Mum, I tell you… way too small!

You know that my mum is in the crocheting business! Last week she was crocheting with red and white. I asked her what she was making: a little house… ?? Well, we will see!

When it was finished, she showed us… Mum, really, this house is way too small for me and sissie! Not for us? Yes, we already have our benche-houses… But who is it for?

For gnomes? Wait, I have to explain to the française, she is not a grandma yet, she does not know what a gnome is… will you help me? That is good! 🙂
Mum got the crocheted gnome and showed Lizzie… from far away… she might eat it…

And then we made this nice fototoot before the gnomehouse…

The toadstool, Kita, the toadstool!

Yes, yes, before the gnomehouse go to the gnomes. They need their house badly!
Mum, there are many gnomes!! Will this house be big enough? I tell you: way too small! 😉

PS To the human mum of the gnomes: thank you very much for the pictures of the little house with it’s residents! ❤