Me and mum… cuddling time!

My mum always says I’m not the cuddling type. Of course, mum, you are right! Do you see what happens every time? The française arrives and starts biting in my hind legs. She is a very jealous sissie, you know. 😉

So, now, when dad is out with the française I go cuddle mum. Sometimes she does not want kisses, she is just petting me. But sometimes she likes kisses, lots of kisses. So she can get them, oooh, yes! ❤

Don’t like the black box filming the kisses. But when mum asked if I would like to show my friends that I love my mum, I said yes, of course. So the black thing was filming! ❤

There is one thing I am curious about… Why can I only give kisses to her before she takes a shower? Have to find out that one, one day! 😉 🙂

PS There are some (blooper) selfies too, after the movie!



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