Special treat… from a special friend!

There is this procedure… Dad gives us our dinner and he says we have to stay calm for an hour and can’t play. That’s not good for our stomach!
So he created a nice procedure! He really did! Think I should thank the française for that: she is the one who always wants to play! 🙂

However, let’s get to the point! There is this procedure! After dinner we go in our crate for a little hour but when we go in, we always get a little treat! That’s nice, you see! ❤

A few days ago, it was a very special treat! Story goes like this: in our building there is a very nice lady, she really is my best human friend in the building (except mum and dad of course, but they are mum and dad, you see). 😉 She is the building-lady, we call her the “concierge”.
I never go on when she is in sight: I always sit and wait for her to pet me. Few days ago she said something about a treat, could not follow too wel!

But then after dinner, we got this special treat we got from her! Me and the française got a half of it, we had to share nicely! 
Mum was not between the boxes in her library, so she filmed and made pics! 🙂

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