Well, mum… I like these ones!

Okay, me and mum, we’ re busy! Mum is back to her (new) library thse days and I have to keep an eye on the Française and Dad, of course! Heavy duty! I can sleep all day!!! 🙂 ssstttt.

And the there is the human pup! She has all these special critters… the doggies can not come near! Not me, not Goofy and not Shasta! Human pup is selling them these days too, and also the food and other stuff they need!
She had this wild idea: she will sell also handmade critters! She calls them sakes. 😉

Snakes, Kita, snakes!

And tuttles too!

Turtles, Kita, turtles!

Okay, so me and mum are in the crocheting production of sakes and tuttles! That’s quite fun! ❤

Snakes and turtles, Kita, snakes and turtles, my dear! (sigh)

Mum says, my dear, she does not mind my saying sakes and tuttles! 🙂 I don’t mind her making this funny critters! I hate when she makes cats, but I really love the sakes!
Toot, mum, fototoot, please! 🙂

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