WWW… with Bacon and Pepsi!

Mum, listen to me: we need another little chat! I have her immediate attention this time. Mum, we still have to tell about the WWW with Bacon and Pepsi, the new one!

What? Not now? Too hot? Yes, I know it is hot today: 32° C. But we can tell, can’t we?

Okay, tv-typing-machine is on! 🙂

You remember my friend Bacon, don’t you? The English bulldog? He has a little brother since some time ago! The little gentleman is almost a year old and his name is Pepsi. He is a mix with a lot of terrier in it, hahaha! I recognize that! hahahaha! 😉

We had a great time in the huge dogpark! On the sand and in the water! We found a ball! Little Pepsi really thought he could steal it from me! hahahahaha! He should get smarter! Mum took pics! 😉 


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