Colours, colours everywhere… Autumn in the city!

Mum says I live my third autumn! I don’t get it! I really don’t get it! So I asked my grandpa Lennox! I’m only two years old, my next birthday (still few months to go!) is my third birthday and mum says I live my third autumn and I live it now!!! Grandpa Lennox looked at me and looked again. He was thinking, I saw that! Result? He didn’t understand neither! 😦

Anyway, because my mum loves autumn we make walks in the city and in the park. And yes, with the blinking box for the fototoots! I like these autumn-walks! I know when it’s autumn! There lot of colours, lots of fruits and nuts on the ground and lots of smells! But mum does not allow me to smell some weird little things: she calls them mushrooms! Rooms? Rooms? That’s very little for a room! Mum says that I can not eat these rooms, i would be ill! Who wants to eat rooms? This time, I agree with her! 🙂

Sit down and look at you for a nice pic? Why should I do that? I look where I want to look today! 😉 Fototoot or no fototoot! Be sure about that! i look at autumn now, not at you, mum, I’m sorry! And I’m not the only dog loving autumn! 🙂

Message for Féline: pic 35 and 36, mum made them on our walk home after our wednesday-appointment! 🙂

Beautiful portraits and… more online friends!

I have a lot of friends… I tell you in case you didn’t know yet! 😉
I have friends in the dogpark, I have friends on my storypage on the tv-typing-thing.

Blog, Kita, blog!!!

So I have friends on my storypage, I have friends in our street. I have friends at mum’s work. I also have friends who live for away! Overseas friends and friends abroad, not overseas, says my mum! Online friends! What line? Sometimes my mum is a puzzle to me! Anyway, I have friends everywhere and I’m so glad about that! 

This time I want you to meet a beautiful gang that always is very silent on wednesday! Do you know them? They are four!!!! Two aire-friends and two Welhs friends! Why do I talk about them now? Last blogtime they had great news! Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie, they got a great package!

A package! With a portrait! Sooooooooooooo beaueaueautiiiiiiiiiifuuuuulllll! I asked their mum if I could show it to you and she said yes! Well, here it is! Super, no???

The link to their storypage is on my storypage, at the right side… just scroll down a bit, it’s called Terrier fun! And it is fun!!!!!!!!!!!

The blog, Kita, the blog is called Terrier fun! 😉

Wednesday… Humpday? No!!! Sisters-day!

Today it’s wednesday! My overseas friends Ike and Sam of Wyoming call it Hump Day! Don’t know what that is, but they often wish me a happy humpday! 🙂 And the gang of four in the UK (Molly, Monty, Taffy and Winnie), they call it Silent Wednesday!

Well, for me, this wednesday it’s “sisters-day”. Okay, I explain it to you! Today my doggie sister Féline and me, we have an oppointment at a big Park in Antwerp called Nachtegalenpark. (Park of the nightingales). By the way, our mums may come too, of course, they know each other too and get along very well, since we sisters were born! Féline and me were born on the 29th of january in 2011, and our doggiemum is Funnygirl van ’t Asbroeck.

So we meet in the park and go for a walk! Beautiful weather for this time of year! Many other parkvisitors were looking at us, airedale-ladies. Yes, we know it folks, we are special! And yes, it is even more special to see two of the same kind! Have a good look! This does not happen every day, here!

When the mums get tired – not us! – we sit down on a terrace and the mums have a drink! Mum said I was restless because I did not want to lay down. She was not very pleased. Then at once it starts raining, not just a bit, but it really was  raining cats and dogs. Did not see them fall, these cats and dogs, what a language, mum, this English! – Should’t you say this in Dutch?

We hurried inside! Féline and me we liked it there, we had our personal televisionset! (See the pictures!) After a while, I finally got ‘settled’. And the mums were talking and drinking coffee! Afterwards we went for another walk and mum took the blinking box… of course, for a fototoot!

Kita, fotoshoot!

Well Féline, this was nice! See you next time! Keep doggie-cool and healthy in the meantime! kisses from Kita. 



Human places sometimes are… very weird!

Last saturday morning mum asked if I was in the mood to be a good girl! Me? Always, mum, always! 😉 So my mum said I could go to the market with her. Market? What was that again? Seems that it was long ago that I went there with her… Grandpa Lennox says it’s a kind of shop, but outside… Okay, I come!

These human places are very weird! Look at that! Lots of clothes but there are no humans in them! And there! Human heads without body! My dogness, mum, how do these heads walk home??? Weird!

But I understand that! French products! They smell very good! That’s for eating… mum, do you buy some? Not today? Oh, that’s a pity! And there! Yummy, chicken! Not for today? What a shame!
Well, what’s for today then? Fruits? Okay, I want an apple!

Mum, mum, look! You said your leg was hurting, the other day! Look there, you can choose a new leg if you want to! By the way: why are the heads at the other side of the street and the legs over here?
Your market is a weird place, mum! Really! I don’t understand these humans, loosing all their body-parts and clothes anywhere, not collecting them! If I do so with my toys… well, you sigh a lot. Why do you not sigh? 😉

Update-newsflash… one week later: I did it!!!

I am so very, very, yes really, very proud! I did it! I became friends with the dark stone dog and he let me drink out of his bowl!
Surely the white one spoke a little word to the dark one, but anyway: I dare to go close and I had a drink! Yihaaaa!!

Mum almost didn’t believe what she saw. I did not bark, I pulled a little on the leash, yes, to go closer! I was thirsty! Politely asked if I could drink… 😉 Guy said that beautiful ladies are always welcome to have a drink! 🙂

Smarter than one mum… dumber than two mums… :-(

I invented a little game! In the dogpark – yep, that’s the place for games, no? So, in the dogpark there is a table, as you all know! Mum does not want me on it! 🙂

So, when we are in the dogpark, she watches me! Almost all the time, when I’m near the table! 😦

Then, I run and I’m doing my pooping-business! I know very well what comes next! Mum takes the little bag and is cleaning the poop, and she goes to the bin to get rid of the bag! That’s my moment! she does not look so I jump on the table! Another mum or dad calls my mum, points at me, mum sees me and she yells: Kita, get off! I know it, I already jump off when she turns to me now! The other mums have great fun!

I know my mum would like to have a picture of me on the table, but that’s the game now: I get on when she does not look, and I get off before the pic! Everybody is very amused! I’m a smart girl, I really am! I’m smarter and quicker than my mum! Teasing my mum with this table-game every morning!

TODAY! Well, two mums working together are smarter than me… I was on the table, Giva’s mum was keeping my attention the whole time… I was even sitting on the table ;-)… I forgot my mum! Just for a few moments, I forgot my mum! The result: she won! She has her pictures of me on the table!

Checked it out!… New fence is very okay!

So this morning we went to see the dogpark! Gate was closed. That’s good news! No big cars in the dogpark! That’s even better news! The best news? Fence is ready!

Yes, I could off the leash! And of course, we had a big inspection-tour around! Not only inspection of the fence, also did control the new gate for holidaymum and finally, my tree! Hard work! 😉

Again! Again!!!… And even bigger!

Yesterday morning… early morning. Business as usual. Untill we arrive at the dogpark! Nothing usual anymore! The gate of the dogpark is wide open! All the dogs are gone… And there are cars, again! Cars playing in the dogpark? Again? Such big cars? What’s going on???

Mum says that I can have a look and a sniff, but on the leash. She says she takes no risks with her doggie Kita, the highway being very close. Okay, on the leash in the dogpark! My goodness: the world is getting crazy!

A big machine at the other part of the park, big lights on it! Mum, and look at that! The fence is gone! The old fence is completely gone! Mum must be very happy that I’m on the leash, oh, I would have had a good look otherwise! 😉

Mum says, the workmen are getting us a brand new fence! We have to make big walks for a few days… Mum sighs, me too! I don’t see my friends… And I can’t run… 😦

But the mums and dads are very happy with the new fence! No doggie-escapes possible anymore… If everybody closes the gate… 😉

Great promise… even greater fun!

Grandpa Lennox remembered it, me too – when he told me! My very wise grandpa understood it faster dan me, of course! He explained when we were in the car! Mum and dad promised to take us back to the seaside in autumn or in winter! Then we could run on the beach, off the leash, she promised! Yes, yes, yes! We did!

Mum made herself a promise too, grandpa said. He did hear her say it: one day I will go to France, with Kita, on foot, on the beach! Well, she did! All promises in one weekend!

Mum and me we went from Belgium to France, and we came back too, of course! On the beach, I could run free, off the leash… At least, most of the time… I did a little stupid thing of course… Yes, I’ll explain it! We were meeting this man and his two dogs. Dogs and dad both very friendly! Explaining we already were in France and that we still had one kilometer to go to get to Bray-Dunes, first village in France.

I played with the dogs and they told me there was some fresh fish on the beach. Of course mum did not understand our dog-language (one day she finally will end up following dog-language-courses!!!), so when we went on, I carefully sniffed! And YES! Found the fish!
I didn’t (want to) hear mum’s whistle-language which called me back! 😉 When she arrived I just swallowed the last part of the fish! She did put me on the leash immediatly! Mum was so surprised she forgot to take a picture of the other fishes!!
And off we went, away from the fishes, in the direction of Bray-Dunes. On the way back, she smelled the fish in time and she said: no more sushi-restaurant-visit for you Kita and did put me on the leash for a while, untill we came at other interesting things… 😉 Sometimes she is quit stubborn and clever, my mum! 😦

Anyway, we visited lots of things, you can see them in the pictures! We walked 8 kilometers (for the foreigh friends: 5 miles). that’s a lot for my mum and she says I did the distance three times by running all the time… That’s why I was exhausted! 😉

Weird dogs… even for an airedale lady!

We go out for a walk. That’s nice! Long walk in the streets, lots to see and to sniff!
I get a bit thirsty and I want to drink a bit… but… I’m really afraid. 😦

Two big dogs are around… near the waterbowl! I bark, they do not move! My grandpa Lennox does! If I bark, he gets up and I can go in his bed! 😉 And then he takes mine. But these dogs don’t move. Mum laughs! She laughs a lot! She takes the blinking thing…

Another little comic, she says!