Really too ridiculous… Lizzie’s ‘riposte’

– “Look, Mum, I got her! Je la tiens. I’ll be helpful and hold her leash for you. – Mon Dieu! Stop pulling, Kita! I won’t let you go, tu sais. You know Mum doesn’t like to chase you, when she wants to go for a walk with you. Look at me: I behave comme une Dame, n’est-ce pas? I wait for my treat, while Dad puts on my harness. – Tu sais, when Mum is in her bookshop…”

– “Mum doesn’t work in a bookshop, you silly française! It’s not a store, it’s a library!” 😉

– “Well, let me tell you one thing, Miss Know-It-All: where I am from – La Douce France, you know! – all Humans call a bookshop une librairie! Compris? – So, when she goes to her librairie and Dad takes us out on one leash, you always hang back and I have to pull you all the way. How is that Airelady-like? Qu’est-ce que tu as, what on earth is wrong with you?”

– “I’m just not as boisterous, lively and energetic as you are, young eh… ‘Lady’, that’s all! By the way, you don’t ‘have’ to pull me, you know. You just can’t keep yourself from doing it.” 😉

– “Eh bien, ça alors! Are you getting old already, Vieille Dame Kita? Ce n’est pas possible!

[Fierce bitey-face, once again…]

­ “This rambunctious Frenchie really does seem to be a lifelike reincarnation of Grandpa Lennox with an AT coating, doesn’t she?” ❤ [Mum & Dad high-fiving]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



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