On demand… double cracking!!

Long time ago, my mum made this video of this lady: the Cracking Lady! That was a memory on the tv-typing-machine. And so, friends of all over the world were asking for another crackig session but with the française too! So be it! 😉

We had to exercise a bit though, because sissie Lizzie did not understand too well the “posing part”, as you already know. My notes to mum don’t help, you see! Mum is more stubborn than a dale! 😉

Okay, here we go… three minutes of cracking! Mum still says: hilarious!

Oh yes: for those who missed the first session, go and have a look: hilarious cracking






Big fototoot, ending with… holes

Story goes like this…

We have a very nice friend in Canada! His name is Duke. (He is the one with the Belgian harness, remember?) And his mum and dad are very nice too! For the celebration of the birthday of Canada we got a big parcel! With little presents for all of us! ❤ Thank you so much! ❤

Me and Lizzie, we got Canadian bandanas. Of course mum wanted a fototoot! Ohlalalala, these ideas of mum! Me and tooting: no problem! Learned it already when I was a baby and this lady is very good at it. BUT… the française and fototooting: ohlalalalala… 😉

But mum is as stubborn as an airedale… What do I say? More stubborn than an airedale! If she wants a fototoot, she’ll get it! Be sure of that!

Yes, she got it! BUT… ending a bit different as she wanted! First of all: Lizzie moved all the time! I had my famous chat with her and in the end… we got a few good pics. I told mum to keep the bloopers too!
And then… sissie started a fight! She wanted MY bandana of course! Result? A hole in the bandana!
Then, mum wanted to take off my bandana to rescue it. The française lanced a new attack for the bandana at the same time and did not grab the bandana but mum’s arm! 😦
Second hole!!!

Proof in pics and video! Note to mum: no bandanas when Lizzie is around and think twice before you start fototooting with Lizzie!



Me and mum… on citytrip!

Yesterday weather was nice but not too hot as it will be today and tomorrow! So, me and mum we were out and about! A real citytrip! Yes, yes, this lady makes real touristic city trips! ❤

Hahahaha! Are you surprised? For us a city trip to a very old city center is only 500 meters (0.3 miles)! Hahahaha. We only have to cross the river. Because there is no bridge over the river Scheldt you have choices: there are 2 tunnels for cars, there is the metro and a special tunnel for pedestrians. That’s all under the water!
Since short we can go on the water: there is a boat for bikers and me and mum. No cars allowed! 😉

So we took the boat! We had to wait: very unlady-like I barked a few times they should hurry! Mum was not pleased!
We made a few pics in the city of our touristic city trip! And then we bought postcards! As you do on city trips! 🙂

We came home with the metro! That’s quicker, you see! I did not bark and went on the escalator like a very good lady! All other tourists were very surprised! 😉 ❤

Two meetings… and control afterwards!

Yesterday me and my mum were out in town! We even took the metro! When we got off, I had my first strange meeting!

A huge bottle! Really huge! You could not drink all that beer in one day! Mum said: time to fototoot for this far away friend who came to Antwerp to drink that beer near the cathedral! Impossible to send him a bottle like this, to the other side of the world! 😉 😦

When we went one… I saw where we were heading and I wanted to turn back! 😦
Yep, I was right: we entered at the green clothes’ place! Ggggrrrrr.
On the scale: 24 kg. One kilo more, mum was not too pleased, I should be 23 kg!

And then, oooh no, one lady green clothe came for us! Got in her room. Yes, I know where the treats are! Green clothe was not nice! Mum showed her the little bump on my back. When she approached I moved away and did a little gggrrr, only a little. Green clothe took 2 passes back! I saw it, I was the boss! 🙂
For 1 minute, yes. Came in the very gentle blue clothe assistent. She had a little muzzle with her! I know that, I sometimes am obliged by a controller to wear it in the train. So I gently put my head in it and the friendly blue clothe put it on. 🙂

Okay, mum went in charge together with the blue clothe and the green clothe was handdling the clogged sebaceous gland and she gave me three, yes three!!! syringues! Mum calls that vacation! Go figure!

Vaccination, Kita! lol

Anyway: I stood very still, gave no shrink anymore, just leached mum’s hand and the hand of the friendly blue clothe! She did not understand too well why she was called! She kept saying what a nice girl I am! Yes, if people are not afraid of me and are friendly with me! 😉

When I got home: big control!!! The française was not jealous of my little trip with mum! This time, she was not! 😉

On duty… but changing of the guards!

Okay, sometimes we are on duty! We have to guard, you know! Surely when the window is open: we have to prevent strangers to enter. That’s what the française thinks. I know better! We are on the first floor, you can’t enter by the window, hahahaha! 😉

But when the weather is nice, we like to watch all the people passing by! And we guard! I sleep and sissie Lizzie guards. But sometimes we change roles, you know!
I go there when it is very interesting! 😉

Mum always laughs! This time, she took pictures!

PS For those who wonder: no, it is not dangerous: there is glass behind the lower bars, we can’t fall down! 🙂 Look carefully! 🙂

Special treat… from a special friend!

There is this procedure… Dad gives us our dinner and he says we have to stay calm for an hour and can’t play. That’s not good for our stomach!
So he created a nice procedure! He really did! Think I should thank the française for that: she is the one who always wants to play! 🙂

However, let’s get to the point! There is this procedure! After dinner we go in our crate for a little hour but when we go in, we always get a little treat! That’s nice, you see! ❤

A few days ago, it was a very special treat! Story goes like this: in our building there is a very nice lady, she really is my best human friend in the building (except mum and dad of course, but they are mum and dad, you see). 😉 She is the building-lady, we call her the “concierge”.
I never go on when she is in sight: I always sit and wait for her to pet me. Few days ago she said something about a treat, could not follow too wel!

But then after dinner, we got this special treat we got from her! Me and the française got a half of it, we had to share nicely! 
Mum was not between the boxes in her library, so she filmed and made pics! 🙂