Byebye for now heatwave… we’re back in business!

Oh, this was horrible!!!! 38° C one moment. For aireladies that is too much of the nice weather. Also for airladies mums: mum did not want to go out for long and I could not walk on the foothpad: stones too hot, my mum says. Small walks, in the shadow, on the grass. We had to drink a lot too! 
About that: française made a mess of the drinking… water arrived everywhere: on the wall, on the floor… She will never be a lady, I’m sure about that! 😉

Anyhow: heat is over now. back to 20°, no sun. And a nice wind! So, mum decided we could go to the small dogpark. Ooooh, the poor grass! It is all yellow! Not green anymore, just as everywhere else! Mum says it has my colour now! 😉

But we were back in the playing business! 🙂 ❤



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