She is the best of the whole world… my hairdresser!!!

Yes, I am very serious about this! ❤

A few days ago I went to the hairdresser’s. As my real sister Feline did 2 weeks ago! And be sure: I like my new hairdo! I’m all ready for summer! 🙂

And you know? I got a bandana with my name on it! Go figure!
Is she great? Or is she great!!!!

Look at the pics. Me and mum are becoming better and better in the selfie-business! We don’t mention the one my ear is before her eye, of course! 😉

Breaking news!!!… Unknown airedale in our neighbourhood!

Mum did not believe her eyes! She called me the day before yesterday, at 11 o’clock in the evening, when a lady sleeps her beautysleep! But I went to her and jumped on the windowsill. I saw it too! An airedale!!! And no, you silly, it was not the française with my dad. It was another human with another dale and a Jack Russell. 🙂 ❤

Next morninig, we went for our walk and we strolled through the neighbourhood… looking for a dale! Of course! Right before our home we met!! The girl is English but she lives in Italy with her humans, a Jack and a cat. She is two years old and her name is Gemma. 🙂 ❤

Gemma is a very nice girl. In the evening, after her visiting the city and taking the boat, we went to the little dogpark near our home! First we met Filou. He is in love with all airedales! 😉

Mum took a lot of pictures and was filming. Very difficult story, she says, because we were moving all the time. Well, we put them here anyway! 😉

Now Gemma left for Cologne early this morning! Have a nice trip, Gemma!

PS Have fun with all these pics and the movie in the end! 😉