Really… really too ridiculous!

Mum, do something about this! Just do something! I WILL NOT move one paw! I will NOT be taken for a walk by her! By this bossy française! Just do something about it, will you? 😦

Stop laughing so hard! ggggrrrr. What do you say? Hilarious??? No!!! Ridiculous!

Oh, you won’t let her take me out for a walk?! That is reassuring news!  🙂 What? Too dangerous??? No, too ridiculous. This lady is too much of a lady to be walked by that française-teenager-wild thing! 😦

Aaaah, now you come to terms! Ha, Lizzie, enough of that bossy behaviour of yours. You can pull as much as you want, I will NOT move one paw. I am stronger than you! 😉

Okay, mum, I’m ready! Are you? 😉


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