WWF… = Weird Warm Friday!

Well, days are different,  these days… Mum is back to her new library, something about boxes and a foot that is not too right. That is why it is in a kind of bandage for strenght. She has one foot and the other is one and a half foot, you see… Naughty boxes, yes, something else than naughty dales… 😉

So, yesterday was weird. Dad was not home from early morning till late in the evening. The française did not understand. But… everything has a “but”… the human pup came to town! ❤

That is fun. Sissie Lizzie can’t stop jumping around and on her, although forbidden. Mum’s head still works and she got lunch out! Human pup was forgotten immediately!
After lunch, I was the lucky one walking the human pup, Lizzie was with mum. We went to the small dogpark nearby… The 1,5 foot of mum could not go any further! 😦

Go figure!! Human pup was chasing us all around the park and playing with the ball and hide and seek with us! She was doing 100 meter running sprints with the Française on the way home. I stayed with my mum! 🙂

We took pics! Even sissie was posing, as tired as we were!! 😉

PS I had to take my ball home myself! Did not want to come to go home and give the ball to mum, so home with the ball! lol


Today is about: … where is this lady?

Okay mum, do I get this right?  Last time for few weeks, you say? Another music festival in MY huge dogpark? 😦 Oh, I see, then it will be done for another year. 🙂
So I inspect the premises thoroughly to be sure they get it back in it’s original state! 😉

So said, so done! I did a thorough job! Few times mum barely saw me, but I am there, in every pic she took! 

Can you find me?

Me and mum… cuddling time!

My mum always says I’m not the cuddling type. Of course, mum, you are right! Do you see what happens every time? The française arrives and starts biting in my hind legs. She is a very jealous sissie, you know. 😉

So, now, when dad is out with the française I go cuddle mum. Sometimes she does not want kisses, she is just petting me. But sometimes she likes kisses, lots of kisses. So she can get them, oooh, yes! ❤

Don’t like the black box filming the kisses. But when mum asked if I would like to show my friends that I love my mum, I said yes, of course. So the black thing was filming! ❤

There is one thing I am curious about… Why can I only give kisses to her before she takes a shower? Have to find out that one, one day! 😉 🙂

PS There are some (blooper) selfies too, after the movie!



Looking great… like an Airelady should

Stop sniffing around, Kita. Ca m’énerve, tu sais.
Did you miss me that much? Je t’ai manqué, non?
I’ve been at the groomer’s! Qu’est-ce que t’en dis?
Oui, I look like a real Airelady now, n’est-ce pas? ❤
How do I look? Do you fancy ma nouvelle coupe?
Eh bien, you are in dire need of a haircut yourself!
Desperately, mind you, et sans délai, Sacré Chien! 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie





Being stubborn… like an Airelady should

– Come along, Dad, suivez le guide! I know the way. We were here already several times.
– No, Lizzie, we’re not going that way! That road will lead us nowhere, it’s a dead-end.
Qu’est-ce que tu dis? You definitely are pointing the wrong way, tu sais. We came from there, remember? Ngngngng… Why are you pulling? I want to go this way. 😦
– Nope, you smartass Airedale, we come from over there and now we’re heading this way.
Mon Dieu! I have this developed sense of smell, n’est-ce pas? I always know where I am and where I have to go. C’est par ici. Ngngngng…
– Stop pulling, Lizzie! You know: no pulling on the leash! OK, have it your way, we’ll see.

[Some minutes later…]
– What did I tell you, you stubborn Airelady! You see, we’re back where we were earlier!
Ca alors! OK, I may have been wrong this time, but don’t call me stubborn: je ne suis pas têtue! Mum always says I’m the perfect Airedale by the book, except that I’m not stubborn. 🙂
– Well, this time you might be right. Kita has more behavioral treats of a Labrador than of an Airedale, being educated by Grandpa Lennox and all, but… when it comes to being stubborn, she beats you right to it! With Kita you get your textbook Airedale stubbornness alright! 😉

[Some minutes later…]
– Look, Dad! There she is! Kita is over there. Hurry! I want to go say hello. Ngngngng…
– Lizzie, please, no pulling on the leash! It won’t get you nearer to your goal anyway…
Sacré Chien! Who’s pulling? You are pulling harder than I am, Dad! Ca n’avance pas. 😦
– That’s enough, Lizzie! Moreover, it is not even Kita! She’s at home now, with Mum.
Incroyable! That doggie-friend over there looks just like me, n’est-ce pas? Must be Kita!
– Oh, but there are many doggies looking exactly like you and only one of them is Kita. 😉

[Some minutes later…]
– Kita! You are here! Je t’ai vu tout à l’heure. You were walking and you didn’t greet me! 😦
– Silly française! I was here all the time with Mum. You must have seen my cousin Jara.
Eh bien! I was quite sure it was you! Must have been Jara then… Let’s go play with her!
– You haven’t met her yet, haven’t you? I’ll introduce you next time. She’s fun, you’ll see. ❤

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie

PS Kita did see her cousin Jara all right, later that day!!

Two stars… in the huge dogpark.

Well, something happened a few days ago! Normally it is me, the star at the huge dogpark: I am the king, let’s say queen of the terriers after all! So I am the star at the park.

Well a few days ago, I was not! I was a star all right, but the biggest star was… Star!! A little boy of 1 year old!
And I thought the française was a nervous move around dog! My dogness, compared to Star, she is a calm dog! 😉

Anyway, all his moving made me tired in his place, I was laying down and looked at it! 😉
Nice little guy, but a tiring one! pppfff… 😉 So I was glad to return to jumping sissie Lizzie! 🙂