michigan but now they live in Europe, in Berlin in Germany! And you know what? Since a few days they have Islay, a little airedale girl. She is ten weeks old now and just arrived with her new mum and dad. I looked at the pics, together with my mum: not once, but several times! Islay willbe a city-girl just like me! She’ll be a real city-lady, in a city bigger than mine! Oh waaauw!!

And then I got a little curious. Mum, tell me… Was I as little as little Islay? Mum thinks I was smaller at that age… Mum, show me pics, will you, of me at ten weeks? Mum said she would search on her computer. I arrived at seven weeks, so mum did some counting to ten weeks and found some pics. What do you say, mum? Was I a naughty little one at ten weeks? What was it about that wallpaper-story? Oh, I see it on the pics. My dogness, that was not me, mum, impossible! Mum laughs!
And I was not playing that much with toys but I was annoying grandpa? Hahaha, grandpa, you hear this?

Ggggrrrr, don’t talk me about you being a baby! ggggrrrrr! Has the Islay-baby a grandpa? Tell her not to disturb him too much, will you?!! 😉 I know what I talk about! 🙂

Well, little Islay, live your life as it is meant to be: healthy and happy, warm and active, curious and lazy, naughty and brave, stubborn and gentle… live it in the real airedale-city-lady-spirit!


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