Interview… with my grandpa because of his 15th birthday!

This evening, the night before his 15th birthday, on  the 29th of may, my grandpa was interviewed! He gets as famous as me! That’s great, isn’t it?…

Good evening, mister Lennox. Thank you for letting me interviewing you.
That’s alright, young reporter, just call me Lennox, will you. Or even grandpa Lennox, like the little one over there does.
Hey grandpa, I’m bigger than you are!
Shut up, little one! You know very well who is the biggest here! Lets go on and don’t interrupt anymore, little one!

So you will be 15 years old tomorrow. How does that feel?
The same as today and yesterday, I think. A day older…Everything goes minute by minute…

Let’s talk about your long life. What do you remember of your childhood?
Not very much, Idon’t want to remember!

Why not, mister Lennox?
Grandpa Lennox, please! I did not live here yet. I came here with mum and dad when I was three, that’s when my real life started, you see. I know about the more ugly side of this world, but I do not talk about that!

Can you tell about the most important moments in your life?
My coming here of course. The two times I escaped but I came back very quickly, after half an hour I got back.
Important was when we moved to the city when I was six years old! There I met my very good friends, in our dogpark. There was Bartje, the ‘dogo Argentino, and Boogy, my lookalike and Grobber, also the little one’s friend and Mohs. They all are at the rainbowbridge now. Getting old has his disadvantages: all friends die, one after the other… There you are, all alone.
But then mum and dad decided to get the little one when I was twelve and maybe a bit depressed. That little one could be very disturbing in the beginning, believe me! But then I understood I had to stay a while to learn her some important things in this life, you know… Had to keep an eye on her!

And did she learn from you?
Think so! 😉 Ask her! I learned also from  her sence of humour and her laughing, learned so much of that little one. 🙂  ❤

Maybe a difficult question… What about your health at this age?
This age without health-issues, that’s not possible, even a puppy knows! I have this kidney-issue which is under control, the hypdisplasia discovered when I was three and the last years the osteoarthritis. But I am on medication and dope and I’m fine: no pain, only a little stiff! I still can run some days and show the youngsters in the park who is the boss! Be sure of that!

Do you have some advice for younger dogs?
Enjoy life, enjoy the little things that make life great: cuddling, treats, a soft bed,walks, playing in the dogpark…

Thank you very much, mister Lennox and I wish you a happy birthday tomorrow!
Grandpa, I said! Ggggrrrr!



I have… a beauty-issue!

Now, I have this beautiful harness! Thanks, mum, I’m so proud about it. So I want to show myself, of course, just as a lady does!

There is just this annoying problem! A real beauty-issue! My dogness, I’m so embarrassed! I explained it to my mum, she did not agree! What did you expect?   😦

My coiffure is in a real “bad day” these days! My dogness, yes! My curls don’t curl as they should! Embarrassing, no? I think so! It looks like a bush growing on my left side. And I could live with that, I turn my nice side to you, you see, to show my harness!
BUT… there is the problem in the middle of my back! Seems as if wings are growing there! I’m so ashamed! Everybody who admires my harness, sees it! I asked mum to brush it again! Nothing to do about it, “it” always gets “up” again!   😦

Mum says I have to be patient! We’ll go to the hairdresser’s within a month! A month!!! Mum, can’t you do some ‘scissoring’, as you did around my eyes? No way, she says!   😦

This Saturday?…Gents-day (ggrrr), shopping day, showing day and meeting day!

Today I’m still very tired! How come? Because of yesterday! That was a pretty filled day, no time for naps…

First we went to the dogpark in the morning! It really was gent’s day over there! My dogness, all those machos wanting to be the biggest macho! Even my grandpa wanted to act like a six year old… Mum says he’ll never learn! He always was the boss and wants to stay the boss, that’s a clear thing! So, I was the only female and completely ignored by all the rest. But I was happy about that! I was quietly alone in my tree during the rough playing and the fighting! Blinking box missed the fighting of Duke (dalmation) and Django (border collie) (Lennox barking all the time!) though, mum was too surprised… I saw it coming, she didn’t. 

After lunch I could come in the car with mum, sitting next to her and cuddling… 🙂 Where did we go? When we stopped, I did not know where we were! Never been there before! We go in! What a surprise, this is a petshop! And look! That’s mum’s human pup! I see, she works here now since about six weeks! Of course she likes that! And me too! Pic was taken! And I got a new little harness to go to the dogpark. The human pup knows about aire-lady fashion! It suits me very well and it fits to my new collar! (You see this, Molly and Winnie?)

So after the shopping, I had some showing to do! Of we went for a walk and  to the dogpark to show my new harness! I’m a very proud lady!

Coming home, I had a nice ‘meeting’… Long time, no see: the cat of the neighbours. I’m a little afraid of him… Sssstttt, don’t tell anyone! When I was 8 weeks old, I met him for the first time and then he was an angry one! But now we are distant friends. I want to play but he never wants. He sits and looks at me… But he is nice, very nice! Neighbour (his dad) says he is surprised we get along so well. No fighting with this doglady as he otherwise does! Neighbour does not know aire-ladies don’t want to fight, I think… 😉

No way… to escape!

There are a few sentences we fear, grandpa and I. When mum says: I’m going to do some cleaning…… Then we both try to be the most invisible dogs ever! Are we afraid of the vacuum cleaner? Oh no, what are you talking about, we even sleep through that noise! What the problem is?

Before the vacuum cleaning starts, we get brushed. Grandpa does not like it, so I don’t like it. I learned that very quickly. I’m not afraid of storms, grandpa does. During the first storm with mum (when I was 11 weeks old), we went outside in the rain and wind and thunder and lightnings because I should not be afraid of it and because I should not copy the behaviour of grandpa. Very smart mum… but for the brushing, mum was less smart… so, I imitate grandpa and I don’t like it.
Smart mum brings grandpa in another room now when I’m brushed, and then I don’t mind that much. Can’t loose my face before grandpa, can I?

So, today was brushing time! Mum puts on the ugly trousers (that’s the signal)… Brushing time is treats-time too! That’s the good part! I asked mum to film a little bit (not all, it takes too much time) and to make pics!

And then??? She said something about grooming only in the beginning of july. She can’t see my eyes anymore? Scissors? Who is that? Oh, grandpa is not here, I can’t ask him. More treats? I got a bit suspicious. What’s that? She opens the treats-bag with that thing too… 
Guess what? My mum “scissored” the hairs away around my eyes! I was a very good girl, she said. But I kept my eyebrows of course! My doggie-mum’s dad would be very proud of me, she said. She says, I have such beautiful eyes she wants to see them! This time I agree with her!


Busy guy… this Fritz!

Well, well… tonight holidaymum was in the dogpark. Yihaaa!!! But with her came Lokum and Fritz. This Fritz-guy, well, my dogness, he is special!

First of all, he always wanted to jump on grandpa Lennox. Holidaymum did not want him to do so because grandpa didn’t like it at all. His hips don’t allow all those jumping dogs… Talking about stubborn? Well, that’s what you can say about Fritz! 😉 He was put on the leash for some time.

Then he came after me… Haha! I’m bigger and I can run faster and… I can climb! But we played a little bit, he always run after me.

Then holidaymum wanted to go home… Guess what? Fritz did not want to come… So holidaymum said that I should be her assistant! I did, I always do what holidaymum asks! 🙂 I made him run after me and brought him to the little gate and to holidaymum! My mum was so proud of me! And I got 2 treats! One from holidaymum and one from my mum! 😉

First Boubouche… then a rainbow!

When mum goes to her library… She is not only an airedale-mum, she also is a library-mum, you know… So when mum goes to work, and I stay with grandpa and dad, in the park mum always meets a little doggie called Boubouche. When Boubouche sees my mum, he barks and pulls on the leash. Her dad gets him of the leash, although that’s not permitted and Boubouche runs as fast as he can to be cuddled by my mum. That’s something I understand. When his dad arrives, he goes back on the leash… I never met Boubouche. 😦

Mum and me went to the park for a walk on Friday morning! And guess who we met! Yes! Boubouche! He did not recognize my mum, he did not see her! He only saw me of course! He seems to be a nice guy! He’s smaller than I thought, but he is a nice gentleman! 

When we went on, we passed by the pond, with the fountain! Mum, look! A rainbow! Do you see it too? Is that Grobber and Sadie and sir Darwin and… saying hello to me?   ❤   It is beautifull, isn’t it?   🙂   Can you see it on the pics?


Today? … Busy and bit special saturday!

This afternoon was rather busy. We went for a long walk. Weather is fine, it is a bit like summer here these days. But not too hot though, otherwise we wouldn’t walk that much.

First thing that happens? Big surprise! We met two wheaten terriers. Mum never saw one, a real one, in her whole life! Now, we met two of them. With a very friendly dad. He told mum a lot, in French, she had to translate for me. So he told that he wanted two airedales but could not find dales so the choose the wheatens. Very sympathetic ladies!

I was not completely recoverd from mum”s surprise when I got the surprise of MY life! Walking trees! My dogness, I was barkless, so amazed I was! Mum had the blinking box in her hand! We went on in that street, I can tell you, we fell from one surprise in the other! At least, I did. Mum says I was so surprised I acted like a real lady: I forgot to pull on the leash, I forgot to bark, I forgot to whine…
Tell me! Did you ever see an adult horse, smaller than an airedale! No, no, not a cuddletoy! A real one!!! And more than one!

And goats, and gooses and… We walked for two hours to see everything! Nice saturday!

A letter… to Molly, Winnie, Taffy and Monty

Dear Molly and Winnie, Taffy and Monty (ladies first! 😉 ) ,screenshot1610

What a surprise! You really did surprise me! This morning the postman brought a package. That’s not unusual these days, with mum’s friends all over the world, these days. But today, the package was adressed to me! To ME! Kita, that was on the box!
Speaking of a surprise, well, this was one! In my whole life, I never got a package with my name on it! Grandpa Lennox said those things happen only to ladies, he never got one, in 15 years! 😉
My mum gave it to me to unpack! Surprises got bigger and bigger!

Dear Molly and Winnie, you are such fashion ladies! You really have good taste! Did you remark on the pics I have a red leash? This collar fits exactly with the leash! My dogness, you are very fashion-talented! All my fashion-dreams came true: I have a red collar with air-ladies on it! Oh, I almost can’t believe this! Oooh!!! Thank you so very, very much. In Dutch I say: dank je wel! I’m very happy with it! 🙂

Dear Taffy and Monty, you guys, you know what a lady needs as a diversion in every day life! First of all you completed my ‘farm’. Now I have a cow and a doggie too! My chicken and pig will be happy! But then, you remembered I like to play with empty bottles! But the bottles were very well hidden, you guys have lots of humour, haven’t you! It took me almost 20 minutes to find the bottle that I heard but could not see! Finely I found it and almost unpacked it. Mum filmed it! Thank you so very, very much, you too! Dank je wel! With this I can play for hours, mum says. After an hour she put it away! 😦  She says I can play again tomorrow. Thanks a lot, guys!

Dear Molly, Winnie, Taffy and Monty, I thank you with all my lady-heart! I love you silent-wednesday-gang! 🙂 ❤

Mum made a long film (after the pics), especially for you, you can play with me in that way… Maybe others will be bored, but maybe you like it! Don’t mind my mum always saying I can not chew on it, I should “krak”=make noise with it! 😉 My apologies for her silly behaviour in the movie! 😦   😉

Thank you very much for all this!

Big hugs and ❤  from a Belgian aire-lady,






Busy evening with… Arkan and Sammeke!

My mum has lots and lots of work. So this wednesday we did not go to the dogpark in the afternoon, but we went in the evening and for a long time! 😉

And who was there? Arkan, the huski! One of my favorite young gentlemen! I did all I could to get his attention so that he would play with me. When I finally had success 🙂  … there came Sammeke (in English: little Sam). This young adolescent with too much hormones wanted to play too… Little bit disturbing… In fact, so disturbing, Arkan walked away… 😦

Pics tell the whole story, mum says! And the movie too! 🙂 Oh, also this: you can hear very well, we live in the city! The noise you hear, well that’s the highway (around Antwerp city) nearby!

No relay run?… Other training!



Good news and bad news! The good news first? Yesterday evening my grandpa went to the vet’s place! He had to go for his annual vaccinations. The poor one, he does not like it at all, he simply hates it, my grandpa. Said he gained weight again because of his special food for the kidney thing… Less treats for him. 😦  

That’s bad news, yes. But that is not THE bad news! He also got another shot of anabolics! Doping! You understand the very bad news? We can’t go to the doggie-olympics for the relay run, when they start organising them! 😦 Would not be fair to go in competion, with that doping. Grandpa says we can run anyway! He is always such an optimistic guy!

Mum said that if I want to go to these Olympics I can train another discipline: the circle-stay! That’s an awfully difficult discipline, at least for me! For those who are not familiar with it. It goes as follows: in the dogpark or on the beach or somewhere else where I am off the leash… I have to sit or lay down (I can choose) and I have to stay. That part is okay. But then mum walks away and makes the stay-sign. That’s okay too. 🙂  But then mum walks around me, a whole circle and I have to stay, I can not move… Oh, that’s not okay! There always is a moment I cannot see my mum!! 😦

But if I really will, I can… 🙂   Mum filmed the bloopers too… That’s the training, she says!