Cracking genius Kita… part 2!

One moment mum is talking about spring, the other moment it seems winter… At noon, it is spring, early in the morning it is winter…
That’s how I understand it! This morning we were in the dogpark rather early for a saturday! No friends to play with, but…

Huge dogpark has a lot of little lakes, water business is fine these days… only this morning water was hiding again but I found it! That was fun! It made nice noises! I passed by all the little lakes to look for the water! πŸ™‚ Tried to eat some of the hard water too… Mum was not too pleased about that but she loved the cracking! πŸ˜‰





My dogness… my mum really is a softie!

Come on, mum, we go to the river Scheldt, we’ve been to the huge dogpark this morning. Let’s have a nice afternoon walk! Yes, she agrees! Weather is fine, look spring is in the air: little flowers in the grass! πŸ™‚ ❀

Mum, mum, look, tide is low. Let’s go to the river. Further, mum, come on. What? You don’t dare? You are a softie and a bit of a coward! What? Water makes the stones slippery? You’ll fall? I don’t fall, I want to go to the water. What? Water is dirty? Not clean as in the huge dogpark? Never mind: we have the paw plunger for my dirty paws! You’re Nike’s are to pricey to go in the dirty water? Wet feet? Mum, you really are a softie! Woof wafwoofwaf!
Next time you’ll bring a long leash and I can go to the water? When will that be? 😦



Yes mum, we dare ask all our friends all over the world… to vote!!!

Please, my dear friends… we need some help of the aireforce, we really do…

You know that my mum is the librarymum of a very big school for adult students! There are a lot of teachers too. The teachers are mum’s collegues! One of these teachers (he will be a father soon! ;-)) is a musician in a band! And now, his band is in a contest to win a performance-place on a festival!

They need votes to win, lots of votes! We need the help of the whole world, mum said. So I said I would ask my friends from all over the world, I said that the aireworld could make the whole difference! πŸ™‚ ❀ We need more than 100 votes!

So, please, please, please… click on the link below and then click on “Lighthousing”Β ! (NOT The lighthouse!!!) It just takes two clicks, that’s all! Colleague will be so grateful and happy!!!

Ooh, and we need to be quick too! It’s only still today and tomorrow the 28th of february!!! Aussies, just be quick! πŸ™‚




WWW+W… fun anyway!

Today? Well: WWWW-day! No, I make no mistake… Ladies don’t make mistakes! πŸ˜‰
What a Wet Wonderful Wednesday! 😦

That says it all! Because of the rain, I was not interested in the water business today! What does mum say? I’m a liar?… Okay, I start again: I was not interested in the water business today, because… I had other business to keep me occupied! Ball business!
I found a tennisball in the huge dogpark and later – when I lost the ball!! – I met two little doggies!

Succesful WWWW. πŸ˜‰

PS Strange thing too! At a certain moment it was raining and at the same time there was sunshine! Devils have a party, we say in Dutch!

Same place, same girl… different time!

So we were at the seaside! Seaside has many faces! When we go there in the evening or early in the morning. In the evening mum talks about sunset and in the morning about sunrise.
Can’t she just talk about: sun is shining? That’s less confusing for aire-ladies…

Anyhow, we made pics of all sun-situations… sets, rises… whatever! Same place, same girl… same blinking box! πŸ˜‰ But different times…


I am a ‘crack’ in… cracking! = Ik ben een krak in kraken… :-) A cracking-genius, me??? ;-)

Mum, what do you mean? International day? And what else? Mothertongue? My goodness, mum, you should learn to speak the dale-language! 😦
What? Is dale-language my mothertongue? Mum, listen, my tongue is in my snout! And my mother’s tongue is in the snout of Funnygirl Van ’t Asbroek!

Mother language?! I see, it is all about language! A celebration in all the countries of the United Nations? Mum, translate in my second language, please, if you can’t say it in dale-language! I see: a kind of party about languages all over the world! Because languages are important to communicate and for the culture of humans… See… I already said you should learn dale-language: you would understand the aire-culture and aire-philosophy much better!! πŸ˜‰

Okay, let’s language-party! A cracking party! ❀

Β Knipsel

Same table, same girl… different size!

Hey mum, you know… I have an idea! The other day you showed me some pictures of me on the little table… when I was a baby! Can’t we show at my friends that I’m a mature and nice lady now!Β 

What do you say? First a fototoot when I’m on the table? Is that necessary? You do not publish pics of you in the bathroom, do you? What, no way around? Is that to see the difference?

Okay! First the combing? Why not… 😦 And yes, I’ll sit too and I’ll smile… only a little bit: this is in my bedroom, don’t forget! And last but not least: can I have my treat now? πŸ˜‰



Nightly walk… especially for my dear Chef Maurice!

Dear Maurice

How are you, my dear? You enjoy your summer there? If we slowly go to spring, mum says you slowly go to autumn… Is she right, my mum?

Earlier today you asked me about the beach here in Belgium… If I always could run off leash? Well no, I told you… I’m jealous of you: permitted to run on the beach, all year round… and on leash on all beaches!Β 

Not here! In winter it is the same as over there with you. In summer, when an airelady needs some fresh air and walking in the sea… well, we are not allowed at a lot of beaches. And the beaches where we are allowed, well that’n on leash! 😦 But mum bought a special one, a long one, that rolls in and out… πŸ™‚

Promised you to ask mum for pics! We went out at eight pm, it was already dark! I ran on the beach and then we made the pics… Send them to ou now!

Have a great friday and even a better weekend. πŸ™‚

Hugs and kisses from Belgium

Yours truly


PS I also post the wearest pic ever made of me. Mum said I shouldn’t but it is sooooo funny!


WWW-day: sun and dunes… = happy Kita!

Already told you: mum is not a library mum this week. And today is WWW-day! And it really was a “What a Wonderful Wednesday”! My dogness it was! Hardly can hold my eyes open to tell you!

Me and mum and dad we went to the seaside! Happy me! My running and digging business were great today! I was playing in the dunes. I disappeared several times but I always got back to mum before she could worry and without her calling me! Isn’t that as a real lady should do? I was proud of myself, I can say!
And no mud paws neither! I was a real dunes-lady today! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚





Me? … I was chatting!

Today is monday. Normally mum is library-mum on mondays. Not today! She has some holidays… Something about carnaval, whatever that might be…

So this morning we went to the huge dogpark and we were not in a hurry. No lectures about dry paws. I played a lot with Rea, my labradoodle friend. She is fun! Even more fun than Rhea the shepherd. Pics and film tomorrow, mum says.

This afternoon we were busy with the plants: mummie-plants and baby-plants. Baby plants could not stay with their mum, they had to move to another pot. I had to help, mum said. Was not too sure: would the babies like that? Mum said yes. She said that I did not sleep with grandpa in the same bed when I got bigger?! Well, that’s correct. Baby-plants will become lady-plants: they need their own place. πŸ™‚

While mum was putting everything ready, I already was on the terrace. I was having a nice chat with our neighbour-lady of downstairs. I was looking at her, busy with the plants too. She talked to me, so I said hello too. Mum came out and yelled and asked what I was doing?Β 
Chatting with the downstairs lady, mum! I promised her a baby-plant! πŸ˜‰
Mum is quickly afraid, you’ll see why on the pics, she says… πŸ˜‰

So mum brought her the promised plant later on and she made pics of me chatting with the friendly neighbour!