Tonight is about… silence and peace…

Yesterday and today there was this happening in the heart of the old city, near the cathedral. Kind of demonstration for silence and peace, during 24 hours.
( 🙂

The whole afternoon today, there was that very noisy beat music at about 50 meters from the demonstration, then the cathedral churchbells were adding more noise for a very long time. On top of that, a cruise ship was leaving with… yes, with 2 very long “tooooooooooooot’s”. Dad and mum didn’t like all the noise coming our way, all to the left bank. 😦

So after dinner mum said to me: let’s go for silence and peace… also in town, but on the left bank… Pictures will show you silence and peace! ❤

Alternative facts about… turning two!

Just sneaking in on Kita’s blog page here, to tell you about some recent event dans ma petite vie. Kita probably won’t have bothered, so… The thing is: yesterday was my second birthday! Yes, you heard it right: j’ai deux ans maintenant! Becoming a real Aire-Lady, n’est-ce pas? We got a special chewing bone, to celebrate the event. 🙂

I had already started the party earlier by chewing on a little thingy Mum had dropped on the floor for me. A dry, flavourless slice of je ne sais pas quoi… I just crumbled it to pieces, c’est tout. No big deal… Mum didn’t seem very amused, however. Well, I got a tasty bull stick anyway. I don’t really understand why Kita got one too… 😉

I was fooling around with it: Tellement amusant! Mum and Dad didn’t appreciate that much, After that, Kita was scared I’d try to snatch her bone from her, so she immediately ran off to her crate with it! Ca alors! Well, she always knows best how to behave Aire-Lady-like, so I ran after her and settled in my crate with my bone as well. 🙂

Apparently, settling in the crate was a way smarter move than throwing the bone around and all: Mum and Dad were delighted! Maybe Kita does know a thing or two about les manières d’une Dame Airedale… Although I overheard Mum and Dad sharing memories of Kita being two: not so Lady-Like then, that smart one, il me semble! 😉

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie

P1530323 (494x900)




Birthday-Française making… trouble!!

Today is a bit of a special day! It is the birthday of our Française! She is 2 years old now. Mum says that the Terrible Two-period starts today! Did not understand it untill just a few minutes later Lizzie was showing it… 😉

The husband of the human pup went to Porto some time ago and brought some nice things to put on your cup of hot coffee or hot tea… Mum explained the thing protects the table cloth. Hahaha, but the nice thing fell down when mum took her cup and she did not see it. Sissie did! So, nothing on the ground can be protected from the Française… Result? See the picture! 😉

Mum was not too pleased. But we got a birthday treat anyway. I took mine straight to my crate: just want to protect my things from the Française. She played a bit and came to her crate too We really enjoyed our bully stick! 🙂 ❤

Another year of patience with the Française, really, mum? Are you serious about this? Patience with me too till 3? Sssstttt, we do not talk about that!

PS Not possible to put the nice birthday bandana on Lizzie, she would tear it apart! 😉



Update with… old news! :-)

A year ago, I told you  a bit of special news: a new street in our street:

Well, I think it might be fun to tell you how it is now! 😉

This street is for all the garbage. Me and mum, we often go there! We sort out at home everything, then we take the bags and the special card. We take the elevator and go to our little street! 🙂

There are 5 different little houses in the street. Roof of the houses open with your special card! And you put the correct garbage in the little house! The big house is under the ground and it eats everything! 😉

I always do the big inspection part, you know! Inspection business is grat in that little street! ❤


PS My friend Wally was passing by and his mum took a pic of me and mum! 🙂



Well, mum… I like these ones!

Okay, me and mum, we’ re busy! Mum is back to her (new) library thse days and I have to keep an eye on the Française and Dad, of course! Heavy duty! I can sleep all day!!! 🙂 ssstttt.

And the there is the human pup! She has all these special critters… the doggies can not come near! Not me, not Goofy and not Shasta! Human pup is selling them these days too, and also the food and other stuff they need!
She had this wild idea: she will sell also handmade critters! She calls them sakes. 😉

Snakes, Kita, snakes!

And tuttles too!

Turtles, Kita, turtles!

Okay, so me and mum are in the crocheting production of sakes and tuttles! That’s quite fun! ❤

Snakes and turtles, Kita, snakes and turtles, my dear! (sigh)

Mum says, my dear, she does not mind my saying sakes and tuttles! 🙂 I don’t mind her making this funny critters! I hate when she makes cats, but I really love the sakes!
Toot, mum, fototoot, please! 🙂