Nightly walk… especially for my dear Chef Maurice!

Dear Maurice

How are you, my dear? You enjoy your summer there? If we slowly go to spring, mum says you slowly go to autumn… Is she right, my mum?

Earlier today you asked me about the beach here in Belgium… If I always could run off leash? Well no, I told you… I’m jealous of you: permitted to run on the beach, all year round… and on leash on all beaches! 

Not here! In winter it is the same as over there with you. In summer, when an airelady needs some fresh air and walking in the sea… well, we are not allowed at a lot of beaches. And the beaches where we are allowed, well that’n on leash! 😦 But mum bought a special one, a long one, that rolls in and out… 🙂

Promised you to ask mum for pics! We went out at eight pm, it was already dark! I ran on the beach and then we made the pics… Send them to ou now!

Have a great friday and even a better weekend. 🙂

Hugs and kisses from Belgium

Yours truly


PS I also post the wearest pic ever made of me. Mum said I shouldn’t but it is sooooo funny!


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